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A New Zodiacal Year (Sun, Moon, & Mercury Ingress Aries) 3.20.23

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Lately, I have been writing about transits one by one, but this week I've decided to combine a few as we are experiencing 5 major planetary ingresses from the 18th until the 25th! This is not at all typical and you can expect to feel some drastic energy shifts. For this article, we are focusing on the three major ingresses at the beginning of the week (especially as they are all in the same sign!) while the other two will get their own discussions.

This week will be a busy one and it is likely to feel disorienting or like "a lot" all at once.

I am hoping this article will help you to prepare and to feel a bit more settled with this awareness of the sky weather. Buckle up and mark your calendars!

The Transits:

• 3.18- Mercury enters Aries

• 3.20- The Sun enters Aries

• 3.21- The Moon enters Aries creating a New Moon

3.18-4.03 Mercury enters Aries

Mercury is our messenger planet responsible for guiding our communication, transportation, direction, and perception. It helps guide our topics of conversation, our mental acuity, as well as the general temperament of any systematic or mechanical movement. With Mercury moving into Aries, it is no longer detriment in Pisces, but it isn't the strongest here either. Mercury in Pisces is like speaking in vibes instead of words (not very helpful), but a peregrine Mercury in Aries is like speaking so fast no one can understand you. Something that is supporting Mercury in Aries? Jupiter, our greater benefic, is sharing the same sign! This transit is a bit more blessed than usual.

Still, I would be mindful of how you are coming across at this time. Mercury in Aries is a big "foot in the mouth" transit and holds great potential to hurt someone's feelings or to say something misguided out of anger or another emotion. This can certainly manifest as road rage as well.

The blessings of this transit can manifest as the quickening of our minds, animated and lively conversation, or a speedy morning commute. New ideas and insights are likely, just make sure you think them all the way through before impulsively acting (unless this is what the situation at hand calls for).

Mercury's Aspects:

- 3.18, As Mercury enters Aries it is already separating from a conjunction to the Sun from the Mercury-Neptune cazimi square to Mars in Gemini that exacted on 3.16. It might feel like you're sobering up and seeing things clearly once again as it does this.

- 3.21, at the time of the New Moon in Aries, Mercury will be just 5 degrees away still in conjunction. You can learn more about the New Moon further down in this article.

- 3.26, Mercury will conjunct Chiron. Health issues can flair with Mercury-Chiron especially in relation to the head, eyes, nose, and ears. This could be as simple as a headache, but take care of anything that arises as Jupiter's close involvement can make it a bigger deal than necessary. It is also possible that some fear is arising from past situations, remember that taking the first step is the hardest part.

- 3.27 to 3.28, Mercury is conjunct Jupiter. It is possible that you could learn something that breaks your brain open or you could receive positive news. Though, it could simply mean these two planets are on the same page about the matters at hand in the house you have Aries. Either way, expect "more" from whatever your conversations have been geared towards in this house. Blessed communication!

3.20- The Sun enters Aries

Every 30 days, the Sun brings awareness to one of the 12 zodiac signs, and depending on the surrounding planetary movement, that season has a different vibe.

The Sun gains dignity in Aries with exaltation. In Aries, the Sun is so alive. It gets to be passionate, active, and a little bit of a show off. Aries can be competitive and who loves to be recognized more for its superiority than the Sun? Additionally, the Sun naturally rules Leo, the sign of children and creativity, so of course it loves to be in the sign of actual birth and new beginnings. Any project has to start somewhere (children or otherwise), so it might as well be at the beginning of the zodiacal wheel.

After grieving and letting go in Pisces season, a natural time of endings, you are ready to be reborn. You are likely to begin something at this time. It might be hard at first, but the Sun gifts you with inspiration and potential to do so. This is the true new year in any astrologer's eyes.

The Sun's Aspects:

- 3.21, We have the New Moon in Aries which is an exact conjunction between the Sun and the Moon. We'll talk about this further down.

- 4.05 Sun conjunct Chiron. This is bringing awareness to any past hurts around identity, self, ambition, or your own independence. Aries is very resistant when its autonomy is threatened which is why it prefers to be alone. Are you cutting off those who could genuinely help you? Try to discern whether or not this is a trigger from the past or if there is actually danger.

- 4.06 Full moon in Libra. Full Moons occur when the Sun is in opposition with the Moon. The Aries-Libra axis always calls into question self vs. relationships, autonomy vs. dependence, and how justice typically requires a bit of a fight. The Sun-Chiron conjunction is carrying into this lunation and will exacerbate past issues in trying to resolve them. This Full Moon also features a Saturn-Mars trine and a Mercury-Mars sextile creating a minor triangle between theses three planets. The word that comes to mind for this (especially in all feminine, receptive signs– Pisces, Cancer, and Taurus), is "softening"

I think it is possible to feel stuck in a war zone especially where we have Taurus (Venus, the ruler of this lunation is in Taurus) as it has been impeded by Saturn squares for the last few years. Now that it is gaining some support from the malefics, they are showing Taurus how to use its past in a positive way. I think this will be an emotional Full Moon where we are receiving well deserved justice and dropping our weapons. Lots of news, messages, and actions that feel productive and comforting are likely. Try to examine where you're still in "battle mode" and notice that it is peacetime. It is okay to let someone take care of you. Enjoy any blessings that arise and know you are capable of handling them this time.

- 4.11 Sun conjunct Jupiter. This is extremely positive as the Sun is exalted in Aries (its exaltation degree occurs at 19º and the exact conjunction is only 2º away at 21º) and Jupiter is dignified by triplicity. What is striking to me about this conjunction is that it is taking place in the 3rd decan of Aries said to be co-ruled by Jupiter and Venus. This decan is associated with the 4 of wands in tarot as well. You could experience an abundance of recognition and reward in the house you have Aries, but know that it is fleeting. Enjoy it while it lasts! Benefics in Aries placements will always remind me of birth: a bundle of joy, but man does that shit hurt. Whatever blessings come about likely have a Martian quality to them.

