major aries-libra activations (2020-2026)

Part 1: The Transits

I am fascinated by the Aries-Libra activations we’ve had beginning in 2020 continuing into 2026.

In October of 2020 we had a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio that traveled back to Libra. We also had a 7 month Mars retrograde in Aries that fall.

2021 kicked off an especially taxing Libra season that really caught my attention. We had another Mercury retrograde in Libra in October 2021 not even two months before Libra's ruling planet, Venus, entered its retrograde period as well.

This year in September of 2022, we had another Mercury retrograde in Libra. This year we also have its ruling planet, Venus, combust (lacking direction) at the same time. We also have Jupiter that entered Aries this year on May 10th and leaving on October 28th. It will ingress back into Aries in December.

In 2023, the nodes will shift from Taurus-Scorpio to Aries-Libra. The north node (destiny, what we’re discovering and getting close to for 18 months) is going to be in Aries, while the south node (what is past, what we are releasing for 18 months) will be in Libra. This automatically means that we will have our eclipses on the Aries-Libra axis for the first time since 2016. This will begin with a Solar eclipse in Aries in April and both will be eclipsing in Aries and Libra in September and October. Jupiter will also be dipping in and out of Aries throughout the year.

In 2024, we will have more eclipse activations on this axis in March and April as well as one in October and one final eclipse in Aries in March of 2025.

We will not have nodal activations and therefore eclipses on the Aries-Libra axis again until 2032-2034, except this time the north node will be in Libra (destiny) while the south node is in Aries (what we’re releasing)

Meanwhile in 2025, Neptune will move into the sign of Aries after being in Pisces since 2011. It will dip its toes into Aries for a few months (March-October) and then will retrograde back into the sign of Pisces until January of 2026 where it will remain in Aries for 12 years. The last time Neptune was in Aries was in 1875.

Part 2: What does this all mean?

What is Aries: beginnings, newness, birth, the self, identity, innovation, anger, fight, drive, animation, war.

What is Libra: others, relationships, balance, separation, harmony, diplomacy, law and order, peace, justice, neutrality.

What is the north node: destiny, fate, where we feel uncomfortable at first, what we are learning through upheaval

What is the south node: what we are releasing, the past, past lives, conditioning, stuckness

We have been seeing the harsher side of Libra over the last few years (specifically 2020-2022). Pop astrology might call Libra season "cuffing season" and it can be! But not since 2020 (the year of continuous astrological disasters). The last three fall seasons have featured Mercury retrogrades in the sign of Libra. When the planets repeat things, they are trying to get your attention. Why? Think about it. We all only have one whole sign house that is ruled by Libra which has been undergoing major construction every October for the last three years.

Mercury retrograde is a time of reviewing, miscommunication, new perceptions, having a million lightbulb moments one week just to turn around and change all of that another, it is a time of adjustment. Libra rules over the judicial system, courts, laws, what is fair, what is just. It's almost like we, the collective, have her scales so out of wack that she had to spend three years over correcting. We have been trying to balance our relationships especially. Not just our relationships to people, but our relationships to wherever you have Libra in your chart. For example: Libra on the 2nd house (Virgo risings) might have been addressing their relationship to their food, their money, their style (clothing), their own inherent value and self esteem. While those with Libra on the 9th house (Aquarius risings) may have been examining the relationships they have to their teachers, mentors, grandparents, their relationship to travel, other cultures, education, their own personal philosophy.

Each year as these Libra transits hit, one by one I see once respected, sacred unions being destroyed over foolishness, the inability (or unwillingness) to fight and defend your love, infidelity, improper communication. If you and your partner have stayed together through the last three years? They're either The Real Deal or someone is living in major denial, haha. Hopefully you have both made the proper adjustments to grow together.

Saturn exalts in Libra. Saturn is the planet of restriction, time, longevity, commitment. Libra ruling over things like the court system which requires the judge to put a time limit (Saturn) on one's sentencing. This is how these two work together. One requires the other. Saturn and Libra also share that which is karmic. The relationships that are so close to us that we cannot get away from them. Maybe because we're married to them, or they raised us and we carry their last name, or because we have spent so much time with them, decades of time. Yet, as much separation, both literal and metaphorical divorce, that we've been seeing ripple through the collective– somehow I know that all is right in the world. Libra has been exposing those who are not loyal to us, those who simply do not have the right energetic makeup to be a worthy match on the other side of our personal teeter totter.

The Libra-Aries axis presents these questions: Can you be alone while we find you a worthy match? Can your loneliness transmute into innovation? Is it worth keeping them around just so they can write their name on a project you completed by yourself?

