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Reality Shifts: Sun Enters Pisces (horoscopes for the 12 rising signs)

Updated: Mar 28

Welcome to a very detailed forecast of the month ahead.

General overview:

On 2.18.23 at 4:22pm CST, the Sun enters the sign of Pisces until 3.20.23.

Every 30 days, the sun brings awareness to one of the 12 zodiac signs, and depending on the surrounding planetary movement, that season has a different vibe.

Pisces, a mutable water sign representative of the fish, is a sign that gains wisdom through mistakes, destined nudges, and lessons in delusion. This is typically a time where logic doesn't serve us the way it usually would.

Pisces is all around atypical. I think this is because things usually aren't what we think they are at first. The place that we began (Aries) is almost never the same as where we end (Pisces). That is, if we're doing it right. Pisces for this reason must govern an aspect of progress because otherwise, why even soul search? Why travel through each sign and each house if we aren't willing to follow the winding road to the next level, whatever that may be?

There is so much wisdom to be gained in isolation, in grief, in endings, in confusion. Your body knows things before your mind can process and comprehend them. Look back to whatever began for you starting on 3.20.22, when this zodiacal cycle began. You could be seeing a conclusion, a blessing, and hopefully– progress from wherever you began.

This is the last 30 days before we begin the astrological new year. Rest, grieve, celebrate your hard work through the houses and get ready to begin again in a very new reality.

Major Planetary Ingresses in Pisces Season:

(each of these ingresses will have their own horoscope article. subscribe to receive updates.)

- 2.20-3.16 Venus enters Aries. Venus will be in its detriment, but will assist in initiation and understanding what is truly worth fighting for.

- 3.01-3.19 Mercury enters Pisces. Mercury will also be in detriment, but the positive side of this transit is the ability to think abstractly. Dreaming has its mental advantages, perception will be malleable.

- On 3.07.2023 Saturn enters Pisces until 5.24.2025. Reality check in our Pisces houses. I have an article with rising sign horoscopes scheduled to post closer to this ingress as it is such a major shift.

- 3.16- 4.11 Venus enters Taurus. Here, Venus is at home. This will be a lovely, abundant change of pace after experiencing Venus through a defensive, warrior sign.

- 3.19- 4.03, Mercury enters Aries. Mercury will be ruled by Mars in Gemini for one more week before moving into its fall in Cancer. We can expect rapid-fire speech and one final verbal debate from Mars in Gemini. The week of 3.19-3.25 will be an interesting one.

Major Aspects to The Sun in Pisces:

This Pisces season features a lot of changes this year, which is why this article title is so dramatic. 2023's Pisces Season is about finishing up Saturn's two and half year journey through Aquarius and its entrance into Pisces for the next 3 years. We are also concluding our time through the 7 month transit of Mars in Gemini just week or so after Pisces season ends and we are in our final moments of anticipation before Pluto enters Aquarius on 3.23.23.

I will have an entire post on Saturn in Pisces with detailed rising sign horoscopes out by March 7th, stay tuned. I also have a free live lecture on Pluto in Aquarius in my Facebook group. Anyone interested is welcome, you can join the group and find it here.

Mars however, has a major aspect coming up this Pisces season that I haven't discussed elsewhere:

• Sun- Mercury- Neptune conjunction in Pisces Square Mars in Gemini on 3.16.23

- Mars ingressed into Gemini on 8.20.22, it was retrograde from 10.30.22 until 1.12.23, and is currently direct again until 3.25.23 where it will (finally) move into the sign of Cancer. Mars, our planet of action, drive, and fight, has been manifesting its energy through the realm of the mind where we have been stretching our mental threshold to learn more, think more, helping us to make swift and informed decisions, going into combat with our words and intellect.

- This last month of Mars in Gemini features an exact square to the Sun in Pisces which will conjunct Neptune and Mercury in Pisces at 25º creating a (double?) cazimi (a planet which is in the heart of the sun) on 3.16.23. This is pretty chaotic. I am extremely interested to see how this transit plays out. Cazimis are supposed to be more positive, but combustion (the 10º leading up to the exact conjunction) is unfavorable– yet full of wisdom. My tentative prediction: Our judgement may be incredibly difficult to trust around this time. Why?

Mars = action, drive, anger, severing

in Gemini = two sides, thoughts, communication, news

Square aspect = tension, conflicting interests or agendas between planets

the Sun = awareness, focus, authority

Mercury = thoughts, communication, news, transportation

and Neptune = illusion, water, confusion, art, altered states (sleep, dreams, drugs, alcohol)

- You may receive a lot of information at this time that doesn't add up or goes against what you originally perceived. If major, life changing decisions need to be made at this time, I strongly suggest holding off. Even if this seems difficult to rearrange, you may regret the decisions that are made at this time.

