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Jupiter enters Taurus (The Story Unfolds) horoscopes for all 12 signs

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

This is a massively busy transit week! I will be releasing a second article this weekend to discuss the Mars in Leo and Sun in Gemini ingress on May 20th and May 21st respectively. Although, the beginning of this week is even more important to the trajectory of 2023 leading into 2024– let's talk about it!

The Calendar:

5.14- Mercury stations direct in Taurus (10:16pm CST)

5.16- Jupiter enters Taurus

You may see astrologers talk about a planet's "story" as each planet encounters a certain theme when it moves into a particular sign and house. Think of the planets taking on signs as character roles, the surrounding planets are their scene partners, the aspects that they make to other planets show the relationship between them, and the house they settle into in your personal chart is the environment that it has to work within your own life.

What will each of these planetary storylines look like?

The Mercury in Taurus Story:

Mercury is going direct on May 14th after its typical 3 week long retrograde period. If you are wanting to understand this time period thoroughly, I have an entire article about the retrograde process, how it works, and themes you might've seen for your rising sign while Mercury was retrograde in Taurus. You can read it here. This was likely a time where you reviewed and reworked your finances, security, stability, and values in relation to the themes of the house that Taurus rules in your chart. Here is how the retrograde story goes:

Mercury direct (4.03-4.21): We saw certain systems breaking down, very specific themes coming up, and questions on our minds.

Mercury retrograde (4.21-5.14): Anything that came up in the direct period was reworked and reprocessed.

Mercury direct again (5.14-6.11): We emerge with a new perception in relation to where we have Taurus and we are better for it if we took the time to properly work through the issues that emerged.

All of the themes that came up during the retrograde will come back around now to solidify so that we can move forward as our most secure selves. Pay attention to what has been happening since April 3rd, the story is unfolding more than could be seen before. You are almost ready to begin moving forward with concrete plans, but it is better to stay flexible and slower moving until June. This story bleeds into the next one that Jupiter is beginning. Think of Mercury as a narrator setting the stage for a main character's journey.

The Jupiter in Taurus Story:

To review, Jupiter began its journey through Aries on May 10th of 2022 and spent some time developing a theme in this sector of our charts until October 28th of 2022. Jupiter then traveled back into Pisces for just under two months and allowed us to finish up a completely different storyline until December 20th of 2022 when Jupiter re-entered Aries.

Look back on the time periods between May 10th 2022 through October 28th 2022 and December 20th 2022 through May 16th 2023, but specifically in the house you have Aries. This is likely where you've been desiring more, have begun to take risks on new creations, and have generally felt a heightened need for independence. You might've found yourself beginning to diverge from other people, past versions of yourself, and ways of life that felt comfortable before. Now Jupiter, planet of wisdom, expansion, and blessings is moving into Taurus!

On May 16th, we begin a new storyline in the Taurus sector of our charts, without any intermissions until May 25th of 2024. The last time Jupiter transited Taurus was from June 4th 2011 to June 12th 2012. Looking back on this time period may clue you into the themes that may resurface in your life. Here's an overview of this year's transit:

examples of a day chart vs. a night chart

If you have a day chart (your natal Sun is above the horizon line), this planet is the one that tends to bring you more blessings and support as it is your greater benefic out of sect. For night charts (natal Sun below the horizon line), Venus is your greater benefic out of sect and generally brings more blessings and support whereas Jupiter works more as a teacher in your life. Regardless of the house system used, the horizon line is based on the degrees of your Ascendant/Descendant line.

I have a night chart, so don't worry, you're not doomed or anything. Jupiter is very valuable either way, but how he shows up in our lives depends on our personal charts, please keep this in mind! People love to project their expectations onto this planet and are often let down. "Jupiter's blessings", especially for night charts, is like receiving socks for Christmas as a kid. You'll appreciate it when you're older, I promise. Cultivate hope without expectation and you will not be disappointed.

Jupiter in Taurus is peregrine except from 14º-22º where he has his own term, but still, Jupiter is a huge game changer for Saturn in Pisces. These two planets will be sextile to each other and Pisces' ruling planet will be Jupiter in Taurus for the next year giving us more support than we've had so far in our Pisces houses. These two planets together are highly anticipated by the astro community as they typically bring about beautiful artistic creations and an almost religious filter over our experiences. Keep in mind that both Saturn and Jupiter are planets that deal with "big" themes that profoundly affect our societal and cultural experiences. You'll notice changes in the tangible world around you just as much as you'll notice big changes in your own life.