In 2022, during the third and final Mercury retrograde in Libra (until 2027), we also had (and still have, as I'm writing this) Jupiter transiting the sign of Aries, Libra's opposite and sister sign. Additionally, Jupiter in Aries has directly opposed Mercury in Libra 3 times between its direct and retrograde stations. I have talked about this a few times in some of my astrological forecasts on youtube, but if you don't know: this transit has presented us with an independent journey leaving us forever changed while the Mercury oppositions have brought a lot of new information and proposals to us that have forced our growth and ventures.

What is Jupiter: the journey, what we learn through lived experience, growth, travel, study, foreign paths, expansion that surpasses where we've been before

What is Aries: identity, aloneness, severing, rage, etc. (see more themes above)

Jupiter in Aries has been guiding us to experience something that separates us from the other. For example, let's say you are a Leo rising with Jupiter in Aries transiting the 9th house of long distance travel. You may have travelled somewhere this year that left you a different person by the end of it. So much so that when you go home, you no longer relate to anyone else around you. You know too much to relate to the philosophies of others who are ignorant to what you've learned.

Or maybe you're a Cancer rising with Jupiter in Aries transiting the 10th house. Say you've been promoted to a position of authority in your career which is now fundamentally separating you from your work friends because you now have a higher level of responsibility. You are also very likely assigning these friends tasks and projects which creates a whole new power dynamic between you that didn't exist before. This is what this transit has been like, especially during Libra season. It has been alienating some aspect of us that we didn't know was lying dormant. We may not be able to explain or share these experiences with our already established relationships and friendships because they simply wouldn't get it or they aren't in a position to relate to us. Jupiter is an experience, it cannot necessarily be put into words all of the time and these experiences, while some may present as blessings (since Jupiter is a benefic planet), it can also feel isolating.

In 2022, this has lead to the ending of a lot of relationships that don't know how to exist in our lives anymore. This can even be the relationship to yourself and your own identity (especially if you have Aries or Scorpio placements).

So, where is this going in the future? Especially as the heavy hitting activations haven't even started yet.

The north node will enter Aries in July of 2023 and the south node will be in Libra. Since the north node brings us closer to something while the south node pushes us away from something, we can expect a continuation of identity growth and relationship separation. Again, this will not necessarily be a separation from your partner, your friends, it depends on what kinds of relationships you're reassessing and this includes your relationship to inanimate objects and concepts.

Typically though, Aries and Libra ask us to accept that as parts of our identity expand, so do our relationships. As parts of our identities contract, so do our relationships. We will lose relationships while the south node is in Libra, but we will gain ourselves. Our free, independent self. We will also form new relationships that are more aligned with our strange, new identities. Like the example I gave earlier with a Cancer rising losing their work friends, they will gain new connections that support them where they are now. Even if it takes awhile. The longer we hold onto the people that aren't working for us, the longer we feel lonely even while we're surrounded by others.

New (fated, destined) relationships will be reinstated in 2032-2034 when the north node is in Libra. That doesn't mean we'll all be alone until then, it just means we may find our most impactful relationships during that time period. Ultimately, it depends on your personal chart.

Remember that this doesn't just happen overnight! The north node will be in Aries from 2023 until 2025, this will be a gradual process of discovery.


In 2025-2026, Neptune will finally leave its home sign of Pisces where it has been since 2011 and enter the sign of Aries (which will now oppose every Libra season and transit for the next 12 years).

What is Neptune: illusion and delusion, creativity, drugs and alcohol, intuition, dreams, compassion, art and music, spirituality, romance, the ocean.

What is Opposition: compromise, sacrifice, two sides

Hopefully you understand Aries enough by now lol, see the themes above.

Neptune in Aries will likely bring a lot of changes on a global scale as it is a slower moving generational planet. We can expect new innovations that help us learn about the vast ocean and uncover its secrets, we may see new wars on drugs or alcohol, new and never before seen creativity and art and music (the reemergence of heavier, louder music perhaps). Aries is the pioneer, the adventurer, the innovator. It brings brand new ideas, brand new perspectives, it is childlike in its wisdom. Neptune in Aries will romanticize what has never been done before, but it will also bring the delusion that we are invincible. I imagine we will begin to see the first long term affects of C*vid or of certain kinds of drugs as well as the invention of new drugs or new solutions to our older problems. Especially as Pluto will be in Aquarius by this time which will drastically improve the technological and medical industry.

