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New Moon in Taurus: Unearthed (5.07)

This New Moon is an astrological dream, it is left unafflicted, without any harsh aspects, and it features a domicile Venus as ruler. I do believe this lunation is here to bring about positivity, a reminder that winter cannot last forever. Still, I try to stay away from definitive emotive descriptors when delineating as we all have our own unique natal promises, one person's victory moon could be another's earthquake.

For me, these initial lunar lessons have been about truth. Taurus is about truth, though not in the same way that Mercury is about truth (this is relevant to the New Moon). Taurus has the innate ability to spot what is real and what is fake. It opposes Scorpio the sign of secrets so we can infer that Taurus is the sign of whatever directly antagonizes secrets: Nature. When these two work together, they are the "secrets of nature" that are laid out before us in an itchy, awkward instance of puberty, or in the raw experience of our first time having sex, or in the stretch marks that decorate us when we have children, or in the sore knees and age spots that plague us as we grow older. There is no hiding from the truth of the body. There is only the bliss of ignorance that will strip away with time, a "secret" only found in youth, this must be why it is popular to desperately try to find the way back to it. At the time of this lunation, we may see secrets unearthed not because they were supposed to stay a secret, but because nature has its own fated clock (in seasons, in cycles, in age, and in location). It never intends to lie, only to wait for the perfect time. The secrets of nature may reveal themselves the way our skin speaks when it bruises.

You'll find that every Taurus placement has their own niche in truth. Many Taureans have a knack for spotting dupes. I am a Taurus Sun myself and I can recall a time where I was deeply humbled by a Taurus Venus who looked pointedly at my feet and said "Those are not crocs." and they were right, I was wearing some off brand version (clothing is not my own Taurus niche if you can't tell). Some Taureans are sensitive enough to food or skincare or other consumables that they can tell whether it's authentic or not, others may be able to tell the very quality of a person (do they keep it a buck?) but whatever their niche, it has direct ties to what that Taurus values.

Mercurial truth is different. It's fickle, the messenger of everyone's truths and perspectives but not necessarily the one to measure a truth against a moral code, that's Venus. That's Taurus. Mercury is unserious, the very dupe Taurus squints its eyes to judge. This New Moon, these two are teaming up. What was once a jumble of perspectives is beginning to form into something that we can live by as the Taurean squint chips away at any leftover confusion. Mercury is conjunct Chiron again, this is Mercury retracing its steps after a retrograde, it's likely that there is a truth we've grappled with, the answers and solutions evading us for quite sometime. It's been irritating too with a retrograde in a fire element. The first lunation after a Mercury retrograde provides us with answers we've been asking for and... conjunct Chiron? It's a salve. Already I've felt it's corrected some tendencies within me that began deep within my lineage, especially in how I approach and express irritation. Sometimes you only know who you want to be after finding out who you desperately do not want to be. With Mars now in Aries, we likely have the will to do something about our thoughts instead of sitting idly. "Doing something" doesn't have to look draining or urgent anymore either, it may be a quiet battleground of inner work (remember, we've just come from the Full Moon in Scorpio too).

A reunion with a value is necessary (and it changes everything), it is not the cheap thrill found in fairy gold– this New Moon tastes like reverence.

What truth have you been avoiding? Have you been a victim trapped in a tower or have you been hiding in the tower trying to keep someone or something out? What part of your nature are you refusing to accept? Are you struggling to know or be known for fear of being humbled? What is exhausting you? With what or whom do you need a reunion with? What is seeking a rebirth? What have you forgotten? What needs healing? What are the signs of a dupe and do you remember spotting these signs the first time?

Happy New Moon.

Your friendly neighborhood astrologer,



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May 09

Dealing with what i'm dealing right now and reading this... thank you. As always.

Katie Ussery
Katie Ussery
3 days ago
Replying to

I hope it provided peace and clarity <3

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