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Mars enters Cancer 3.25.23 (horoscopes for all 12 signs)

At long last! Mars will enter Cancer after Mars has been in Gemini for 7 months. A typical Mars transit lasts about 2 months, but every 2 years we experience a retrograde creating a Mars transit over 3 times the length it typically is. With Mars in Cancer, we finally switch back to a regular 2 month transit schedule as it will only last until 5.20.

My own understanding of Mars was shaped several years ago by astrologer (and actor) Novi Brown. You can find her youtube channel here. She describes Mars as a car and the sign as the thing fueling this car. This always made a lot of sense to me as Mars describes where our "drive" comes from, what it is geared towards, and the actions taken to get to a specific destination.

Mars is also about severing. It can cut away anything that does not need to be in its path which is very helpful for our growth. Just like how scissors cut away our split ends.

Let's go back a bit to understand how we got here:

Mars in Gemini (8.20.2022 - 3.25.2023)

If Mars is our action, drive, and destination and Gemini is the sign of communication, media, transportation, skills, the mind, and factual information (to name a few themes)– your 7 month Mars in Gemini transit probably looked like:

Assessing actions and how these align with your words, trying to maneuver around black and white thinking, or developing your skills with an active practice. You've probably had quite a few verbal arguments with this transit, but you've probably learned a lot and maybe even changed your mind in some way through this process (severing ties with certain ideas). It is likely that road rage or car trouble has been perpetual (as Gemini governs transportation of all kinds) or your license and access to transport has changed a bit. There has also been a wider conversation about social media, media literacy, and online businesses (example: Mars in Gemini coincided with El*n Musk buying and selling Twitter).

With a retrograde involved (10.30.2022 - 01.12.2023), many ideas were reworked. It was like putting everything in slow motion so we could see how our actions are affected by words and thought. This is when many of us had breakthroughs in perception due to this halt in energy.

Now that this transit is at its end, have you learned anything? Notice the growth in the house you personally have Gemini. A lot has been severed, changed, and created in this area.

Mars in Cancer (3.25-5.20)

Mars is not moving into the strongest sign ever, but it has more support with lesser dignity and with some surrounding transits. By Egyptian terms, within the first 7º, Mars is on its own terms giving it a tiny boost with access to its own energetic equipment. From 10º-20º of Cancer, Mars co-rules the second decan, which is even lesser on a scale of dignity than term, but it will still help out nonetheless. Additionally, Mars is ruling Jupiter in Aries (planet of blessings) and is in the sign of Jupiter's exaltation creating a harmonious mutual reception. Why do these forms of lesser dignity matter even though Mars is in its fall? Lesser dignity adds up, so while yes, we may struggle more with this placement, we are being supported with tools from our Aries houses and Mars itself will have bouts of stability. Mars is uncomfortable, but at least he has tools that make him feel more like himself (and help from Jupiter!).

Either way, I am still relieved that our Mars in Gemini story is ending. It has acted as a plethora of enlightening, but exhausting information. I think many of us are ready for something new instead of arguing about the same themes on loop.

Cancer, as a sign, is often very misunderstood. The buzzwords that come up for Cancer usually involve: home, family, and sensitivity. How can we be more dynamic with this sign?

If Cancer is the sign "fueling" Mars over the next two months, then Mars is essentially being fueled by the Moon. The Moon is Cancer's ruling planet governing intuition, wisdom, care, and changeability. People forget about Cancer's ambitious, changeable nature. The Moon only stays in one sign for a few days at a time, so we can infer that Cancer is one of the most unpredictable signs. Intuition and wisdom are themes that go hand in hand as well–sometimes we just feel like we should do a certain thing without a logical explanation. This is Cancer. It can just tell that it needs to do xyz, which can create a very innately talented sign. Cancer also has to get wise to understand emotional control. What is truly intuition and what is a heightened emotional state?

