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Mercury enters Taurus (Mercury Rx Horoscopes for the 12 rising signs)

On 4.03, Mercury ingresses Taurus, where it will stay until 6.11. Why is this transit nearly 2 months long? Mercury retrograde, of course!

Mercury has a retrograde period 3 times a year, so this is certainly nothing to freak out about, but I am hoping this article will give you some tools to understand this process and to flow flexibly through it.

But, first-

What is Mercury?

Mercury is our planet of communication. This can be anything that requires a system of communication including, but not limited to: Our interpersonal relationships, sales and marketing, transportation of all kinds, as well as the internet, social media, and technology.

Mercury guides our perception, focus, conversation topics and depending on what sign Mercury is in, it shows us the themes we might see at the root of this.

What is Taurus?

Taurus rules our values and what it means to be righteous. Taurus always has something to say about what true priority and value something has– if something is not worth its time, it will sever its connection to it (as it is opposite of Scorpio, a martian sign). Taurus also brings up themes around traditions especially in the realm of social or religious rituals, it can reassess hierarchy (who deserves to be elevated), and our personal contribution to something. Are you over prepared, just the right amount, or are you slacking? These are all important questions to consider this retrograde cycle.

Taurus may also bring up money, food, resources, security, or self esteem issues. These are times of assessment and with eclipse season right in the middle of the retrograde period, redirections are very likely. Be as flexible as you can as Taurus is not great at flexibility.

Mercury in Taurus reminds me of elephants and how they are known for their impeccable memory. This is something that will be highlighted as well– it is more possible to connect with people you haven't seen in a long time, but still remembering every detail of history like time hasn't passed. Consider that people can grow and change past your own memory of who they were before. Also consider, some people never change. Trust your instincts.


Mercury in Taurus is not very dignified, it is considered "peregrine" where it isn't great or terrible, it's just foreign. Mercury does find a tiny boost of dignity within the first 10º in its own decan and when it's within its own bounds from 8º-14º using Egyptian terms. What does this mean? Mercury has access to some of his own tools here and this is very lucky for us as the retrograde mostly works within the degrees I have listed. We aren't aided as much when Mercury is direct again and past its own station degree in June, but at least Mercury is moving forward again and will enter its domicile on the 11th.

Mercury in Taurus will be ruled by Venus. What is interesting about this is that Venus will change rulers three times throughout this process. We start with Venus in its domicile in Taurus, I have a whole article about this transit here. Venus in Taurus is more concerned about itself at this point, but even better, Venus will enter Gemini on April 11th meaning that Venus and Mercury will be in mutual reception for the majority of the retrograde period. "Reception abates all malice," according to Guido Bonatti, and I have found this to be true. Mutual reception tends to create mutual rapport between planets that are otherwise in terrible shape. It's like if one person missed history class and the other missed science class and now they've traded notes. They have a mutual need and support for each other.

Unfortunately, Venus will time out of its stay in Gemini before Mercury is finished so, Venus is taking her "notes" and support too. Venus will move into Cancer on the 5.07 staying until 6.05 not really offering any assistance to Mercury. She enters Leo on 6.05 for the last 6 days of Mercury in Taurus. This is very funny to me because Venus is setting up for her own retrograde period, while Mercury is on its way out wide eyed and wishing Venus a weary "good luck" as it happily enters Gemini.

What is a Retrograde period?

A retrograde is when a planet appears to be moving backwards in the sky from Earth. Each of the 12 signs have an allotted 30 degrees and the planets typically have their own pace for moving through each of these 30 degrees. The Sun, for example, takes 30 days so the Sun travels 1º per day until entering a new sign and beginning this process again. Mercury will typically take about 2-3 weeks in one sign moving a bit faster than the Sun (usually about 2º per day).