On a personal level though, we may romanticize things we've never done before, we might create our own definition of religion and spirituality as we see older institutions collapsing, we might discover new emotions that we've never felt before, see new things in the world that have never been seen before, consume media with a layer of novelty to it. These things will separate us more and more from the communities, the loves, the interests, the jobs, the quality of life that we have accepted in the past. Especially each year as it opposes Libra forcing her to play the neutral judge who shatters our expectations of what has been and what will be. This is ultimately bringing balance and linking us with the people who we are supposed to surround ourselves with especially has we move toward the 2030s.

This is all a very big deal. I, personally, am ready for a new and different reality with people who I have never loved before and things I have never experienced before. As much as Jupiter in Aries has isolated, it has also been the fierce defender of what is supposed to be and who is supposed to be. I hope you all find this as beautiful as I do.

Please let me know what you think about all of this in the comments! Astrology is meant to be discussed.

Part 3: How will this affect you personally?

How this will affect you based on your rising sign:

Aries risings: Aries on the 1st house- Libra on the 7th house. This is all a very big deal for you as this is your own sign! Over the last few years and the next few to come, you will be reclaiming an identity you never knew you had. You will be getting closer to your true self and exploring new parts of you that were lying dormant. Over the last few years, you may have been releasing many people who meant a lot to you, old relationship dynamics that don't need to be repeated, the relationships that were loveless but beneficial to you or them. You may have dealt with divorce or legal matters over the last few years, this entire article, quite frankly, is all about you. Take what I have said collectively and implement it on a personal level.

Taurus risings: Aries on the 12th house- Libra on the 6th house. Over the past few years and in the years coming, you will be facing many of your fears. You may be starting to understand your fear around the isolation that comes with risk taking. You will be developing a greater understanding of both your physical and mental health. You've probably been having experiences with your open enemies and competitions in your work place or your every day life, you've been actively removing people that don't support your growth and mental health. You have likely been reassessing how much you give in your relationships and where things are not reciprocal, starting to exercise control over who has access to you, how much access, and when. You are facing your fear of being by yourself. I imagine that over the next few years, you will be treating your independence like a divine ritual. Embracing the lack of control you have and finally surrendering only to bump into creativity in your aloneness.

Gemini risings: Aries on the 11th house- Libra on the 5th house. Over the past few years and in the years coming, you will be finding the bravery that it takes to make big plans alone. Dreaming and discovering what you want for yourself, elaborating on childhood dreams and fantasies, making them real. You've likely been dealing with many short term relationships, but intense ones. Be that a whirlwind romance that didn't last or a friendship that felt like a soulmate, but ultimately didn't compliment your goals, your focus, and the future you want for yourself. You will be meeting destined friendships, groups, and organizations that actually will support you in your independent goals. You will be discovering new hobbies and interests that make you feel alive and apart of something real. Be passionate and be open to what has never been done before, people you have never met before. Let your love be platonic.

Cancer risings: Aries on the 10th house- Libra on the 4th house. Over the past few years and in the years coming, you will start to understand what it is that you want to be known for. You've likely been healing a lot of your familial karma, releasing generational patterns, understanding what you want in your private life, your home. Righting wrongs from ancestors past. You could be making many destined moves in your career, in your home, in your family, within your legacy. If you have been too afraid to take risks in your career, this will be a time when you take the plunge. If you don't, you'll likely feel pressure from other people in your family or people who threaten your peace. This is the time to think big. You will miss 100% of the shots that you don't take and you can see the evidence clearly in the lives of those who came before you.

Leo risings: Aries on the 9th house- Libra on the 3rd house. Over the past few years and in the years coming, you have likely had to release a lot of what you thought before. You are working on shifting your perception to reflect your experiences. I imagine a lot of the relationships that were staples in your childhood (siblings, school friends, etc.) or in your local environment have fallen away gradually each more as the years pass. You will likely have very impactful experiences with travel (perhaps moving to a new location if you haven't already with Mars also ruling your 4th house). You may also develop a new philosophy, meet new mentors, explore religion, college, or some kind of educational experience. You are finding personal novelty by moving away from what you grew up thinking and knowing. Take a risk, catch a plane to somewhere you've never been before, meet yourself for the first time in the reflection of foreign waters.

Virgo risings: Aries on the 8th house- Libra on the 2nd house. Over the past few years and in the years coming, you will likely become an entirely different person. You've been reassessing what self worth means to you, how much you deserve, the kind of quality you deserve. You're understanding the relationship you have to your body and your talents. You will likely lose a lot because you're going to realize that you deserve more than these situations can provide you with. You may be developing magical gifts or a connection to the liminal that leads you to the intimacy you must have with yourself instead of relying upon others to make you feel good. Remember that as you lose old sources of income, possessions, and values, you will find new things, better sources that reflect what you want to see in yourself. Do not let others undervalue you, this would be your sign to demand more or pack your bags.