From the 1997 sitcom "Daria"

Still, Jupiter in Taurus is mostly peregrine in 2023 and won't move past 15º (due to the annual retrograde) until 2024 where it will speed up a bit. Peregrine planets are often described as traveling to a foreign country and feeling alienated because the planet's personal way of doing things is not as supported in this territory.

This is very funny as Jupiter is already noted as a planet that rules over foreignness because of its tie to exploration, culture, and travel. Meanwhile, Taurus is about tradition and nativity. Jupiter transiting Taurus is foreign because Jupiter is used to having options, variety, an expanded view. In the land of Taurus, it has a lot of the same old. Instead of having a variety of clothing choices for example, it reminds me of those cartoon shows where the main character has a 10+ copies of the exact outfit they wear everyday.

The good thing here is that Jupiter will likely try to find variety wherever it can. If we’re going to a sushi restaurant, then by golly, we’re ordering everything on the menu. Most of it will have the same vibe, but you can’t say we’re not being open minded. This is a placement that I imagine loves finding resources to back up their own beliefs. Not necessarily looking at information that supports the opposing side, just accumulating more evidence to feel right. Self righteousness is generally a theme here.

Jupiter in Taurus likes to collect a lot of the same and for that reason, it really likes money. Not just because it draws power from its finances, but also because there are a variety of financial decisions that can be made. Taurus loves investments and Jupiter loves having more. These two are great partners in terms of monetary goals. Jupiter loves power (as a representation of Zeus) and so does Taurus (as a sign of hierarchy). You may notice power dynamics more than usual and the overall collective goal may shift towards the desire for power. This can be pure intentioned! Many of us want a certain amount of power and acclaim in order to gain something valuable in our lives (freedom, for example), but this can also become gluttonous, greedy, and harmful to others. Be mindful of this in the coming year.

Jupiter in Taurus is also very spiritual (another way to draw power). People underestimate Taurus and its spiritual side, but it loves ancient rituals, rites, anything that elevates values, systems, history, hierarchy– anything that feels exclusive. Jupiter, being the sage and guru, happily engages because there’s such variety in the past, in history, and in spirituality. Jupiter might love to expand upon what is already written, creating new systems instead of upholding old ones– this is what irks others. I imagine Jupiter in Taurus might be the most stifled out of all the other Jupiter signs (except for Jupiter in Capricorn, of course). In Taurus, I imagine Jupiter is constantly pushing and growing against stone walls. It takes a lot to get stone to crack, which is why it piles on evidence upon evidence reinforcing its own beliefs. If it just finds one more article or one more artifact, it just might crack the stone engulfing it.

What this means in a literal sense? The things that you learned and discovered while Jupiter was in Aries are things that you can now build upon and profit from. The story around security is expanding. Our resources (of any kind, not just monetary), are changing at this time and they already have been with the North Node in Taurus since January of 2022. This is why it's important to keep in mind that the benefics aren't universally good, sometimes they just bring more. For some of us, the growth of Jupiter will feel uncomfortable. The North Node, the Eclipse cycles, Uranus, and all of the recent activation in Taurus with the Sun and Mercury, have already been changing and shifting us out of our comfort zone. Jupiter is going to show you what all of that story building was for.

Over the next year, watch out for envy, jealousy, being overly concerned with resources, or not investing these resources properly. Anytime a planet transits a particular sign, it is always good to look at the sign on the opposite axis to understand things that could potentially help or harm us. The opposite of Taurus is Scorpio, so it's important to be careful and respectful of our money, increasing our knowledge (Jupiter) when it comes to investments, credit, and how to use it to our advantage or you may lose the resource entirely. It is likely that you'll see increases, but learning how to maximize any windfalls is going to be a crucial part of this Jupiter lesson. Blowing money just as well as earning it is possible.

This planet is forever a teacher first, so be wise, yet teachable. We are collectively learning about the true importance of security and those who have and continue to put effort into their understanding of this will be the ones thriving at this time. Remember that money is a tool and not the only resource that Jupiter in Taurus is providing us with, it's just an easy example to get the point across. A resource could be a skill, a talent, knowledge, a person, an institution, or even the ability to see what is available to you in each unique circumstance. You'll find resources in the house you have Taurus.

- Example: A Cancer rising might find resources from their friends or community members, but in order to invest properly, they would want to keep the future in mind more than the present moment.

Pay attention to the themes showing up in your life in the first month of the ingress, whatever you see developing will continue to grow throughout the next year. Mercury retrograde in Taurus might have helped you clear this area for new growth and understanding. Any shifts that have occurred already are the foundation for this transit.

Normally, I would give an aspect calendar, but this is a long transit! Remember, this will not complete until May of 2024. You'll see important Jupiter aspects listed more cohesively in my shorter transit articles as the year progresses. Though, I would like to talk about one aspect involving Jupiter that is coming up very soon.

