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Saturn in Pisces (horoscopes for all 12 signs)

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Saturn’s journey and overview:

Saturn, a planet we all know as the resident hard ass, the one who teaches us lessons with a purpose, the boundary setter and keeper, the one who rejoices in loneliness. Our dear, karmic fiend. After having spent 3 years in Aquarius and about 6 years in its domicile in total, it finally moves into its fall in Pisces on March 7th, for the next 3 years.

Saturn, so far, has erased our desire to fit in with everyone else, showing us how to stand on our own two feet even in the face of judgment or social isolation. Before this, it pulled up our physical safety blankets, sewn from the thread of capitalism and fabric weaved from the things that make us positively miserable. Many changed jobs, homes, cut out family members, fluctuated between financial brackets, friend groups, social status, you name it. All of this was in preparation, in my opinion, for both the Saturn in Pisces ingress and Pluto exiting Capricorn and entering the sign of Aquarius. I won’t go into massive detail with the Pluto transits as I have a free lecture on this very phenomenon up in my Facebook group, you can join and watch it here. This is a huge part of our collective experiences.

Saturn, though, is now preparing to settle into a sign that it doesn’t feel comfortable in. In some ways, this can be a relief for the house it is exiting for us. Restrictions on our Aquarius houses will lift and we may feel better for it (while Pluto taking its place could feel less like restriction and more like rapid change).

Though, wherever Saturn is moving into, it is a place that we are not fully comfortable with truths, boundaries, restrictions, and reality. Especially as Jupiter, a planet who set out to show us the variety we have available to us (both positive and negative), has been dipping in and out of this space along with the Neptune in Pisces transit that began in 2011, that will not leave until 2026 a month before Saturn leaves this sign as well. Neptune produced the rose colored glasses, Jupiter helped us use them in unlimited ways, Saturn will be the one to help take them off.

The good news? Saturn in Pisces may not feel as intense as Saturn in its domicile. Saturn will always be Saturn, throwing us difficult lessons, but unless you have Saturn in Pisces harshly aspecting personal placements or the angles, things might lighten up for you.

What is Pisces?

In its highest forms, it wants universal love, it believes in the good nature of people. Pisces travels the whole world to understand deep acceptance and sacrifice for others, it creates from its wounding, it makes mistakes and it allows others to make mistakes. It is unpredictable, but wise, and tapped into otherworldly wisdom. Pisces is your sweetest daydream. It is often compared to the story of Christ and his big sacrifice for humanity, but also the surrender that is necessary in times of total darkness. Pisces walks through the dark, making it to its destination, not with details and a map like its opposite sign (Virgo), but in its own way, with intuition and the hidden third eye.

In the lowest forms, it is confusion. A labyrinth of things that do not matter. An island of lost toys and lost boys, dumb sacrifice, self victimization, delusion despite the facts right in front of its face, so good natured that it helps the wrong people, dancing around the topic, unable to get to the root of an issue (Pisces rules the feet)– Pisces can drag us into a forest of lies so deep, we become trapped.

Honestly, with the Jupiter and Neptune co-presence in this sign, you’ve probably already found yourself in this dramatic "forest of lies", but Saturn I imagine, will help you wake up if you haven’t already. Or if you think you have, you might realize you weren’t as awake as you thought.

Saturn has a hard time here because Pisces represents water and fluidity. It defies boundaries because how do you contain something that slippery? Even in a water bottle, there’s always a chance of the water seeping out. It is hard to direct water. Even building a dam does not ensure that the water won’t destroy it later.

Collective Predictions:

It is truly hard to predict a Saturn in Pisces transit. It is mutable, so even if we have data on how it acted in the past, these are new circumstances and a new world. All of the astrologers I know are trying their best to put together a consensus, but Pisces really is so slippery. I am going to throw out a few guesses, but don’t let these things trigger you, use them as tools to prepare:

  • We will start to see the real ramifications of sickness and how the lack of caution we have had has truly harmed so many and will continue to spiral. Saturn rules the authority that we have and Pisces is the fantasy that we can avoid sickness (opposite Virgo, ruled by Neptune, modern planet of chronic disease). I am also thinking about how the last Saturn in Pisces transit was during the Clinton Administration and he failed to pass his plan for national health care reform. It seems failure of remedying public health crises is a theme of Saturn in Pisces. The 90s was also a peak period for the AIDs epidemic and the loss of an entire generation of Queer elders that came with that.

  • The future of spirituality will look different. Saturn ruling overall structures and Pisces ruling boundless spiritual belief, I think this is the beginning of the end of The Church, of organized religion, which I feel, will only fall apart more as we experience the 20 year Pluto in Aquarius transit. Many will begin to question religious practices and look for something deeper and more meaningful, even if they have to sacrifice a community of people (now that we’ve already seen that we can do this already). Some will try to use their beliefs to scam further or these harmful spiritual beliefs may get worse before they get better.

