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about katie & client testimonials 

through my own self discovery, I have come to find that I am a guide. my practice is rooted in truth, awareness, and learning how to work with personal energy types. I will never tell you what to do, but will instead direct you on how to discern these things for yourself and to develop trust within.


my favorite mediums to use include astrology, tarot, and human design. I have been studying astrology for 7 years and use it as the base of my study and practice. I use both traditional and modern tropical astrology and will forever be a student just as well as a teacher. 

Client Testimonials 

if my work resonates with you, this page is where you can leave reviews reflecting your experience. If you have never worked with me before and are wanting to know more about me and my reading style have a peak at other's experiences with me before booking!

My experience with Katie was absolutely fantastic. She is warm and friendly and puts you at ease immediately. Her intuition and ability to interpret mean from a tarot spread in spot on— she reconfirmed a lot of things for me that I’ve been thinking about for awhile and gave clear guidance that was helpful and encouraging, but didn’t pull punches. if you’re struggling for answers and need some clarity in your life, I highly recommend getting a reading with Katie; you’ll be glad you did.

- Jill

Katie is one of the great ones. Her capacity to read charts is some of the best I’ve seen and experienced. She is well versed in Astrology and Human Design and that makes for a great reading. She said it herself ‘I’m not here to fear monger, I’m here to problem solve.’ That’s the kind of approach I most appreciate. I plan to book with Katie again in the near future.

- Grace

I love working with Katie, she is TRULY gifted. Her chart reading skills are absolutely pheonomenal.  She is able to tell you things that there is NO way she would really know and it hits HOME and the Feels.  Book her, you wont be disappointed.

- Celeste

I have nothing but the deepest positive review and reverence for katie and the work that she does. She has given me so much clarity and is always spot on with her reading, makes me feel so safe and cared for as a client, and is such a skilled and proficient reader. SHE IS TRULY THE BEST!!! I recommend her to all my friends and I’m so grateful to know about her practice!

- Savannah

Go into the reading with an open mind and open heart and prepare yourself for the messages that come through. It was an incredible experience and I have already booked my next session!

- Jennifer

Katie has been a great teacher and guide to me these last several months.  As a newcomer to astrology, she has been incredibly compassionate and patient as I have been integrating astrological wisdom into my life and spiritual practice.  She is a deeply gifted human with many intuitive gifts.  I highly recommend any and all of Katie's services.  It's well worth the investment, get ready for your life to change for the better.

- Jacque

I just wanna say wow! Katie has been a vessel to a self discovery journey I never expected or dreamed of.  Her words resonate with me honestly all the time.  I look forward to working with Katie for a long time to come ️ tysm Katie for allowing of yourself and helping me on my healing and spiritual journey ✨️!

- KRojas

I've had 2 readings with Katie and I've walked away with so much insight. She's worth every penny and then some. I am so grateful to have someone like Katie to turn to when I need clarification and motivation.

- Grace

i’ve been trying for two weeks to come up with the words to describe how much i enjoyed my solar return session katie and i finally realized there aren’t really any words good enough to fully express it but i’ll try my best! haha.
i had a crummy 6th house saturn return year and i knew this next one might be a doozy as well, but talking with katie left be with so much positivity for the year ahead :-) she was empathetic, asked questions and i felt very comfortable talking with her about different aspects of my life and asking her questions too! also, as someone who was skeptical of human design, katie was the first person to explain it in a way that made sense to me and made me interested in learning more about it.
overall, it was a very rewarding meeting and i hope to book another one next year. thanks again! well worth the investment, get ready for your life to change for the better.

- Morgan

I just read the mini astrology reading for recent eclipses and am blown away. Need to sleep on it and go back again.  Katie hit head on with how the energies are.affecting my life and even the emotional struggles I'm having.  Been working with her for only 6 months, but feels like I've known her forever. Her intuition is straight on in all her readings and I'm looking forward to learning more from her about human design
Her tarot class was great. She is a natural teacher and breaks hard to understand concepts into a relatable synopsis that turns the light bulb on.

- Kim

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