Acting on emotions can look like pinching someone with your crab claws before really assessing what is your emotional state, what is another's, and what will pass. Cancer gets wise quickly because it can't act on every emotion that floods to the surface. There is power in waiting, taking care of yourself, and letting things pass. The Moon, after all, will move just as soon as you think things will never change. That phrase "The only constant thing is change." heavily applies here.

This is a theme that I feel will be highlighted. Mars will find power in waiting and feeling things out before acting and making a mess of things. Try not to sever connections (especially familial relationships) before you fully process the impact.

In its highest expressions, Mars in Cancer is like Baymax from Big Hero 6. In fact, if I could give Baymax a Mars sign, I think it would be Cancer (though Virgo is a good alternative). Mars, our war planet, responsible for defense and action will be in a sign that is care oriented! Mars in Cancer is very productive in environments that feels good to it. Preparing safety kits, wrapping yourself in bubble wrap in preparation for battle, or buying new pot holders are great uses of this transit! (Only half kidding).

Cancer is about preventative care and Mars in this sign is about making the proactive, active. Defending women and children could be more serious themes that come to the forefront or even getting angry because you care so much for someone and their wellbeing is possible.

Home and family may be a focus for some, but especially in relation to the house Cancer rules in your chart. For example, Aquarius risings have Cancer on the 6th house, so they could be focused on a family member's health, working (or working out) from home, or embodying a caretaker role (more than usual) in their every day work and life.

Some advice? Track the Moon's cycles* during this transit. Mars in Cancer is ruled by the Moon and our personal, daily actions will either be supported or unsupported depending on the condition, sign, and course of the Moon during these two months. For example: If Mars in Cancer is ruled by a Capricorn Moon on a particular day, perhaps it isn't the best time to initiate a conversation where you are desiring empathy and emotional support. The Moon would be in its detriment sign and might create a more indifference or awkwardness than you were hoping for. Instead, on a Capricorn Moon transit day, you might find enough discipline to accomplish something you've been meaning to for awhile. When dealing with the Moon or Cancer transits, it is all about the right time, feeling, and environment.

*Some of my favorite apps to use to track Moon phases and signs include: Full Moon and Astro Future.


Mars' Transits:

Mars trine Saturn 3.29

Mars starts off with a supportive trine to Saturn in Pisces similarly to how Venus in Taurus did. These planets, along with Saturn in Pisces, are introducing a much softer energy to our lives than we've had for quite awhile. While Saturn and Mars will always be malefics, they are exercising lessons in care, trust, forgiveness, slowness, and rainy day preparation. While not easy, they are themes that require vulnerability more than a hard shell (haha, get it? Cancer is the crab). Mars trine Saturn is helping us do hard things by being soft (and being soft is hard!) The Pisces-Cancer trine is like a hospice nurse gently tending to and making us comfortable in order to lay something to rest– take this metaphorically. Consider, what will make release comfy for you?

Mars sextile the North Node 4.02

Anytime we have North Node activations, we are dealing with a mix of fate and destiny. This feels to me like one of those moments where our actions towards something might start to feel fruitful instead of pointless. It is also likely that a specific action you are taking is actively weaving your destiny. Pay attention to what you are doing at this time and remember that you reap what you sow.

Mars sextile Mercury 4.07

This will happen after Mercury ingresses Taurus (on 4.03) twice! Once on 4.07 at the 6º and 7º and again on 4.24 at 15º– why? Mercury will be stationing retrograde. It's like Mercury is wanting to review some action taken on the 7th again later on the 24th. Take note of what comes up, it could be valuable. Otherwise, these can be productive days, times where words align with actions (unless Mercury has different plans during the retrograde). Keep in mind that something about your plans are likely to change.

Mars square Chiron in Aries 4.27

Mars is having to pick up some of Chiron's pieces. It could be a time where actions, while intending to help, can't do anything to help a situation. This can feel helpless if you are trying to fix instead of just listening and letting feelings be what they are for a moment. Remember that Cancer is here to be wise about emotional control– don't let a triggering situation make you act out of character.