- As for modern spiritualists like myself, I think we have to get more serious or others will not take us seriously. It could be a the beginning of a downfall for those who are scamming clients into paid readings about “Who finds you attractive” or “Who is your Twin Flame”

I am a bit concerned that this one-dimensional scammer spirituality could give the collective a bad attitude toward genuine spiritualists, having trouble discerning who the true intuitives are. Also– creators, make sure you know your tax laws if filing for a spiritual business.

Those who are eating up a fantasy about people who cannot and will not commit to them will be in for some rude awakenings. Many will begin to see that the person they’ve been pining after for years, is truly not interested, is taking advantage of this gullible and fantastical thinking, or is downright abusive. This will call for radical heart healing through ultimate truth and acceptance of this truth.

  • Liars of all kinds will be exposed (hopefully). Saturn will work with us, so if we are open to truth, even the hard kind, that process will feel easier. If we are holding onto lies the way that we should be seeking truth, this will be a hard transit.

  • During the last Saturn in Pisces transit from 1993-1996, we saw the Methamphetamine drug epidemic as Pisces rules over drugs and Saturn rules over consequences. We could be seeing consequences of certain drug use– I expect developments particularly with psychedelics (as this has been on the up in the last decade) as well as the dangers of opioids (like fentanyl) becoming more present.

  • *Mild Trigger Warning, scroll if you’d like to skip. Adjacent to drugs, we have things like depression, suicide, intentional drug overdoses, and general mental health issues that began rising along with the opioid epidemic in the 90s. It’s possible that we could see things like this again as Saturn rules the consequences of whatever sign it transits and Pisces rules over altered states, including altered states of mind (such as depression, in my opinion).

  • Astrologers generally look at Saturn (and other malefics) going through water signs as potential for water damage, flooding, hurricanes, etc. especially when aspecting Uranus in Taurus (Uranus = erratic accidents, Taurus = the earth).

  • We will have to learn about surrender as a collective. This will be difficult as we are taught to “just do it” or to find a solution and to find it fast. Many of us will be dealing with things that are completely out of our control– be that death, loss, or impermanence of any kind. Dealing with the fact that our memory may be all that we have of the world that came before.

  • I do think we will find out a lot about the ocean (and space for that matter) in the coming years, but I think it will be things that took a long time to come about. Years of discovery finally paying off for someone out there. I wouldn’t be surprised if we found “new” (to us) creatures that have existed for much, much longer.

  • There will generally be a theme of “seeing double”. We all know that Gemini (sign of clarity) is the twins, but not many know that Pisces produces two of something since it’s the fish symbolism. It multiplies, which adds to confusion. Collectively, we may begin to struggle to choose one path, one avenue, one idea, one person, one job– deception all around. The solution will be intuition, not logic. Intuition, not delusion.

  • I caution the collective to examine the facts of someone or something before committing blindly. Consequences will come about from scams that seemed real at first. I often think about a phrase I read one time (that is lost in the depths of Twitter now) “Pisces is here to deceive or be deceived” that is because this is how Pisces becomes wise. Wherever we have Pisces, is where this occurs.


Personal Predictions (use your rising sign):

Saturn is exiting one house after residing there for more than two years

Saturn is entering a new house for the next three years

Pisces risings

Saturn is exiting your 12th house. Saturn tends to rejoice here, but you have probably felt especially isolated, alone, trapped, completely and utterly different from those around you. Since December of 2020, you have likely had to surrender to the things that befell you. Your mental health demanded tending. Your deepest fears around being “weird” or “different” from others has pushed you away from connecting with your true self. You've likely uncovered many "hidden enemies" or things that were preventing you from understand your health (mental and physical).

Saturn entering your 1st house of self, identity, and body– this is where you truly connect to yourself. You have lost whatever parts of you that you left with the old “you” and now you are reclaiming who you want to become. This likely means becoming gentle with yourself, accepting who you are growing into fully (even if others are critical of this), and integrating the learned surrender in such a way that allows you to truly flourish. You probably feel like goo right now, but you will be building your new avatar soon. By the end of this 3 year transit, expect to actually relate to who you see in the mirror, to truly know yourself.

Aries risings

Saturn is exiting your 11th house. You may have felt excluded by friends, community members, or other groups for the last two years. Maybe your goals have shifted and changed from the ones you used to share with these people, or maybe you’ve simply matured! It’s possible that you’ve had to get serious about the future and that means being serious about your external influences, especially in the form of connections. This was a time period where you may have felt limited or uninspired, but ultimately, you were constricting the things that don’t belong in your future. You may finally begin to dream again.

