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pisces and aries and round and round we go

Updated: Feb 19

The two most passionate and emotion driven signs in the zodiac. We express ourselves completely differently, but also the same– much like how the 3rd and 6th houses are both Mercurial and all about the details but in two drastically different ways. Pisces and Aries are like that. Pisces is the end of the zodiac, the last sign. The wisest, all about endings and spirituality and empathy and eternal love. Aries is the beginning of the zodiac, the very first sign, all about beginnings and bravery and expression and purity. I would say naivety, but then I think about children. Just like Pisces represents the wisdom of someone who has lived a whole lifetime and has collected knowledge, passing it down as an elder to the youngest of the next generation, Aries represents the wisdom that we are tapped into as a child. We hear expressions all the time like “Kids say the darndest things” or “Kids just know” Aries is tapped into other worlds and an ethereal kind of wisdom because they are the closest to the spiritual world that you can get without dying. It is the wisdom that comes from birth. Pisces is the wisdom that comes from nearing death.

Aries is intuitive because it goes with its first instinct, its gut reaction while Pisces is intuitive because it has seen this before many times over. Aries is pure intuition and I dare say Pisces is learned intuition. Some people might get upset at this because PiScES iS ThE MoST InTuiTivE SiGN– but where do you think they learn that? Sure, some of it is ingrained as it is in all of us, but Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is about illusion and Jupiter is about seeking. In order to balance illusion there must be discernment.. But we usually learn discernment by getting burned or scammed one too many times. Jupiter is the seeker because it starts out so boundless and ignorant. It is forced to seek higher knowledge partly because it’s so interested in the world, but partly because it’s destined to become a teacher and a guru (this is the planet associated with the 9th house). You don’t learn by getting it right the first time, you learn by fucking up. A good teacher has made every mistake in the book. Pisces is the mistakes that make up soul wisdom. Aries on the other hand– it doesn’t even have to do all that. It just is. Like a three year old who just is.

My point is: Pisces and Aries are the end and the beginning, the beginning and the end. Two but not two. A seamless circle that goes on forever and ever and ever. Even if our attachment to one another can't always do that and be that and survive that.