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Reality Shifts: Sun Enters Pisces (horoscopes for the 12 rising signs)

Welcome to a very detailed forecast of the month ahead.

General overview:

On 2.18.23 at 4:22pm CST, the Sun enters the sign of Pisces until 3.20.23.

Every 30 days, the sun brings awareness to one of the 12 zodiac signs, and depending on the surrounding planetary movement, that season has a different vibe.

Pisces, a mutable water sign representative of the fish, is a sign that gains wisdom through mistakes, destined nudges, and lessons in delusion. This is typically a time where logic doesn't serve us the way it usually would.

Pisces is all around atypical. I think this is because things usually aren't what we think they are at first. The place that we began (Aries) is almost never the same as where we end (Pisces). That is, if we're doing it right. Pisces for this reason must govern an aspect of progress because otherwise, why even soul search? Why travel through each sign and each house if we aren't willing to follow the winding road to the next level, whatever that may be?

There is so much wisdom to be gained in isolation, in grief, in endings, in confusion. Your body knows things before your mind can process and comprehend them. Look back to whatever began for you starting on 3.20.22, when this zodiacal cycle began. You could be seeing a conclusion, a blessing, and hopefully– progress from wherever you began.

This is the last 30 days before we begin the astrological new year. Rest, grieve, celebrate your hard work through the houses and get ready to begin again in a very new reality.

Major Planetary Ingresses in Pisces Season:

(each of these ingresses will have their own horoscope article. subscribe to receive updates.)

- 2.20-3.16 Venus enters Aries. Venus will be in its detriment, but will assist in initiation and understanding what is truly worth fighting for.

- 3.01-3.19 Mercury enters Pisces. Mercury will also be in detriment, but the positive side of this transit is the ability to think abstractly. Dreaming has its mental advantages, perception will be malleable.

- On 3.07.2023 Saturn enters Pisces until 5.24.2025. Reality check in our Pisces houses. I have an article with rising sign horoscopes scheduled to post closer to this ingress as it is such a major shift.

- 3.16- 4.11 Venus enters Taurus. Here, Venus is at home. This will be a lovely, abundant change of pace after experiencing Venus through a defensive, warrior sign.

- 3.19- 4.03, Mercury enters Aries. Mercury will be ruled by Mars in Gemini for one more week before moving into its fall in Cancer. We can expect rapid-fire speech and one final verbal debate from Mars in Gemini. The week of 3.19-3.25 will be an interesting one.

Major Aspects to The Sun in Pisces:

This Pisces season features a lot of changes this year, which is why this article title is so dramatic. 2023's Pisces Season is about finishing up Saturn's two and half year journey through Aquarius and its entrance into Pisces for the next 3 years. We are also concluding our time through the 7 month transit of Mars in Gemini just week or so after Pisces season ends and we are in our final moments of anticipation before Pluto enters Aquarius on 3.23.23.

I will have an entire post on Saturn in Pisces with detailed rising sign horoscopes out by March 7th, stay tuned. I also have a free live lecture on Pluto in Aquarius in my Facebook group. Anyone interested is welcome, you can join the group and find it here.

Mars however, has a major aspect coming up this Pisces season that I haven't discussed elsewhere:

• Sun- Mercury- Neptune conjunction in Pisces Square Mars i