- Mercury and the Sun are not strong in Pisces, meaning the most dignified planet present is Neptune in its domicile (home in the sign Pisces). Neptune isn't a planet that is easy to trust. As an outer planet, it can represent things that befall you. Romantic propositions, abstract ideas, and receiving "intuitive" hits from deluded states are all possible now. While not in aspect, Saturn's recent ingress into the same sign (Pisces) will begin to hold you accountable for any messy, deluded behavior. Don't initiate a change based on faulty information. Fact check!

- Be cautious with drugs, medications, and alcohol the week of the 16th, they may cause harm (Especially if you are a Leo, Scorpio, Aries, Aquarius, or Cancer rising as this will be activating your 5th, 8th and 12th houses). Water related accidents are possible, especially if you are driving at this time, it may be better to stay off the roads (Especially Capricorn risings with the square between the 3rd house and 6th house). I would say, it's generally better to be safe than sorry.

- On a lighter note, poetry and artistic creations are supported, but maybe keep them to yourself until you are in a better state of mind. You might want to make sure that you aren't accidentally plagiarizing someone and that the words or meaning behind your work won't provoke an unnecessary argument (unless this is what you are wanting to spark). Acting on feelings prematurely (like impulsively sending a romantic letter, for example) could leave you feeling disappointed or aggravated later. I also caution against major surgery or health procedures.

• The Sun in Pisces will make a sextile to the North Node on 2.24.23 and Uranus on 3.06.23

- On 2.24, the North node in Taurus has a path it wants us to take leading us to ultimate comfortability. There could be opportunities that you become aware of at this time leading you closer to this. While it sextiles the North Node, it trines the South Node which has a dominant influence. It is possible something needs to be released– if something from your past rears its ugly (or devastatingly beautiful) head at this time– you may want to remember why you are releasing it in the first place. You deserve the best... ask yourself, is this really the best? Or is it a spiritual test?

- On 3.06, Uranus could throw something unexpected at us. It could be good, bad, or complicated, but that isn't the point. Whatever shows up is an opportunity for creation. Magical insights are possible on this day. Don't hold yourself to a schedule (you have more important things to explore).

• New Moon in Pisces on 2.20.23

- I always post detailed youtube videos on New and Full moons, you can watch them here. This would be a better way to access a deep dive on the lunations from my perspective. Though, to summarize, a New moon is when the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign at the same degree. This is a "dark" Moon where we are beginning new ventures in one of the 12 areas of our lives. We can get more specific by looking at the house affected to understand what is happening for us on a personal level. New and Full Moons and their energies play out for two weeks each.

- This New Moon is giving us a big ole peak at our Saturn in Pisces story and could present us with final Saturn in Aquarius lessons as the Sun and Moon will conjunct Saturn at 28º Aquarius just two degrees away (and two weeks away) from entering Pisces. The full video will be up on 2.20

• Full Moon in Virgo on 3.07.23

- Again, my youtube forecasts are a better avenue for lunation horoscopes, but here is your first look: A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are in opposition with each other creating an opportunity for the Sun, our conscious luminary, to spotlight our subconscious luminary, the Moon. These moments are usually ones of drama, illumination, results, and revelations.

- We have something in this chart called "a triangle of potential" which is made from an opposition, a trine, and a sextile. Unexpected and surprising information clearly based in reality is possible at the time of the Full Moon. If there are any reality checks needed, they are coming to us at this time. Saturn will move into Pisces the same day, but after the Full Moon is exact. This is where accountability for our actions at the New Moon two weeks before will be coming to collect its pound of flesh. Remember that the truth is a relief, no matter how difficult. If anyone has lied to you, there is potential for the illusion to shatter and for the Moon to help expel it from our system. This full moon is preparation indeed, but it could come from a rude awakening.

• Sun in Pisces Sextile to Pluto in Capricorn on 3.20.23

- Lastly, the Sun will sextile Pluto at 29º which will increase magnetism and power. It is possible for someone (authority figures or even our individual selves) to abuse power, so make sure you are using influence positively.


Monthly Horoscopes for the rising signs:

Find your rising sign by putting exact time, date, and location into a birth chart generator like this one.

Keep in mind that these are general! Specific interpretations are found in the personal chart. Take what resonates, leave the rest, let me know how these sit with you in the comments.

Pisces risings: It is your season! You are really getting clear on your identity and relationships this month. You may not understand how others see you, your close relationships may be providing strong insight to who you really are this month. Do you like what you see? If you don't, Saturn is here to help you with that over the next three years. It may be necessary to let go of the "you" that isn't working anymore and embrace a new outlook. What you want really does matter and it is important to assert these things.

