Birth Chart Rectification

So, you don’t know your rising sign? This is actually so frustrating, especially when I have seen how astrology can benefit and validate so many people in such dynamic ways. I always forget about what a privilege it is to know your birth time, let alone your birthDAY. Especially those who move around as refugees, those who are adopted, those who are estranged from their parents or don’t have clear records of this beautiful, momentous occasion in which they were born.

Birth Chart Rectification is a process that addresses these questions. If you’re serious enough about it you can hire an astrologer who does this specific kind of service. They go on an investigation and dig up hospital records, birth videos, parents/relatives memory, old photos that might have the timestamp, etc. Though, this doesn’t always work. In astrology, to get the most accurate results down to degree theory, it is important to get the exact minute that a person was born, but even an aunt who vaguely remembers something like “Oh.. well, I had to leave work, so I think it was about 10:00-11:00 am” can be helpful! It isn’t as specific as we would like it, but it's a start. From there you can narrow down which rising sign makes the most sense.

Others who have no leads?

I have tried to guess rising signs before- I've been correct, but there have also been times where I was wrong! I am a nanny for a 7 year old boy and after months of tracking his behavior and listing out all the reasons why he could be each rising sign, I guessed that he was a Virgo rising. I thought this for a lot of reasons but mostly because of the house cusps.

Virgo risings, in the universal whole signs system, have Scorpio on the 3rd house, Sagittarius on the 4th house, and Capricorn on the 5th house. Based on this, my brain developed its own case study.

In theory he would have:

3rd house = communication, local environment, primary education, friends, siblings, etc.

Scorpio = calculated, private, secret, selectivity, etc.

This boy is very particular. He likes to take the most secluded route on the walk home from school (avoidant of other people), he is very secretive about the things he talks about and learns about. He often likes to keep his communication private and one-on-one is better for him. He is also very calculated and strategic about the things he says/does/and especially the people he keeps around him.

4th house = home, family, parents, comfort, past, ancestry

Sagittarius = foreign places, cultures, foods, travel, beliefs, spirituality

His mom is Jewish and does incorporate traditional Jewish holidays and practices into his life. His dad is from Russia and between the two of his parents, they speak a few different languages and have even taught their kids some of these. Their oldest knows Hebrew and the boy that I am responsible for can understand and translate Russian. They always have interesting stories about their ancestors and are very involved in keeping these cultures alive for him.

5th House = childhood, how you act as a kid, your passions and interests, enjoyment, movies, plays, entertainment, etc.

Capricorn = seriousness, maturity, age, restriction

His parents encourage him to be a kid, but there are restrictions and limits on his entertainment. They would much rather he read a book, do a puzzle, play outside than to watch a movie. You also have to consider that between the ages of 5 and now almost 8 years old, he has been confined to pandemic precautions. Since his parents take safety precautions seriously (as they should imo) he hasn’t gotten to go see a play, eat at many restaurants, explore other passions and multimedia. All 5th house themes. He has been restricted in this way and generally finds more enjoyment in things like chess, or word games, or books. Plus, he hates music which just sounds so Saturn on the 5th to me hahaha.

This kid acts in these ways and exhibits these behaviors. Recently though, I found out his birth time from his mother and it gave him a Cancer rising! Which means:

3rd House = Virgo (not Scorpio)- Which explains why I thought he was a Virgo rising, he TALKS like one. Virgo is sextile Scorpio meaning they go about their communication similarly and are harmonious with one another. Virgo is calculated and private in communicating, like Scorpio, but it’s a different expression for a number of reasons. Virgo isn’t private about their communication, it is particular. There is a difference!

In the example that I mentioned earlier about him choosing the most secluded path on our walks home, he does this not for the sake of privacy, but because he is critical about the places he goes, the people he talks to, who gets to overhear his conversations. Scorpio hates to be perceived (even by people who are close to them at times), while Virgo is just particular about who gets to have access to them. It’s more self preservation than anything.

This boy is a Cancer rising with a Pisces Venus. So, he doesn’t have Sagittarius there like I had originally thought. Instead, he has his 4th house cusp in Libra ruled by his Pisces Venus in his 9th house. This shows a natural connection between:

Home (4th house) and foreign cultures and countries (9th house).

It made a lot of sense that I thought he had a Sagittarius ruled 4th house because the 9th house is associated with the same themes as Sagittarius. Having Libra here instead creates more nuance in how harmonious his home environment is. Sagittarius is a big risk taker or adventurer whereas Libra there shows more about balance, justice even. His mother works as a professor who advocates for BIPOC and the LGBTQ+ community and is often working in social justice projects and helping less fortunate people particularly with money and vocal advocacy (Libra is ruled by Venus which is over values and money).