Mars sextile Uranus in Taurus 4.29

This could bring a randomness to your life. These are times to get out of a typical routine and if you resist, something is likely to divert you anyway. It's easier for unexpected behavior to either help or hinder you. There is much room for unexpected creations. This is like using a substitute because you ran out of a specific ingredient, but it unexpectedly becomes your new favorite dish. It can also feel like that "erratic" side of Uranus, so again, be wise about emotional control.

Mars squares Jupiter 5.10-5.17

There is never an exact square, but there's a general 2 degree orb for a full week until Jupiter changes signs. The last squares from Jupiter to planets in Cancer were in June and July of 2022. Since this was the very beginning of the Jupiter in Aries transit, I think this is acting as a catalyst for completion. Wherever you have Aries is an area that may receive a bit of tension or pressure to complete something especially as Jupiter in Aries is answering to Mars in Cancer as its ruler. This is a last push before the planet of blessings enters Taurus for an entire year (!!) and before Mars ingresses Leo.

Mars will sextile the Sun in Taurus 5.20

This will happen at 29º right before each ingression to new signs. The 29º is a critical degree because it is the very end of a sign. There could be some recognition from authority figures at this time or more access to energy for this time of completion. The last degrees are malefic territory and a word coming to mind for this is "provocation". Whether this feels positive in the moment or not, something is being provoked through some action. It could be shedding some light on something important before ushering in Gemini season, Mars in Leo, Jupiter in Taurus, and finishing Mercury's final direct transit through Taurus.

Mars in Gemini transitioning to Cancer for the rising signs:

Aries risings:

Mars in Gemini transiting your 3rd house for the last 7 months has likely brought contracts and communication to the forefront of your mind. Mars being your ruler means that these transits are even more important for you than others. You've likely severed many ideas and perceptions that were holding you back from true discovery– exploring both your mind and your local environment. It is also possible that you dealt with means of personal transportation, argued with siblings, cousins, or peers, and have generally worked on how you communicate with others. You are emerging with a brand new mind and some new skills to accessorize.

Mars in Cancer will transit your 4th house for the next 2 months bringing an emphasis on home, family, ancestors, and residence. It is possible that you will move homes or reignite familial relationships. This is also about your ability to look before you leap– not doing so could have some repercussions at this time. You are truly becoming wise about your emotional responses and something home related (family member or living situation) could test you on this. Know that you will be more emotional than usual with this being the transiting ruler of your chart. Feel everything instead of bottling it up and feel everything before letting it spill on the wrong person. This is the key to a successful transit.

Taurus risings:

Mars in Gemini transiting your 2nd house for the last 7 months has likely brought a focus on money, time, resources, and hierarchy. It's possible that you've started a new job or have taken on certain responsibilities that have required you to be aware of not just how you are spending your money, but also how you prioritize or procrastinate. You've been developing talents with practice and understanding the skill level you want to rise to. There was likely a lot of overthinking and comparison– I hope that you were able to appreciate what you bring to the table and understand what proper compensation looks like for your time and energy. I hope that you know you are valuable regardless of who recognizes this.

Mars in Cancer will transit your 3rd house for the next 2 months bringing an emphasis on communication, perception, contracts, your local environment, and peer relationships. The point of this transit is for you to understand why you respond the way you do and what the emotional meaning is behind these responses. Is there a hidden emotional pattern that you need to sever from your tool box? Or learned behavior that isn't serving you? You may also rethink where it is you want to live and who you want in that central environment. Remember that we always have a choice, we don't have to stay stuck in an uncomfortable cycle. May the key to your next steps is the underlying emotion you feel when you talk to a specific person or about a specific thing. What is it that you aren't saying?

