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Mercury enters Pisces (3.02.23)

Mercury enters its detriment sign of Pisces on 3.02 and will float through until 3.19 when it ingresses into Aries.

Mercury doesn't like being in Pisces because its usual mental acuity is replaced with a head full of clouds and daydreams. It isn't its strong suit, but just like with any transit, there are just as many blessings as there are challenges.

I know a lot of natal Pisces Mercurys and while I do not want readers to mistake transits to be the same as people, seeing this expressed in my friends, colleagues, and lovers has helped me to understand this placement more than the transit itself.

Mercury in Pisces is poetry. These are people who have voices that are divine. Mercury rules the voice of all kinds– written, spoken, sung– and in Pisces, it can rule the voices that are unwritten, unspoken, unsung. Voice loud and silent, Mercury in Pisces produces prophets. Even if your natal Mercury is not in Pisces, this is the kind of thing you can expect to arise in the house you have Pisces in these short three weeks.

During this transit, when we write, speak, sing, or meditate in loud silence, you can expect to receive prophecies and downloads and a sense of spiritual enlightenment in every phrase. This is the kind of transit that has us shuffling our music just for it to land on a song that you really needed to hear. Or reading something that gives you an answer to the questions aching in your soul.

The not-so-dreamy parts of Mercury in Pisces is that it is disorganized. It doesn't finish its thoughts, it is whimsical, it will dance around the topic to explore every crevice of feeling without ever getting to the point. Mercury in Pisces is confusing. It is not here to be clear in the logical way. Here, you have to read between the lines and make assumptions, which is dangerous territory. It leaves a lot of room for embellishment, misunderstanding, and hurt feelings. Or on the other end of the spectrum, a really hopeful kind of feeling that shatters with clearer information later.

The best advice I have for a transit like this is to use Mercury in Pisces where it thrives and to stay away from the things it can't grasp. Maybe don't sign a binding document or assume that information that you hear is completely fact-based and 100% true. Instead, indulge in fantasy. Watch a romantic movie or cry to your favorite sad song. Communicate from the heart in ways that don't have future repercussions. Become a poet for three weeks. Have healing conversations and speak grace (even if it doesn't come out gracefully).

Major Aspects:

3.05 Mercury sextile North Node

Our Pisces and Taurus houses are under major construction in 2023 and 2024. Taurus is expanding and doing things it's never done before– and maybe even admitting (begrudgingly) that it actually likes the changes that have been made. Some of us aren't there yet, but Mercury in Pisces might dangle some imaginings or information that feels like incentive to keep up the work. Mercury may even show us what things could look like or help us to find options that couldn't have been available with logic alone. This is a nice aspect, opportunities are available to us now.

3.07 Mercury co-present with Saturn

Mercury will never actually run into Saturn directly, which is nice! However, this co-presence and the days leading up to it, can prime us with information that will give more insight into our Saturn in Pisces journey (which will not fully end until 2026). Pay attention to the things that are spoken and unspoken, they will give you clues to what Saturn wants you to work on in the area you have Pisces. It is possible to receive messages that truly put an end to something or that feel like closure in a number of areas in the chart (thinking of our Virgo and Gemini houses as well), while also showing us the kind of closure or answers that we'll be seeking in the next three years.

3.11 Mercury sextile Uranus

Uranus is always unpredictable. Sometimes we experience crazy revelations on these days and sometimes it feels dormant. There is potential for unexpected news to come though, but it is likely good news. It could add momentum to whatever projects you are working on in your Pisces and Taurus houses especially. If you feel the need to break out of your routine on this day (and the surrounding days), do it. There's something important beckoning you, just like a siren.

3.16 Sun-Mercury-Neptune cazimi square Mars

I have already written about this aspect in the Sun in Pisces article. You can read a super detailed version of this transit over there, but this is likely causing some kind of conflict in judgment. Mars in the sign of Gemini (Mercury's domicile) in a tense aspect with its own ruler Neptune (Mercury's natural foe), and the Sun in Pisces (modernly ruled by Neptune) is just a lot. I would be careful while driving, it would be wise to put off major decisions, it is also not the best time to count on straightforward information. Definitely question things that come up, but don't push too hard either. Projection is possible! Process alone and then share your thoughts later. Gemini and Pisces naturally have conflict and misunderstandings already, don't fan the fire that Mars is trying to start or you just might watch something burn.

Mercury in Pisces themes for the rising signs:

Aries risings: Mercury in the 12th house will highlight isolation, institutions, the unseen, hidden friends and enemies, spiritual experiences, substances, altered states, rest, retreats, subconscious fears and desires

Taurus risings: Mercury in the 11th house will highlight your friendships, communities, interests, goals, future aspirations and wishes, and network circles.

Gemini risings: Mercury in the 10th house will highlight your career, life path, public appearance, parents, authority figures, reputation, and position.

Cancer risings: Mercury in the 9th house will highlight personal philosophy, higher education, mentors, foreign travel, religion, legal affairs, publishing, prophecies, and extended family.

Leo risings: Mercury in the 8th house will highlight loans, debt, shared resources, contracts, taxes, intimacy, and personal transformation.

Virgo risings: Mercury in the 7th house will highlight interpersonal relationships, agreements, business and personal partnerships, the law, and the public.

Libra risings: Mercury in the 6th house will highlight health, routines and rhythms, rituals, pets and their health, the things you can control, work, service, coworkers, reciprocity.

Scorpio risings: Mercury in the 5th house will highlight pleasure, fun, enjoyment, sex, passion, dating, romance, children, entertainment, creativity, stocks.

Sagittarius risings: Mercury in the 4th house will highlight property, home, family, parents, grandparents, ancestry, safety, comfort, security, land, and domestic issues.

Capricorn risings: Mercury in the 3rd house will highlight communication, local environment, news, transportation, siblings, visits, short trips, teachers, and gossip.

Aquarius risings: Mercury in the 2nd house will highlight personal income, self esteem, time and energy exerted, priorities, clothing, values, food, and resources

Pisces risings: Mercury in the 1st house will highlight self, identity, personal outlook, sense of self, independence, condition, body, stylization

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