5.20- The Fixed T-Square:

A T-Square is when two planets are opposing and simultaneously squaring a third planet all within the same modality (fixed, cardinal, or mutable). This reminds me of the fixed T-square in July 2021 between Mars in Leo, Saturn in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus. This was not exact, as Uranus was ahead by 1º, but these areas of our charts are once again active and at odds.

The good news? Saturn is not in Aquarius and won't touch the T-Square. Just this fact alone creates a different vibe, so don't expect the exact same themes. Additionally, you can see that Jupiter is farther ahead and may create some breathing room in the square.

The less good news– this isn't necessarily the most comfortable sky weather.

If I'm being honest though, it's hard to understand what this will truly mean. It isn't necessarily "bad" or "good" just like with any transit, it depends on our personal charts. I can't decide how I feel about it yet. It could be one of those moments that is subtle in the moment, but creates larger change later? Or maybe with Mars active, it is felt more personally and immediately. I could see so many possibilities here, but I think it's okay for astrologers to not have a definite answer for everything all the time. Take these as musings more than predictions.

Globally, it makes me think of the border crisis in the U.S. as this T-square is between the 3rd, 9th, and 6th houses of the United States. It could potentially speak to Title 42 ending (6th house of health and 9th house of foreign policy affecting the local communities of Americans). This isn't a stance on the issue, but I am wondering if this has anything to do with the budding "stories" of each of these planets as they are all at 0º and if this may have a more profound impact than we can conceptualize right now– but especially for bordering states.

Any contact with Pluto is one of intense change and transformation that often feels more like a sacrifice. It does usually start subtly, thinking of Persephone picking the oh, so simple flower that lead to her confinement to the underworld, but it can also lead to eventual wealth like we discussed in the Scorpio Eclipse video. Mars in Leo to me, is highlighting that there may be a gentler way of accomplishing something if only the stubborn ego would get out of the way. On the other hand, Mars in Leo could highlight what is most essential to the service of life through the tool of the ego. Any time we deal with a Leo-Aquarius aspect it is community and the public versus the personal needs and it's a tricky topic! One that will become more prevalent in the coming years. Jupiter in Taurus is diversifying our resources, but with Jupiter at odds with Pluto and Mars? This could create a lot of the wrong thing if we're not careful.

Something that all of these planets have in common? Power, but there is also a tendency to be reckless, indulgent, and power hungry. I see a huge potential for success and achievement, but just as we'll discuss in the Mars in Leo article, ask yourself, "At what cost?"

I haven't personally interacted with Debra Silverman's work, but I was told once that her approach to T-Squares is to look at the sign not affected in the modality as the "release" of a T-Square and this for me, has worked beautifully. It makes a lot of sense that there could be support found where there is not so much tension. In this chart, the "release" is in Scorpio, which happens to be where the South Node is as well– another symbol of release. Scorpio generally, is a sign of release, so this fits more than usual here. Use the cathartic purging of Scorpio to mediate this tension. A Plutonian kind of faith may be necessary at this time.

After the slowest Mercury retrograde ever, two eclipses in Martian signs, and a two month fallen Mars transit? We can expect all of these planetary shifts in the next week to move our stories along. If you've felt "stuck" or confused on what lies ahead, you'll be getting some clarity soon.

The rising sign predictions for Jupiter in Taurus:

Aries risings:

Jupiter enters your 2nd house

Now that you've reassessed your general stability and understand what hasn't been working for your personal sense of security, you are ready to diversify this area. I imagine you'll find new sources of income or adopt new values that were foreign to you before. This year, you have new priorities that are stretching you to reach your full potential. Let Jupiter root you in something that furthers your growth instead of hindering it. You can only grow as big as the tank that surrounds you allows... so uh, buy a bigger tank! Resources are born from your own talents at this time.

Taurus risings:

Jupiter enters your 1st house

Now that you've reassessed your identity and have learned more about the kind of person you don't want to be, you are ready to diversify this area. This year, I imagine you'll adopt a new sense of self, maybe experimenting with personality traits that you never thought you'd own or a new look that is derived from all the experiences it took to birth this new you. Allow yourself to grow into something else, imagine you've moved into a new body entirely. Don't be afraid to explore these new, but old parts of you. Resources are coming from your inner being at this time.

Gemini risings:

Jupiter enters your 12th house

Now that you've reassessed your fears, I hope you have become comfortable in your own skin. You are ready to diversify this area. This year, explore the depths of the subconscious. Find out who you are when you are alone, completely unattached to those who crowd your aura. I imagine you'll travel far away– spiritually or to a foreign land. Do you think you can surrender your need for control just enough to taste God? You are traveling with a blind fold, but can you trust the path before you? Resources are coming from the unseen at this time.