During a retrograde cycle, a planet covers a certain amount of ground going forward, then stations retrograde at a specific degree (which varies), it then begins moving backwards recovering that same ground it just travelled until it hits its direct station degree (this also varies). It then moves forward again retracing its steps one last time until it gets to new territory and will change signs as it reaches the end of the 30 degrees. If this felt confusing, keep reading! I break this process down in a few different ways.

Mercury's Station Degree and Retrograde Direction 4.21.2023

This year, Mercury in Taurus will begin traveling forward on 4.03 until it reaches 15º (covering half of the sign Taurus) on 4.21. It will then start to move backwards from 15º heading toward the beginning of the sign until it reaches 5º on 5.14. It will then move forward from 5º and spend the next 4 weeks completing its full journey through this sign until 6.11 where it moves from 29º Taurus to 0º Gemini entering a new sign and signifying the true end of this Mercury cycle.

Notable retrograde dates:

From 5.14-5.31 it retraces its steps from 5º-15º, but all of June is new territory and could be considered "safe" from retrograde themes, but really the story just unfolds further than could be seen or understood from before.

On 4.06, Mercury will be direct, but it will transit its station degree at 5º meaning you should start to pay attention to what comes up as it will come back around during the retrograde.

Mercury retrograde symbolism is about perception shifts. It can bring around certain systems, projects, or people that we need help reworking our communication styles with. It can be frustrating at times, but it often leads to a breakthrough of some kind. Mercury also rules over friends, siblings, cousins (really any parallel relationship) and it has a knack for bringing us back together with people who fit these categories– especially those who we haven't seen or talked to in awhile.

Mercury retrograde is felt so deeply because Mercury is:

1) the fastest moving planet that can have a retrograde period (since the luminaries do not have one) and

2) it is a planet that deals with the foundation of most of our daily lives. Communication is everything, so breaks in communication are felt heavily and they make a profound impact.

How the Mercury rx story usually goes:

(Mark these dates!)

Mercury direct (4.03-4.21): We will be seeing certain systems breaking down, very specific themes coming up, and questions on our mind.

Mercury retrograde (4.21-5.14): Anything that came up in the direct period is reworked and reprocessed.

Mercury direct again (5.14-6.11): We emerge with a new perception in relation to where we have Taurus and we are better for it if we took the time to properly work through the issues that emerged.

A trivial example applying the Mercury rx process:

- Last Mercury retrograde, during the first direct period, I had a tooth ache! Annoyed that this was going to be (part of) my Mercury retrograde story, I went to the dentist before the retrograde period began– this was what system "broke down" for me.

- They told me I had a cavity and scheduled an appointment to get the cavity filled during the actual retrograde. This is what was "reworked" from the direct period.

- After the retrograde was over, I got floss stuck in my tooth and it was very painful to remove. So, during the second direct period, I went back to the dentist to have them file my filling down so that I could floss properly. I emerged from the retrograde with an altered tooth and a better tooth-care regiment.

(The last Mercury retrograde was in Capricorn in my 3rd house. Capricorn rules over bones (which includes teeth). The 3rd house rules over the local environment and neighborhood and opposes the 9th house of mentors, doctors, guides, etc. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn also aspected transiting Jupiter in Aries in my 6th house of health. Insane, right?)

Some Practical Mercury rx Tools:

- Plan for delays, this is usually a time where traveling is not as supported. Here is what happened the last time Mercury was retrograde.

- Along the same vein, expect general car trouble and be prepared for it.

- Back up your files! You might lose media, writing, or other important content.

- If people (especially exes) decided to come back from your past, know that it is not very supported and you should wait until we are well into June before making big decisions about changes in your relationships. The only time I've seen an exception with this is if you met this person during a retrograde, but I would still exercise caution. Mercury rx is however, fairly good for closure and perception shifts about past experiences.

- Don't start new projects. I've experimented with this before and it has never worked. These things usually end during the retrograde or during another one later down the line (same for relationships changed or started during this period).

- Don't make a big purchase unless you've been thinking about it for a very long time. Especially in Taurus, the sign of money. Mercury wants us to really think about the things we purchase.