Your home and family life has been under construction for the last 7 months. Your current identity and self assertions are causing tension with this area. Do you resonate with where you live? Are you keeping family members around just because they're related to you? Reassess. If you are moving or making big decisions in relation to the home, make sure you have all of the facts, rash decisions made now could have negative impacts on you later. Watch your words, you may hurt someone you love. Fight fire with facts.

Aries risings: You are getting clear on what you can and cannot control. Surrender is a powerful tool for you this month. Try to relax, spend more time alone this season, you could be creating phenomenal things that heal others while you are in the dark spiritually and emotionally. If you don't like being alone, Saturn is going to teach you about the art of isolation. By the end of this three year transit, you will no longer fear the dark, but instead welcome and wish for it. Know that you have just as many guardian angels as you do hidden enemies.

Your thought processes and methods of communication have been under construction for the last 7 months. Are you communicating your mental health needs properly? Is there something haunting you that a simple mental pivot could fix? Take care of your health (in all forms) this month, Aries. You are going to learn what is and isn't sustainable for you.

Taurus risings: You are getting clear on the things and the people that are going to be around for you going forward. You have been undergoing many identity shifts in the last year, is there anything you are still entertaining even though it is long past its expiration date? This is the month to end any situationships, messy friendships, or unfulfilling pastimes. If you don't know what you want for your future yet, Saturn is helping you get clear on this in the next three years.

Additionally, your personal finances, self esteem, and priorities have been under construction for the last 7 months. Are these things supporting your future plans? Do you need more money? Do you need to eliminate something from your diet? Is there a value or belief not serving these goals you have? Time to cut out what isn't working. Be cautious with your finances this month– if you loan money to a friend or an organization, you may want to be certain that they are trust worthy.

Gemini risings: You are getting clear on your life direction this month. Forget your family's opinion, what do you want? You could be making a big move this month, changing your social status, or career status, whatever the case– make sure you are not succumbing to pressure from your parents, or anyone who thinks what you're doing isn't "realistic", it's possible that you could even be the culprit– doing something you hate to avoid the unknown or having difficult conversations. If you struggle with your general life direction, Saturn is helping you get clear on this over the next three years. Anything is realistic if you have a plan of execution.

Additionally, your identity has been under construction. It is possible that you've been feeling some "growing pains" and have had to sever ties with parts of yourself that you no longer think are worth defending. Your personal identity disagrees with your public identity, who's gonna budge first? Make sure to fact check this month, but don't let your sweet analytical brain overpower your intuition. It is okay to feel through instead of think through.

Cancer risings: You are getting clear on your personal philosophy this month. It is possible that some foundational perceptions and core memories are holding you back from your true potential. If you aren't clear on your big picture (religion, education, and foreign possibilities), Saturn is helping you to explore beyond your mental limitations. There are many things you haven't considered yet, dear Cancer. Be open to the notion that you are not right about everything. Surrender to a foreign way.

Additionally, your mental health and subconscious realms have been under construction for the last 7 months. If there is someone or something that has been the cause for poor mental health or psychic attacks, this is the time to cut it off at the root. What better way to celebrate a season of natural endings? Protect your peace this month by being real about what you can and cannot handle.

Leo risings: You are getting clear about your investments (financial and emotional), psychological patterns, and shared values this month. If you have been adopting problems that are not your own, this is the month that you need to let it go before it begins to affect your future path. If you have been wanting to invest in something (maybe college, a home, a career, a relationship) it is absolutely supported, but make sure that you aren't letting someone else dictate the ground rules to where you're getting the raw end of the deal. If you don't understand what you bring to the table, Saturn is helping you learn how much you do with the bare minimum. You will be transformed by the end of this three year transit.

For the last 7 months, your plans, aspirations, friendships, communities, and interests have been under construction. Do you understand now what makes you tick? Why you do what you do? Do you have a game plan? Remember that you don't have to lose it all to make your dreams come true. Don't let your friends take more than you're willing to give.

Virgo risings: You are getting clear on your relationships this month. The upcoming transits have the power to make or break any relationships that you are currently in (romantic, familial, or business wise). There is potential for serious commitment and deep love, but ask yourself honestly, are you doing all the work? Are the other parties making careless promises and not following through? Is everyone being realistic about what they can and cannot give? If you do not have any relationships that look to be getting serious, you could be forming new alliances this month. Really check to see if they align with you and that they are who they say they are.

Over the last 7 months, you have been seriously focused on your life direction, your career, potentially a new home, or a new boss. This is a time where you want to make sure that all the work you've done in this area of life isn't completely wrecked by another person. You have nothing to fear, as long as you are following those intuitive nudges about people who seem off.

