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major aries-libra activations (2020-2026)

Updated: Feb 3

Part 1: The Transits

I am fascinated by the Aries-Libra activations we’ve had beginning in 2020 continuing into 2026.

In October of 2020 we had a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio that traveled back into Libra. We also had a 7 month Mars retrograde in Aries that fall.

2021 kicked off an especially taxing Libra season that really caught my attention and we had another Mercury retrograde in Libra in October 2021 not even two months before Libra's ruling planet, Venus, entered its retrograde period as well.

This year in September of 2022, we had another Mercury retrograde in Libra. This year we also have its ruling planet, Venus, combust (lacking direction and visiting the underworld) at the same time. We also have Jupiter that entered Aries this year on May 10th and leaving on October 28th. It will ingress back into Aries in December 2022.

In 2023, the nodes will shift from Taurus-Scorpio to Aries-Libra. The north node (destiny, what we’re discovering and getting close to for 18 months) is going to be in Aries, while the south node (what is past, what we are releasing for 18 months) will be in Libra. This automatically means that we will have our eclipses on the Aries-Libra axis for the first time since 2016. This will begin with a Solar eclipse in Aries in April and both will be eclipsing in Aries and Libra in September and October. Jupiter will also be in Aries for the first 5 months of 2023.

In 2024, we will have more eclipse activations on this axis in March and April as well as one in October and one final eclipse in Aries in March of 2025.

We will not have nodal activations and therefore eclipses on the Aries-Libra axis again until 2032-2034, except this time the north node will be in Libra (destiny) while the south node is in Aries (what we’re releasing)

Meanwhile in 2025, Neptune will move into the sign of Aries after being in Pisces since 2011. It will dip its toes into Aries for a few months (March-October) and then will retrograde back into the sign of Pisces until January of 2026 where it will remain in Aries for 12 years. The last time Neptune was in Aries was in 1875.

Part 2: What does this all mean?

What is Aries: beginnings, newness, birth, the self, identity, innovation, anger, fight, drive, animation, war.

What is Libra: others, relationships, balance, separation, harmony, diplomacy, law and order, peace, justice, neutrality.

What is the north node: destiny, fate, where we feel uncomfortable at first, what we are learning through upheaval, a benefic

What is the south node: what we are releasing, the past, past lives, conditioning, stuckness, a malefic

We have been seeing the harsher side of Libra over the last few years (specifically 2020-2022). Pop astrology might call Libra season "cuffing season" and it can be! But not since 2020 (the year of continuous astrological disasters). The last three fall seasons have featured Mercury retrogrades in the sign of Libra. When the planets repeat things, they are trying to get your attention. Why? Think about it. We all only have one whole sign house that is ruled by Libra which has been undergoing major construction every October for the last three years.

Mercury retrograde is a time of reviewing, miscommunication, new perceptions, having a million lightbulb moments one week just to turn around and change all of that another, it is a time of adjustment. Libra rules over the judicial system, courts, laws, what is fair, what is just. It's almost like we, the collective, have her scales so out of wack that she had to spend three years over correcting. We have been trying to balance our relationships especially. Not just our relationships to people, but our relationships to wherever you have Libra in your chart. For example: Libra on the 2nd house (Virgo risings) might have been addressing their relationship to their food, their money, their style (clothing), their own inherent value and self esteem. While those with Libra on the 9th house (Aquarius risings) may have been examining the relationships they have to their teachers, mentors, grandparents, their relationship to travel, other cultures, education, their own personal philosophy.

Each year as these Libra transits hit, one by one I see once respected, sacred unions being destroyed over foolishness, the inability (or unwillingness) to fight and defend your love, infidelity, improper communication. If you and your partner have stayed together through the last three years? They're either The Real Deal or someone is living in major denial, haha. Hopefully you have both made the proper adjustments to grow together.

Saturn exalts in Libra. Saturn is the planet of restriction, time, longevity, commitment. Libra ruling over things like the court system which requires the judge to put a time limit (Saturn) on one's sentencing. This is how these two work together. One requires the other. Saturn and Libra also share that which is karmic. The relationships that are so close to us that we cannot get away from them. Maybe because we're married to them, or they raised us and we carry their last name, or because we have spent so much time with them, decades of time. Yet, as much separation, both literal and metaphorical divorce, that we've been seeing ripple through the collective– somehow I know that all is right in the world. Libra has been exposing those who are not loyal to us, those who simply do not have the right energetic makeup to be a worthy match on the other side of our personal teeter totter.

The Libra-Aries axis presents these questions: Can you