Saturn entering your 12th house is showing you how far you’ve come. You have now been through Saturn in each of the 12 houses and you feel a little more mature in each area of life… but how will you do when you have no control over what happens next? This is truly a test in surrender. Paired with the North Node moving through the 1st house of identity for 18 months beginning in the summer of 2023, you are experiencing aloneness in a way that you haven’t before. Maybe these outside influences that captivated you before were holding you back from hidden talents, gifts, and discoveries that are waiting to be made about yourself. Experiment and above all, take care of your mental health.

Taurus risings

Saturn exiting your 10th house is bringing a relief in matters around your parents, your boss, the government, any authority figure who has been breathing down your neck, may begin to soften. You may have wondered what your direction is, what your path is supposed to turn into, feeling a bit alienated or “weird” for what you want to do and be. You have likely had to detach from your elders, asserting your own flair into whatever you want to become. You’ve been breaking generational karma and trying out alternative ways of being, alternative career paths, doing things your way and not the way your family takes pride in.

Saturn entering your 11th house is beginning a journey in understanding what you actually think is cool. Do you give into peer pressure where your friends are involved? Do you become the caretaker here? Sacrificing what you want to do and your plans for the future because you want to please your community members? You were so bold to stand up to your elders, but can you do this with people who aren’t related to you? Make sure that you are only fostering things that will impact you positively later.

Gemini risings

Saturn exiting your 9th house is providing some relief around your personal philosophy. You’ve been met with people of all different races, religions, and belief systems since Saturn moved in two years ago. Inhabiting with people who are vastly different than you has likely felt challenging. You’ve had to address foundational learned behaviors that you now know that you don’t need (applying it is another beast, though). You may have had some difficult dealings with the law, travel, your extended family, or college and education. Now that you know all of the possibilities, you can move forward.

Saturn entering your 10th house is helping you figure out your path. Where have you felt the repercussions of blurred boundaries between you and your authority figures? Do you have a boss who is loading you up with more work than necessary? Are your family members so critical and controlling that they have made you want to lose control? You may be seeing where you are sacrificing yourself for others, where you could be putting your all into your natural creative abilities and path. There are no rules, let yourself be flexible. Know that logic doesn’t always apply when it comes to life purpose.

Cancer risings

Saturn exiting your 8th house is freeing you from other people’s BS. You’ve probably felt confined to another person's finances, items, or trauma. This has hindered your autonomy because you can’t be who you want to be without worrying about debt, loans, mortgages, joint payments that you are responsible for, or possibly, another’s mental health. You went through many transformations in embracing your unique interests and intimate needs as well as exploring someone else’s. If you’ve been struggling financially, this may start to lift as you embrace being seen for your talents and respecting your own priorities ahead of others.

Saturn entering your 9th house is showing you new ways of believing. I caution you to fact check what you believe while also opening yourself up to intuition and surrender. Let your emotions become your teacher. As this is the house of legal affairs, long distance travel, extended family, and education– make sure that you are crossing the Ts and dotting the Is, this can be a confusing time where you have to assess how and what and why you believe what you do. If something feels off, listen closer to that and address it, even if you look crazy to others. Your crazy hunch might save you from restrictive situations. Beware of religious, legal, or online scams.

Leo risings

Saturn exiting your 7th house is going to feel like your loneliness is beginning to drift away. For the past two years, you may have been dealing with abandonment and harsher lessons from friends, partners, and relationships generally that once seemed like staples in your life. Or maybe they weren’t allowing you to be who you really are. Not embracing and encouraging the kind of person you want to be and the kind of person that you want to be with. You may have had moments of feeling like your perfect person or friend truly doesn’t exist, but this will dissipate. You will find your person. Or people. Or whatever.

Saturn entering your 8th house is going to show you the subconscious behaviors that keep you from vulnerability and intimacy with others. Comforts and substances that you once relied on to self soothe are going to be taken away, but know that this is for the better. You are transforming into someone who is more compassionate for yourself, for your body, and for others and their experiences. Know that anything that slips away from you (money, personal space, or emotional privacy) is actually putting you in a more abundant state in the long run. Surrender. Make sure that you are careful of contracts, they will have harsher consequences than usual. Look into the validity of them first.

Virgo risings

Saturn exiting your 6th house is helping you find work, health, and routines that you couldn’t have found without understanding how much you don’t want to do whatever you’ve been doing over the last two years. This period has shown you that you are not a “typical” employee, you are not a “typical” person. You have individual needs that deserve to be met and hopefully you realized that something had to change! It’s possible that you’ve begun taking better care of yourself generally and have realized your personal limitations on what you can accomplish each day. Hopefully you’ve cut out the things that don’t bring joy and have pivoted to daily activities that fulfill and nourish you.