A great example of this placement is how she recently sent money and care packages for Ukrainian Refugees. For the boy, 4th house = mother, Venus in the 9th = sending physical items to foreign places to bring balance and peace (Libra).

A Cancer rising also puts his 5th house in Scorpio which is where his Saturn falls. So, just like Virgo risings have a Saturn (Capricorn) ruled 5th house, he has Saturn IN the 5th house which creates the same affect, just expressed differently + more nuanced. This is where we understand that planets and ruling signs can create a closely similar effect that can be confusing! So everything I gathered about his pleasure and enjoyment– particularly the restriction around this area of his life– was correct! It just wasn’t quite the right placement that gave that impression.

So, even guessing rising signs as a practicing astrologer is difficult. It does require research, self awareness, physical features are always good to take notice of, etc.

You know what else is helpful? Transits. If there is a full moon and a person suddenly quits their job or changes career paths, it could be a 6th or 10th house transit. So, say with this last Virgo Full moon your friend loses their job- They might have Virgo on the 6th or the 10th (giving an aries or sagittarius rising) which would narrow it down considerably. This is because full moons indicate a closure of a cycle in your life while the 10th house is your larger career and public image and the 6th house is jobs, coworkers, service. It will depend on what kind of job this is. If it is a major change like quitting your Pilot job to become a Doctor, that sounds more 10th house. Whereas ending your contract at one law firm to move to another sounds more 6th house. It depends on the situation and the context.

This would take some consistent tracking of cycles in their life and how that corresponds with planet movement.

This was harder for me when I was trying to track them for the kid I nanny, but that’s because you have to make the house themes a lot smaller for kids. like if he has a 10th house transit? it wouldn’t be about career for him (because he’s 7 years old, haha) it might instead be about authority figures or parents- but I’m not involved enough to necessarily pick up on that.

On the topic of tracking transits, Saturn cycles are actually a great way to do this too. If you don’t know someone’s birth time, where in the last year have they had restrictions, hardships, roadblocks, and increased maturity? Sometimes this is too obvious– especially if they’re having Saturn transiting a major house like the 2nd-8th house axis or the 4th-10th house axis or another one of the angles. For example, this year, I have had Saturn transit my 4th house where I have had intense restriction and difficulty in the home, family, and living situation. Every time there was a major 4th house transit connecting with Saturn? Something happened, it was usually very uncomfortable too. This is why it’s important to look at how Saturn connects with other planets as well. A Saturn-Mars square is going to inflame two areas of life (in my case, 4th house/7th house). Some of the less intense houses are harder to pick up on though. In my opinion, it could be difficult to spot someone having a Saturn in the 5th house transit if they don’t have children. It seems more like an internal journey of addressing what pleasure and fun really looks like to them or more able their childhood trauma and less of an external, catastrophic, tangible tower moment.

The last thing I want to mention is appearance. Some rising signs to me are just sooooo blatantly obvious. I feel like I can spot a Capricorn rising from a mile away. They are so boney! Their jawlines could cut a bitch, they usually have thick eyebrows, immaculate skin (Saturn rules skin and hair), they look like little mountain goats!

Example 1: Ariana Grande. She is known for her famous ponytail (Saturn = hair), she looks very structured, boney, she looks better as she ages too (a common Saturanian trait). You'll also notice that when she's performing, she is often a bit awkward hahaha. No hate! I love my girl, but Capricorn risings are known for being late bloomers. She'll likely become more graceful as she ages.

Example 2: Jane Fonda, let’s be real. She does not look 80! She has aged gracefully (Saturn) and she even created a television show (Grace and Frankie) about age and how women in particular are scrutinized for their appearance and sexuality as they mature. Notice the similarities between Ariana Grande and Jane Fonda– what sticks out to you?

Scorpio risings are another great example. They have darker “plutionan” features. Piercing eyes, they are usually shorter and stalkier, very intense and extreme appearances.

Example 1: Dita Von Teese (Very femme fatale, scorpio/sexy/martain yumminess)

Example 2: Prince (LOOK AT THEM EYES)

It is important to mention that planets can derail your appearance guess. Someone who has Saturn in the 1st house could look like a Capricorn rising. Later you might find out they had a Scorpio rising with Saturn in Scorpio in the first house distorting their Scorpio features.

In conclusion, birth chart rectification is complicated. It's best to use a combination of everything mentioned above to make the best guess you can, but unfortunately some may never know their exact time. I think this is something that people will pay more attention to in future generations. For some, astrology is just a fun thing to know, for others it is our philosophy, it saves us time and energy and it can help to heal, alter, and transcend.


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