- Don't make huge changes to your appearance unless you've been thinking about it for a very long time.

Previous Mercury rx Periods:

Our last Mercury retrograde period was in Capricorn from 12.29.2022 to 01.18.2023. You can check that time period to get a feel for the kinds of things we see with Mercury retrograde in an Earth sign. You'll notice that it deals with tangible things (our bodies, physical items, physical money, longevity, work, etc.)

We also had a Mercury retrograde in Gemini that retrograded back into Taurus in 2022, this entire retrograde lasted from 5.10-6.03, but the specific Mercury retrograde in Taurus was only from 5.22-6.03. Since this year's retrograde is in Taurus as well, there could be important themes coming back around from these dates in 2022. I will say, it is slightly less disorienting this year as Mercury will not be changing its element from Air to Earth, but don't forget about the Eclipse season!

I would also check the dates 4.10-4.29 of 2022 and 6.04-6.13 of 2022 as these were the Mercury direct periods of Taurus. I, personally, keep detailed records of Mercury retrograde happenings in a document so that I can easily track these things for my personal life. If this interests you, I recommend trying it. I have been able to predict things down to the day with this by looking at the degrees that Mercury travels through!

Eclipse Season:

For the last few years, Mercury retrogrades have been in our eclipse charts! This isn't so uncommon, but it adds a layer of symbolism. Solar and Lunar eclipses are times of destined change where we take a lot of unexpected "left turns"

This is often where things change for the better and we are redirected to our most aligned path, but they are not always paths that we initially like or want. It depends! Sometimes it can be a really wonderful time, but massive change is never totally comfortable.

An eclipse is when the New and Full Moons link up with the Nodes of Fate. The Nodes have been on the Taurus-Scorpio axis since the beginning of 2022 and will move onto the Aries-Libra axis on 7.19.2023. We actually have our first eclipse in Aries at 29º on 4.20 a day before Mercury stations retrograde, foreshadowing the Nodes transiting a new axis. We still have one last Lunar eclipse in Scorpio on 5.05 during the retrograde. I will have more information out about the eclipses later.

What you need to know now: Mercury retrograde during an eclipse will bring extra wild cards and more reversals in fate than usual. Wherever you have Aries, Libra, Taurus, and Scorpio in your personal chart will help you to understand what is changing at this time. If these eclipses and retrograde do not hit your personal planets or angles, you'll likely see more of an internal shift or something that feels less personal to you happening. If you have major fixed or cardinal placements that match the major degree points (or surrounding degrees within a 5º orb) you may have a heightened season full of external and internal shifts. Most of my personal placements are in Aries, Scorpio, and Taurus, so know that we'll be embracing this transformation together!

Mercury rx for the 12 rising signs:

Aries risings:

Mercury will transit your 2nd house of income, resources, priorities, esteem, and hierarchy. This could be a time where you begin to reassess your stability. It is possible that how you are making or spending your money is not sustainable. This can also apply to your eating habits, the clothes that you wear, the people who are in power who rank above you, or how you treat and think about yourself. A perception shift in this realm is on the horizon! This is helping you to be more comfortable in the long run.

Taurus risings:

Mercury will transit your 1st house of identity, self, autonomy, personality, and physical appearance. This could be a time where you begin to reassess who you are. It is possible that something you've adopted as a personality trait is not sustainable. This can have to do with the people around you as well– are they supporting who you are? Are your actions supporting who you want to become? A perception shift is on the horizon! This is helping you to be more comfortable with who you are in the long run.

Gemini risings:

Mercury will transit your 12th house of isolation, spirituality, surrender, mental health, and land of hidden things. This could be a time where you begin to reassess your fears. Is it possible that what you perceived to be scary before was just how you were looking at it? This might have to do with a mental health issue that has been weighing on you when you are alone or a comfort that is hurting you more than helping you. Perhaps, you weren't even aware of its harm. A perception shift in this realm is on the horizon! This is helping you to be more comfortable in your own skin.