Gemini risings:

Mars in Gemini transiting your 1st house for the last 7 months has likely brought a focus on... well, you! This transit has helped to you completely unpack your personality as if it were an overloaded suitcase. You've had to make choices about what it is that you want to keep and what is unnecessary to hold onto. The point of this transit was to discern what is your own and what is another's perception of you. You might have found new interests or new traits that you've been trying to adopt as your own because of how much you identify with the concept. Know that any past versions of you can exist entirely on their own– you are always free to reinvent. I hope you feel settled in this new you– know that multiple parts of your personality can co-exist at once.

Mars in Cancer will transit your 2nd house for the next 2 months bringing an emphasis on any attachments that are hindering the "new you" that you've discovered. If you want to adopt new traits, you have to spend your time and energy differently. This means severing ties with anything stifling this identity. Are you an emotional eater? Do you find comfort in certain clothes or pastimes that are not supporting you? Do you blow through your money to feel better? These are all things you could be tested on. It is possible that you will start a new job, discover a new intuitive talent, or you may begin to learn more about your value and self esteem. It's time to embrace any emotions you've been suppressing even if they are surprising to witness.

Cancer risings:

Mars in Gemini transiting your 12th house for the last 7 months has likely brought a focus on who you are and what you think when you are all alone. Anxiety and mental health generally is something that has been affected, but specifically what you do in response to the things going on internally. Have you sat in paralysis or have you been working to educate yourself on healthy expressions of your struggle? Communicating your fears is hard, but you've been working on this. It is likely that you've sought out advice and have gained valuable insight back from a therapist, psychic, or the universe. I hope you have developed healthy responses that truly serve your mind and body. I hope you have been able to find tools to get out of your head.

Mars in Cancer will transit your 1st house for the next 2 months bringing an emphasis on you. Since Mars is about severing things that aren't conducive to growth, it is possible that you will find things about yourself that you don't like anymore, but the good news is that you have the energy to change them. You are getting a glow up! Since Mars rules your 5th and 10th houses, it is possible that your role or status could change a bit as well. Some of you may become parents, some could level up in their career, but either way, this is about your image and what people know you for. It is time to say goodbye to any past versions of you– you've already cleared out a lot of mental clutter, now let's clear out any emotional responses that aren't serving the best version of you.

Leo risings:

Mars in Gemini transiting your 11th house for the last 7 months has likely brought a focus on your future plans, your friends, and your interests. You've been thinking a lot about your next steps in life and how to take the actions to get there. Perhaps you needed other people to help you accomplish a dream or goal or maybe there's some specific interest that you've been focused on learning more about. It is also possible that you've been clearing out your friends list (willingly or unwillingly), maybe you're not resonating with a particular friend's mind lately. It is okay to choose yourself, this is how you will find your most authentic tribe. I hope you have reached the goals you've set and understand why you want to reach them.

Mars in Cancer will transit your 12th house for the next 2 months bringing an emphasis on your shadow. How do you cope when there is no right answer, but just a feeling? The answer might actually be in how your family taught you to cope with your feelings. Did they teach you to ignore them? Suppress them? Explode with emotion? You may be faced with tests to show you any emotional cycles that are not contributing to your well being. This is a time to surrender. While others will be learning about emotional control, you are learning about emotional surrender. There are some things and some people that you cannot change, but you can care for yourself and control your own expression. Lean into self care at this time and trust any desire to be alone, it is needed right now.

Virgo risings:

Mars in Gemini transiting your 10th house for the last 7 months has likely brought a focus on big moves! You have been making big career, living, and status choices. Some of you have moved far away (supported by the North Node in your 9th house), some have learned very valuable skills to add to your public image or career, some of you have been obtaining official documents (passport, licenses, state IDs), or have taken out big loans to do "big things". It is also possible that you have been severing ties with old statuses (marriage, parental, government, or otherwise). You have been fundamentally changing your reputation, but it hasn't come without a fight. Enjoy this new public identity, authority, and lease on life.