Libra risings: Aries on the 7th house- Libra on the 1st house. Over the past few years and in the years coming, you have been releasing old aspects of yourself that keep you from the relationships you desire to have. Our identity creates the kinds of relationships we attract, so if you are embodying something that you don't resonate with, you will find yourself surrounded by people you don't resonate with. You will likely release parts of you that were designed to people please, mediate, or adapt to others and will instead find balance within yourself. You will be attracting many new one on one relationships, but only after you are whole within yourself. These people will be whole within themselves and they will be unapologetically independent. This will teach you a lot. They will teach you to feel your anger in healthy ways. Just like I said to Aries: This entire article, quite frankly, is all about you. Take what I have said collectively and implement it on a personal level.

Scorpio risings: Aries on the 6th house- Libra on the 12th house. Over the past few years and in the years coming, you will be understanding health and service on a deeper level. Over the last three years, your deepest fears have likely come true. Relationships and love affairs haven't been easy, you've likely had a lot of people in your life that proved to be hidden enemies in the end. Pretending to be in love with you, friends with you, only to try and obtain something from you. Siphoning your energy without you even realizing it until after they're already gone, like a thief in the night. This has been affecting your mental health and your belief in love. Over the next few years, you are releasing those who have hurt you, finding healing. You are going to take back control over who and what receives your energy. You are going to reclaim anger, your spot at the table, your needs, your health first. You will be finding work that fulfills you and serves the collective in ways that you can control. Be selfish. You deserve it.

Sagittarius risings: Aries on the 5th house- Libra on the 11th house. Over the past few years and in the years coming, you are finding your soul again. You've been working on releasing things that you do for other people. You deserve to have passions that are for you and you only, not to be shared with others, not necessarily to be capitalized off of either. Maybe you've been separating yourself from friends and communities that do not care about you in the ways you needed or wanted them to. You're seeing the flaws in organized community and you are deeply reclaiming your passions for you, not to be touched by other people. You might have more romance in your life over the next few years in every sense. Romanticizing the things you do alone, maybe finding interests from your childhood and innovating them to hold you now. Some of you may be having children or interacting more with your own inner child. You are bringing back the fun in your life that others have sucked out by way of judgement or unjust behavior. Become the main character of your life, you won't regret it.

Capricorn risings: Aries on the 4th house- Libra on the 10th house. Over the past few years and in the years coming, you will be releasing what you've been known for in the past. Maybe you attached yourself to specific people, associations, or have let your relationship to others define your legacy and mark on the world. You are getting closer to your true nature, rising above your station. You may have an experience where you get to live alone or be alone more and maybe this transforms what you want for yourself in the future (as Mars also rules your 11th house). Or perhaps you are becoming more private. There is an independence in privacy that will change how you relate to the public. Whatever you do behind closed doors will create something so new and grand, fundamentally changing the trajectory of your legacy and future. I imagine you'll have to be creative, crafty when you're alone. This will ultimately create new opportunities for you and you will be known as the person who made something beautiful out of the left over scraps of war and chaos.

Aquarius risings: Aries on the 3rd house- Libra on the 9th house. Over the past few years and in the years coming, you will have a whole new mind. The processes and skills you'll be developing are ones that you will innovate to fit you personally. You've been releasing a lot of what you've learned from others, especially the damaging mindsets and beliefs that have kept you from success or true identity. Idols and mentors that you once put on a pedestal will come crashing down as you get back to the basics. You will soon stop looking to others for guidance, developing a new process that works for you. This might be a time of settling in somewhere, going to places in your own neighborhood that you've never been to. Learning more about aspects of yourself that have always been there, but haven't been pushed to the surface. Things that have always been there, but have never been allowed the room or awareness to understand fully. Imagine 2020-2026 a time where you are creating a new mind from scratch.

Pisces risings: Aries on the 2nd house- Libra on the 8th house. Over the past few years and in the years coming, you will be a resonate body. You've been losing many of your relationships and resources over the last few years, severing ties with debts that have been completed, contracts that are now void, trauma that is now healing. You will be relying less on others to provide for you financially, emotionally, mentally and instead you'll be creating these things for yourself. I imagine this will be a time of new income, a new job, becoming the person who takes care of you. You are becoming someone who is fiercely loyal and kind to yourself, rebuilding positive self esteem that others took from you. You are now prioritizing yourself over others, not spending a dime or ounce of energy on those who suck the life out of you. Reclaim your body, reclaim your money, reclaim your sense of self.


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