Libra risings: You are getting clear on your health and the realm of service this month. If you've been dealing with health issues, there may be a hidden explanation for this. Check the ingredients in the products you use, check your mental and emotional health and what they are trying to show you as well. If you struggle with routine, you will be getting clear on what works and what does not work for you in your daily life and work over the next three years. There may be some things (and people) that need to be cut out of your daily practices and by doing so, you will improve your spiritual and emotional hygiene. Are you resisting your true nature in any way? Have you ever thought about rhythm as opposed to routine? Does routine produce positive results for you?

Additionally, you've been traveling, exploring, and studying over the last 7 months. Are these things sustainable in your every day life? Is there a way you can ground this, make it more real? Are your beliefs outdated? Did you build a specific belief just to protect yourself? Deceiving yourself to believe that you have control over something, when you really don't? You're dealing with God's houses this month (9th and 12th houses), surrender is necessary. Surrender a belief and a bad habit will go with it.

Scorpio risings: You are getting clear on pleasure this month. Were you taught that certain interests, people, pleasures, and places are "bad" just because you had a difficult experience? Things can be fun and safe, pleasurable and enriching, silly and intimate, two things can exist at once. By focusing on all that you've lost, you are setting yourself up for boredom and the future will never have a chance. If you want the things you say that you do, you have to meet spirit halfway. Romance without friendship is a one night stand, a passion without a spark of inspiration is an unlit candle. Don't be an artist without a canvas, a lover without someone to love. If you don't want to become pregnant this month, be cautious. If you have children already, be mindful of any of your own fears that you may be feeding them. Let them be kids.

Over the last 7 months, you've been shedding some serious skin. You might be feeling raw from how many revelations you've had about your inner workings, past traumas, and losses. You probably found sore spots you didn't even know you had. Money could be a rough subject at the moment. Your hard work is paying off. The things you have learned will help you by a lot. Make sure that your desire is not leading you to more loss, but don't let past losses keep you from desire. Catch 22, I know. We'll be experiencing this together! Signed, your friendly neighborhood Scorpio rising.

Sagittarius risings: This season, you are getting clear on what feels like home to you. Is it a place, a person, an experience? You could be making big changes in this area of life, it might help to examine what you want your life path to look like and how your home will support this path. Is there a parent or a role model that you look up to? What does their home like? How do they nourish their emotional body? On the other hand, is there someone you explicitly do not want to be like? Know that you can deprogram or replicate whatever you want to as long as you remember that you are not another person. You may share certain attributes, but that doesn't make you someone else. Do it your way. Saturn is helping you get clear on your past to make sure you know what you want going forward.

You might have been dealing with some difficult relationships or just more of a desire for relationships over the last 7 months. It's been a challenge to understand another person's mind and how they process. Ultimately, you may have some big choices to make about who you want in your life. You always have a choice, even if they are family. Make sure your expectations with others are clear and know what they desire from you as well. This will make things easier later.

Capricorn risings: You are getting clear on what it means to be clear this month. Boundaries are one of your hardest lessons as an overall life theme but your own planet, Saturn who governs boundaries and restrictions, is moving into your communication sector for the next three years. Are there concepts, learned behaviors, or ideas that you took on as fact when really, you just didn't know how to form a boundary between what is your own thought and what is intrusive? You are going back to learn some foundational communication skills. By the end of this transit, you will have so many new skills. If you've been wanting to learn something for awhile, do it. It may take dedication, but you'll be changed for the better.

Over the last 7 months, you've probably been working out! haha, if not that, you've been thinking a lot about your health, your daily routines, your daily work. There may have been times where you haven't felt appreciated or in control of what you can do. Either way, you've been busy. This month, you are starting to see what does and does not make sense for your daily life. Where are your communication, mindsets, and skillsets failing you on a daily basis? If you want a better life, you may need to learn a better life. Please be careful while driving! Especially the week of 3.16, and especially if it's raining. Don't worry, just be safe!

Aquarius risings: You are getting clear around what you deserve. Your personal finances, time, and priorities are all things that you struggle to be clear with. What are you willing to let go of to make time for the things that are deserving of your time? Are you ingesting things that speak to low self esteem? If you struggle with too much or too little food, sleep, or money, say to yourself "I deserve to have food that fuels my body" or "I deserve to have money in my savings account" you may need to create a better flow, rhythm, or plan. You are deserving of this. If you don't know where to begin with this, Saturn will show you over the next three years.

You have also had a massive drive for fun, play, sex, and pleasures of the mind over the last 7 months. This month, you may have to make some choices about what you can and can't participate in. Is your sweet tooth too strong? Are you spending too much money on a Friday night... every Friday night? Is your mind preventing you from sleep? Is a romantic partner unsupportive of your priorities? If you have children, you've likely had a difficult time with them over the last 7 months. What are your values and how are you instilling them within your children? Are you in alignment with your values even when you're angry?


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