Mars in Cancer will transit your 11th house for the next 2 months bringing an emphasis on your plans for the future. It is possible that you will be thinking about a new place to live or what your family goals are like for the future. Cancer is an incredibly ambitious sign to have here. You might want it all, but how can you get out of your mind and what you "should" do or "should" want and get into your emotional body. This will lead you to what you actually want. What do you enjoy? You are being lead to a softer life, but that might mean cutting out people who force you to go against your instincts. If you feel off about certain groups or individuals, trust it, but use your emotions appropriately. You're so wise!

Libra risings:

Mars in Gemini transiting your 9th house for the last 7 months has likely brought a focus on travel of the mind, body, or spirit. You've been going to foreign places, meeting foreign people, and exploring foreign lifestyles and belief systems. It has likely evoked some kind of change in you, change in mind, change in values, and change in your relationships (as Mars rules your 2nd and 7th houses). The thing about the 9th house is that it is easy to project our idea of what we think an experience will be like, but then experience something completely different in the moment. I hope you have severed any outdated expectations and have begun to understand that opinion and fact are different things– so is belief and knowing.

Mars in Cancer will transit your 10th house for the next 2 months bringing an emphasis on your version of public life. A lot of Libra risings have a version of what "happily ever after" looks like to them and this is your chance to see if this version has any real merit or substance. You could be more inclined to think about marriage, kids, a home, and what your most comfortable career looks like. It is important to listen to how you feel and not lean into what you think you "should" want. You've been traveling in your mind, body, and spirit– do you think you know enough now to nest somewhere? Whatever it is that you're seeking– partner, career, or kids– make a home in it. Sever anything that doesn't belong to your vision, make a plan for "after the flood"

Scorpio risings:

Mars in Gemini transiting your 8th house for the last 7 months has likely brought a focus on shedding skin. You have been completely unpacking every inherited idea, trauma, contract, and person in your life. Most Scorpios aren't afraid of a little loss and this is what you've been doing. You've been losing anything that isn't truly yours. To hell with people who aren't clear on themselves and who they are, let alone what they can provide you with. It is likely that you've been in some situations that you have to be in one way or another. A lease, a family, a job, etc. where you've been having to work with people who think differently than you. I hope that you have learned to separate what is someone else's baggage from your own and that comparison is the thief of joy. I also hope your bank account heals itself soon, you've been paying off a lot of debts.

Mars in Cancer will transit your 9th house for the next 2 months bringing an emphasis on conquering. You are very wise, Scorpio, but you have to let others find wisdom for themselves, you can't conquer a person. You may be called on to teach, to explore, and to share your wisdom and experiences with others, but especially family. Some of them will not get it, get you, or get why you study the things you do (especially if there is no profit), but that doesn't mean you shouldn't continue this exploration. There may be some serious differences of belief, religion, or experience, but especially ones that feel emotionally charged or frustrating. Keep these emotional responses in check and know that it will not be anymore convincing than a calm response. Some have to experience things for themselves.

Sagittarius risings:

Mars in Gemini transiting your 7th house for the last 7 months has likely brought a focus on your relationships. You've been severing ties with a lot of people who you were extremely close to at one point. It is okay to think differently than others, but it is also okay to separate from those who are far out of alignment with your mind. Otherwise, it is possible that people that you are close to have been going through something– either suffering with a health issue, or have been taking on more in their own lives, making them a bit cranky. You've also been focused on people– single Sagittarius risings might be searching for a partner or a companion. I hope you found what you were looking for and I (genuinely) hope the choices you had to make to find them felt worth it.

Mars in Cancer will transit your 8th house for the next 2 months bringing an emphasis on letting go. It is a very cliche side effect of the 8th house, but it is also accurate. There are some emotional responses, contracts, and people in your life that you've tried to accommodate (maybe even left over from the last Mars transit) that cannot survive this one. With Mars ruling your 5th and 12th houses, it is possible that these are things that aren't so easily separated from due to sentimental attachment. You are so wise because of Cancer on the 8th– you have learned to be wise about your emotions and intuition because of loss. Some things were never ours in the first place and it is important to surrender these now. The phrase "rejection is divine protection" feels especially relevant now. Be free (and grateful that this transit isn't 7 months long like Scorpio's was).