4.21- New Moon in Aries

Technically, we talked about the Full Moon counterpart to this New Moon first as it felt important to mention it in looking at the Sun's journey through Aries. Before this softer Full Moon in Libra, we have a tenser New Moon. It's certainly not the harshest lunation we've had this year, but it is active and important to the trajectory of 2023.

We will have 4 planets in Aries plus Chiron (an asteroid), 3 of which will square Mars by degree (the planetary ruler of this New Moon). We are also dealing with a critical degree as the New Moon is at 0º and is the precursor to the second New Moon in Aries that will happen almost exactly a month after on 4.20 at 29º Aries. The 0º is critical because it is the very beginning of a sign and the 29º is critical because it is the very end of a sign. The symbolism of this is intriguing– while I can't wait to see what happens, let's see if we can create a delineation ahead of time:

The New Moon's Aspects:

- The Sun, Moon, and Mercury are all in close aspect (even as Mercury is separating) and they are all squaring their own ruler, Mars in Gemini, by degree. This is so funny to me because the scene playing in my head looks like these Aries triplets have revolted against their own parent. I can see it now, Mars in Gemini rushing to lock itself in a closet, managing to grab a few books to keep it company, while its Martian spawn are running loose and causing absolute mayhem. To make it even more hilarious (to probably no one but me), Mars is at 28º just biding its time in the closet before "Mom" gets home to restore order aka: when Mars finally enters Cancer on the 25th.

More likely, this is all talking about learning. Mars in Gemini has been teaching us things that are very valuable– whatever house you have Gemini ruling is where the lessons have taken place. This learning hasn't been easy though, it has likely pushed your brain to its limits with how much you are discovering. It is hard to keep up with behavioral or any kind of impactful change when we're constantly comparing the new information with our habitual response. Habits have to be built overtime which is likely why Mars has insisted on a 7 month transit through Gemini (3 times the normal Mars transit).

How this ties in with this lunation? Aries is about starting new things, so are New Moons. It could be a challenge for us to take what we've learned and apply it effectively. I imagine we have all made a lot of mistakes with this Mars in Gemini transit and I almost feel a bit of nervousness to start something when we're still in our heads about what could go wrong.

It is also possible that new information could force some kind of beginning whether you are ready for it or not. Whatever the case, the skills we've been actively learning are being put to the test in a way that invokes creation. I do advise the collective to feel your emotions all the way through before taking action, but don't stay in analysis paralysis either.

- Additionally, Saturn is trine Mars by degree and sextile a separating Venus in Taurus at the time of the New Moon. Saturn is just getting settled in Pisces and is already stressing compassion and forgiveness. Can we forgive ourselves for premature actions that were made in the past? Ignorance is already punished by natural consequences, so is it fair to hold ourselves (or others) back from taking new actions now that we know better? You decide. Meanwhile, Saturn and Venus are helping us focus on the longer term goals that we have so that any little actions are supportive of these.

New Moon Summary:

Apply what you've learned, the only way to move forward is to try again and again and again. This is a new cycle and a new zodiacal year that is starting off with a big push of inspired ideas. Don't be so impulsive that you've misused your energy, but don't underestimate how much you've learned either. What is the long term goal and how are your actions now effective for reaching that goal? Aries is about conception– just like the conception of a child, it happens in a split second of passion, but sustaining it takes 9 months. Consider this with any new projects you start at this time. Can you sustain what you start?


Mercury, the Sun, and New Moon in Aries themes for the rising signs:

Aries risings: you will start something new in the realm of the 1st house of self, identity, personal outlook, sense of self, independence, condition, body, stylization

Taurus risings: you will start something new in the realm of the 12th house of isolation, institutions, the unseen, hidden friends and enemies, spiritual experiences, substances, altered states, rest, retreats, subconscious fears and desires.

Gemini risings: you will start something new in the 11th house realm of your friendships, communities, interests, goals, future aspirations and wishes, and network circles.

Cancer risings: you will start something new in the realm of the 10th house of career, life path, public appearance, parents, authority figures, reputation, and position.

Leo risings: you will start something new in the realm of the 9th house of personal philosophy, higher education, mentors, foreign travel, religion, legal affairs, publishing, prophecies, and extended family.

Virgo risings: you will start something new in the realm of the 8th house of loans, debt, shared resources, contracts, taxes, intimacy, and personal transformation.

Libra risings: you will start something new in the realm of the 7th house of interpersonal relationships, agreements, business and personal partnerships, the law, and the public.

Scorpio risings: you will start something new in the realm of the 6th house of health, routines and rhythms, rituals, pets and their health, the things you can control, work, service, coworkers, reciprocity.

Sagittarius risings: you will start something new in the realm of the 5th house of pleasure, fun, enjoyment, sex, passion, dating, romance, children, entertainment, creativity, stocks.

Capricorn risings: you will start something new in the realm of the 4th house of property, home, family, parents, grandparents, ancestry, safety, comfort, security, land, and domestic issues.

Aquarius risings: you will start something new in the realm of the 3rd house of communication, local environment, news, transportation, siblings, visits, short trips, teachers, and gossip.

Pisces risings: you will start something new in the realm of the 2nd house of personal income, self esteem, time and energy exerted, priorities, clothing, values, food, and resources.

if you are interested in learning more about your personal chart and transits:


Image credit: 'Fairy Wedding' by Ida Rentoul


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