Cancer risings:

Jupiter enters your 11th house

Now that you've reassessed your peers, plans, hopes, and dreams, you are ready to diversify this area. This year, I imagine you are meeting a lot of new people and expanding your interest in directions you never thought it would go. Likewise, allow yourself to explore new people and new dreams that allow for a better, more comfortable future than you were able to conceptualize for yourself before. Jupiter rejoices in the 11th house! You may feel extra lucky, but allowing is the hardest part. Resources are coming from your friends at this time.

Leo risings:

Jupiter enters your 10th house

Now that you've reassessed your place in the world, you are ready to diversify and to advance. This year, you'll finally understand the kind of power you wield in ways that were not tangible before. You might get a promotion or grow in your own sense of outer identity. This could mean becoming a parent, a boss, or a powerful figure of authority that makes a real impact. All this means is that you are becoming a leader and your leadership will likely become official in some way. Resources are coming from your superiors at this time.

Virgo risings:

Jupiter enters your 9th house

Now that you've reassessed what you believe and where you want to go, you are ready to diversify this area. This year, knowledge is something that you are drinking by the gallon. You may meet someone this year that becomes a profound mentor to you as this is the house of gurus, astrologers, spiritualists, therapists, writers, and politicians. You are likely to travel far and wide, learning about ways of life that are foreign to you, adopting practices that further your personal growth. Maybe you'll publish some of your own work. Resources are coming from the hermetics at this time.

Libra risings:

Jupiter enters your 8th house

Now that you've reassessed your attachments, you are ready to diversify this area. Are there resources hidden in places that you haven't thought to look yet? Or in people you haven't met yet? This year, you are being supported and invested in. Be mindful of taking too much lest you fall into a trap of resentment or debt. Is this a gift or is it a loan? Make sure to be clear. This is a time to accumulate shared stability. Invest in things you believe in, they are likely to pay off. Resources are coming from other people at this time. (P.S. Allow others to help!)

Scorpio risings:

Jupiter enters your 7th house

Now that you've reassessed your relationships, believe it or not, you are ready to diversify your connections. This year, you are meeting new people. You aren't one to let just anyone in, but many will start to knock at your door. Allow room for growth in your current connections, allow room for people that you wouldn't normally associate yourself with. Maybe that's the issue within itself! Let your relationships teach you and show you the world you've been missing out on. Resources are coming from your one-on-one relationships at this time.

Sagittarius risings:

Jupiter enters your 6th house

Now that you've reassessed health and reciprocity, you are ready to diversify your daily activities. This year you are discovering that there are many definitions of health and there are many ways to reach the goals you set for yourself. How can you "work" without it feeling like a chore? You might find that you're more ritualistic than usual, taking a spiritual approach to your daily duties. Things that you've never considered to be important will become daily priorities. Allow Jupiter to teach you how to take care of yourself. Resources are coming from the most mundane places, can you catch the details while still thinking big?

Capricorn risings:

Jupiter enters your 5th house

Now that you've reassessed what isn't fun, you are ready to diversify this area. This is a house of the past, so you might go through a period of rediscovery– reading books you used to love or revisiting your old stomping ground. Childhood is where everything feels new and fun and exciting– is there something there that you'd like to experience again? This year, you may learn more about your sexuality, become a mentor (or a parent) to a child, or if this isn't the case, you are reparenting your own inner child and outgrowing the stifling binds of the past. Resources are coming from the miniature version of you.

Aquarius risings:

Jupiter enters your 4th house

Now that you've reassessed what truly feels like home, you are ready to diversify this area. This year, you may be moving to a new home where you finally feel comfortable enough to put down roots. You are exploring new traditions and new versions of family. It is possible to learn more about your ancestry. You are giving yourself more space and room to breathe and uncovering buried emotions that have lived in your lineage for generations. It is time to learn new ways of inhabiting this Earth. Resources are coming from your family and ancestors at this time.

Pisces risings:

Jupiter enters your 3rd house

Now that you've reassessed the ways in which you communicate, you are ready to diversify your mind. This year, you are learning concepts that are going to feel fundamental. Things that are so simple you'll wonder how you didn't know that before. It is a failure of your environment, not of yourself, remember that. These concepts are going to change the way you see the world. You are likely to interact with the environment you inhabit, exploring new places and ideas that weren't accessible to you before. Resources are coming from your neighborhood, your siblings, and the places you haven't been before. Explore.


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