Capricorn risings:

Mars in Gemini transiting your 6th house for the last 7 months has likely brought a focus on health (of all kinds), routine, and work. You have been digging into any ideas or concepts that no longer apply. Gemini always deals with the power of choice and you've been examining the kinds of choices you make and the condition of them. Are they healthy? Are they productive? And by the way, what does productivity look like? You struggle with making decisions that will help you later versus the things that will help you now. It is a constant war, but I am confident you have severed ties with unhealthy choices. It is also possible you've had health inflammation or difficulty with work and coworkers– this should start to clear up. I hope you are emerging stronger (in body, opinion, and reciprocity) than you were before.

Mars in Cancer will transit your 7th house for the next 2 months bringing an emphasis on your relationships. It is possible that you will feel an even greater need for a companion or partner that is emotionally intelligent. You may decide to date more seriously or seek people out more than usual. Otherwise, it is possible that you are severing ties and parting with people who do not possess emotional control or emotional intelligence. You are attracted to wisdom– you won't find it in just anyone. It is also possible to have conflict in your one-on-one familial or community relationships (as Mars rules your 4th and 11th houses). Remember to keep your own emotional responses in check, too. Others in your life could need extra caretaking at this time in ways that you are not totally aware of.

Aquarius risings:

Mars in Gemini transiting your 5th house for the last 7 months has likely brought a focus to your children (if you have them), sex, dating, your passions, and your own childhood. There may have been conversations that came up during this transit that triggered your own inner child. Things that made you look sideways at your own childhood or your actual child– maybe evoked by someone younger than you, a parent, or by something you've been learning (as Mars rules your 3rd and 10th houses as well). You've probably been a bit more interested in dating or sex than usual (but have had to confront differences of sex drive or opinion) as well as your passions. I hope you've discovered new things that you find enjoyable and have severed ties with the things that bore you.

Mars in Cancer will transit your 6th house for the next 2 months bringing an emphasis on what is emotionally sustainable. It is time to become wise about how much energy you to expending on certain work projects, especially if they are draining your energy or negatively impact your health. Otherwise, you could be fueled with more energy at this time, wanting to set up a work out routine. Remember that you are guided in your daily life by what feels good and doesn't feel good for your body. Sometimes it is better to listen and rest– if you betray your body, your body will betray you. It is also possible that people at work could be acting out of emotion at this time, remember this before reacting. This is about getting more in tune with yourself. You are cyclical which differs from the traditional 9-5 clock. Trust your body over the clock, always.

Pisces risings:

Mars in Gemini transiting your 4th house for the last 7 months has likely brought a focus on your home and family. It is possible that you've been overwhelmed or felt confined in this area, dealing with different opinions within your familial relationships or dealing with multiple (or limited) options as far as where you will live. With Mars ruling your 2nd and 9th houses, this could absolutely have to do with different religions or beliefs that are causing rifts or a precarious financial situation that is leaving you at odds. If you have children, it is likely that they are in a good mood one minute and raging the next, there is also an emphasis in educating family members or children and it has likely been a bit exhausting to take on that teacher role. I hope you feel liberated soon, Pisces– things are about to feel less frustrating in this area.

Mars in Cancer will transit your 5th house for the next 2 months bringing an emphasis on play. You are here to be wise about your passions, this is why many Pisces risings are destined for creative jobs. You could see more focus on children at this time, especially if you have some of your own, but if not, you may feel like a kid again. Especially in your anger. Most of the time, our anger is just a cover for something much deeper– uncover what is behind it. Is it overwhelming love? Sadness? Fear? Explore the depths of your own emotion. More practically, you might find this to be an indulgent time of creature comforts, you might go on fun dates, or discover something new to be excited about. If you are trying to become pregnant, this is a good time for that, otherwise, be safe and wise. Cancer is about taking protective measures in our fun. Enjoy!


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