Cancer risings:

Mercury will transit your 11th house of friends, community, goals, future plans, and dreams. This could be a time where you begin to reassess your peers and plans. Is it possible that you only like your friends because they've always been there? Is it possible that your goals and plans are confined to a comfort zone and not allowing room for your true potential? This is not sustainable will keep you from growing into who you're meant to be. A perception shift is on the horizon! This is helping you to be more comfortable in the long run.

Leo risings:

Mercury will transit your 10th house of career, reputation, public image, and authority figures. This could be a time where you begin to reassess how you show up in the world. Is it possible that a parent, boss, or career has been keeping you stagnant? Not allowing you to rise into your own power? This is not sustainable and will keep you from advancing in the world. A perception shift is on the horizon! This is helping you become more comfortable with your place in the world in the long run.

Virgo risings:

Mercury will transit your 9th house of travel, spirituality, publishing, politics, and extended family. This could be a time where you begin to reassess what you believe. Is it possible that a way of believing (from your family or others) has been keeping you stagnant? Or maybe being in new territory makes you want to run back to home base. Your comfort zone isn't sustainable and you are being urged to keep expanding! This is helping you become more comfortable with the home that lives within you. (P.S. Seek out an astrologer or mentor that you trust at this time if you are struggling!)

Libra risings:

Mercury will transit your 8th house of debts, loans, other people's resources, intimacy, and transformation. This could be a time where you begin to reassess your attachments. Is it possible you've been holding on to a specific comfort that has been keeping you powerless? You will continue to stay stagnant if you are unable to release any emotional or physical debts keeping you impoverished– if this is out of your control, how can you gain some control? Perception shifts are on the horizon! What can you let go of at this time?

Scorpio risings:

Mercury will transit your 7th house of relationships, partnerships, diplomacy, and contracts. This may be a time where you begin to reassess your relationships. Is it possible you've been holding back who you truly are for the sake of others? Is there a relationship that is keeping you in a comfort zone that isn't aligned with who your authentic self is? Those who truly love you will not be scared away by what they see. A perception shift is on the horizon! This is helping you to have better connections in the long run.

Sagittarius risings:

Mercury will transit your 6th house of health, routine, pets, exercise, reciprocity, and healing. This may be a time where you begin to reassess what environments are truly nourishing. Is it possible you've gotten too comfortable with a particular routine? Are you a healer to those around you without any reciprocation? If you are unable to expand past your comfort zone, you may be stifling your own healing and growth. Perception shifts are on the horizon! Know that you are worthy of routines that are both comfortable and conducive to your advancement.

Capricorn risings:

Mercury will transit your 5th house of passions, entertainment, romance, dating, and children. This may be a time where you begin to reassess what is truly fulfilling. Is the same old, same old really nourishing your inner child? Do you fall back on specific people or avenues of entertainment (like sex or food for example) that are hindering your true joy? It is time to find out– what is comforting and what is stifling. Learn to know the difference. Perception shifts are on the horizon! Know that anything left behind now is helping you find what actually brings joy.

Aquarius risings:

Mercury will transit your 4th house of home, family, residence, parents, and ancestors. This may be a time where you begin to reassess what truly feels like home to you. Is what you've always had what you always have to have? Can you be flexible and open knowing that your true home is within you? Is it possible that something new can be good too and that new traditions can be made? It is time to understand what true comfort looks like (and it won't necessarily be found in a physical place). Perception shifts are on the horizon! This is helping you feel truly home in the long run.

Pisces risings:

Mercury will transit your 3rd house of communication, perception, siblings, learning, and local environment. You may begin to reassess how you think generally. Is there a specific mindset holding you back from communicating differently? Is there a specific place in your environment you keep going back to? Get out and explore your space and your mind. Know that you are capable of change even if it takes a few tries before sinking into your memory. Perception shifts are on the horizon! This is the Mercuriest, Mercury retrograde house transit one can have.


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