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Mercury enters Aquarius (2.11.23)

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

General Overview:

At long last, Mercury enters Aquarius after spending exactly two months in Capricorn due to its retrograde period, its entrance into this sign was on 12.11.22. We aren't wasting any time with this transit, it will only spend 2 and half weeks in Aquarius before 3.01.23 where it will enter Pisces.

Mercury, our messenger planet, is the one who assigns us conversation topics and moves through each of our 12 houses to show us what needs to be learned, said, and witnessed. It is strong here in Aquarius with triplicity rulership, where I feel Mercury gets to exercise its genius.

Aquarius is a sign that comes to show us the kind of responsibility required for our future aspirations. This is where we have to get creative with our intellect. I often think of Aquarius as a mad scientist which Mercury expresses through epiphanies and planning radically for something that hasn’t happened yet.

Responsibility for our future can look like having the foresight and awareness to innovate things that haven’t existed before. If Mercury in Capricorn (our other Saturn ruled sign) upholds and sustains things, Mercury in Aquarius wants to challenge and fly through barriers with a master plan of its own invention. If you put time and effort into your madness, then there is a method to the madness!

Major Aspects:

• Mercury will make a square to both the North Node (on 2.15.23) and Uranus (on 2.21.23) in Taurus, these aspects challenge the limits of our mind with fate and surprises. Mercury is helping you to decide how you will build your destiny around fated events and any unexpected curveballs. Will you go around the problem? Is there a way through? Is the challenge actually triggering new ideas that solve more than one problem? These are moments of possibility.

• Mercury will sextile Jupiter in Aries on 2.17 which is incredibly supportive as both planets are strong in their transiting signs. Mercury-Jupiter aspects are known for positive news generally. You could learn something new, have a wonderful conversation, or get a lot done this day especially in regard to paperwork or travel. This is where both planets are showing their genius and innovative potential.

• Mercury will also trine Mars in Gemini on 2.22.23 aiding us in mental virility. Mars in Gemini hasn't had an easy time, especially not with Mercury (who rules Gemini) and the signs it has been transiting. Even when Mercury had triplicity ruling in Libra and exaltation in Virgo, it was in its retrograde cycle! Now, with Mercury direct and in a strong sign, we can find support from Mercury in Aquarius in our Gemini houses.

• Additionally, Mercury has an annual conjunction with Saturn, but for the last three years they have met up in Aquarius. What makes this year significant is that this is the last year it will meet in this sign until 2050 as Saturn will be moving into Pisces in just a few weeks.

This conjunction on 3.01.23 is giving us our last look at Saturn’s journey over the last few years, so this would be the time to ask divine questions, to review, to make sure you feel good about what you’ve done and what you need to do going forward in this area. If there’s anything you’re unsure of, you’ll be gaining clarity on it this month.

What house is Aquarius ruling for you?


Mercury in Aquarius themes for the rising signs:

Aries risings: Mercury in the 11th house will highlight your friendships, communities, interests, goals, future aspirations and wishes, and network circles.

Taurus risings: Mercury in the 10th house will highlight your career, life path, public appearance, parents, authority figures, reputation, and position.

Gemini risings: Mercury in the 9th house will highlight personal philosophy, higher education, mentors, foreign travel, religion, legal affairs, publishing, prophecies, and extended family.

Cancer risings: Mercury in the 8th house will highlight loans, debt, shared resources, contracts, taxes, intimacy, and personal transformation.

Leo risings: Mercury in the 7th house will highlight interpersonal relationships, agreements, business and personal partnerships, the law, and the public.

Virgo risings: Mercury in the 6th house will highlight health, routines and rhythms, rituals, pets and their health, the things you can control, work, service, coworkers, reciprocity.

Libra risings: Mercury in the 5th house will highlight pleasure, fun, enjoyment, sex, passion, dating, romance, children, entertainment, creativity, stocks.

Scorpio risings: Mercury in the 4th house will highlight property, home, family, parents, grandparents, ancestry, safety, comfort, security, land, and domestic issues.

Sagittarius risings: Mercury in the 3rd house will highlight communication, local environment, news, transportation, siblings, visits, short trips, teachers, and gossip.

Capricorn risings: Mercury in the 2nd house will highlight personal income, self esteem, time and energy exerted, priorities, clothing, values, food, and resources

Aquarius risings: Mercury in the 1st house will highlight self, identity, personal outlook, sense of self, independence, condition, body, stylization

Pisces risings: Mercury in the 12th house will highlight isolation, institutions, the unseen, hidden friends and enemies, spiritual experiences, substances, altered states, rest, retreats, subconscious fears and desires

if you are interested in learning more about your personal chart and transits:


Photo credit: Constellation of Aquarius, plate 9 from 'Atlas Coelestis', by John Flamsteed (1646-1710), published - Sir James Thornhill


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Feb 13, 2023

Love this 😀 after a long bout with heavy energies (full on depressive feelings), I recently started to feel fueled again, shaking the deep darkness and focusing on the things I can actually control - my business, my calendar, my physical attention to tasks, my emotional attention to others - so yes, as a Virgo Rising ♍️ sign, I totally feel the calling to pay attention to my routines. Ty Katie!


Feb 11, 2023

so excited for this transit 🤩

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