Saturn entering your 7th house is showing you where you’ve been giving too much in your relationships. It’s harder for you to set boundaries because you just care so much! It is best to be aware now that your relationships will not survive if you cannot rein that in. You are not meant to sacrifice yourself so much that you lose yourself in another. If someone new comes into your life in the next three years, make sure they are who they say they are. Watch out for people who are telling you the fantasy of themselves that they envision and not the reality of who they are. Otherwise, things could be getting serious for you in the relationship department, make sure you’ve done your research and don’t sign anything if you have a wonky feeling about it. Trust that you know even when you don’t know.

Libra risings

Saturn exiting your 5th house is bringing back the joy in your life. If you have had a harder time with your children, your sex life, and generally finding life romantic, expect things to lighten up a bit. You have cut out things that were overly indulgent, things that contributed to the money leaving your bank account, you have been addressing your “weird” passions and talents. It’s time to show the world what you’ve been developing in that regard. Saturn was making sure you really enjoy the things you say you do. If you don’t, there’s still time to find new things that you will.

Saturn entering your 6th house is helping you to address your habits. We all know that you struggle with routine- have you ever thought about your rhythm? Maybe the solution is a routine, but maybe this hinders your natural flow. Experiment and see what works for you. Instead of resisting your true nature, focus on consistency instead of doing something constantly. You can consistently exercise without constantly exercising. Set goals, not absolutes. If your health isn’t where you want it to be, be ready for some lessons in taking care of yourself. Make sure you are not overextending in your work, you will have consequences for not prioritizing yourself.

Scorpio risings

Saturn exiting your 4th house will relieve you from familial duties and expectations. You are not here to conform to what your family needs you to be. If you’ve dealt with difficult roommates, parents, or ancestral information, you are being freed. You had to learn about where you came from, how and why you are the way you are, and now that you are a master of the past, you can create your future. If you’ve struggled to get out of your current living situation, you may find a new home soon that suits you, or the restrictive and old school individuals that were keeping you captive, may go find someone else to bother. Either way, enjoy who you really are. You fought for this freedom.

Saturn entering your 5th house may show you where you’ve been wearing rose colored glasses in romance, dating, children, and passions. If you have romanticized certain people (or certain types of people) you will have consequences for entertaining those who victimize you and take from you. This time they may take too much if you don’t learn how to set boundaries. Otherwise, it’s possible that some of you could become parents, or find that you need to become more disciplined with your fun no matter the cause (children or otherwise). With Pisces here, it’s easy to indulge in food, people, substances, experiences– make sure they are truly enriching or you could see some losses. If you have a special talent, it is time to get serious about it.

Sagittarius risings

Saturn exiting your 3rd house is a breath of wisdom blessing your path. You may have felt misunderstood in online spaces, by your local community, by the people you talk to, your peers. Maybe you haven’t had many to talk to at all in the last 2 years. You really do have a message to share and I hope you learned how smart you actually are. If you studied, reviewed difficult paperwork, or information, you are better for it. This will help you communicate the way that you have always wanted to, but have never had the words for in the past. Your mind has been primed for the next level. Put your skills to the test!

Saturn entering your 4th house is going to show you where you have struggled to set boundaries with your family. You may let things slide here, over giving to preserve a specific image of what you wanted your family to look like. On the other hand, you may be uncovering family secrets, knowledge, and history that has been kept hidden from you. It is possible that you will miss what you missed, but know that everyone is dealing with impermanence somewhere, things cannot last forever. Forgiveness is the hardest part. Make sure you aren’t letting just anyone stay with you in your home. Protect your physical and psychic space. Hold others accountable for their messy behavior.

Capricorn risings

Saturn exiting your 2nd house could feel like your finances are looking up. You’ve really struggled to prioritize the things that are important and sustainable. Maybe you’ve had to accept that your money making abilities are not conventional because… neither are your talents. Your diet has probably been weird, you’ve likely had to assess what is fueling you and what is hurting your body. You may have had to do more with less and this is no longer such a hindrance. You now know that you can do anything and those things won’t feel so hard anymore. Continue to foster positive self esteem. It is okay to prioritize yourself over others. You aren’t heartless or wrong for being different.

Saturn entering your 3rd house is going to teach you about the words you say and the impact they have. Your thought process affects your reality, it is best to shift your mind if you want your external conditions to change. Dancing around the topic isn’t going to work anymore, it is time to talk about loss. It is also time to read and re-read before signing, to check if your sentences are actually answering the question before replying, and to understand that being careless in communication is only hurting you in the end. If you have trouble communicating your boundaries in a way that honors all, it is time to find a better way. Beware of online scams and catfishes. Don’t mistake someone’s texting tone for their real one and pay attention to the local news and weather. It could help you later.

Aquarius risings

Saturn exiting your 1st house may feel like you really know yourself now. Hopefully after this transit, you relate to who you are becoming. You’ve likely thought a lot about identity and have parted with certain aspects of you that you no longer identify with. Welcome to the new you! What are you going to do with this new you? You haven’t been accepted for who you really are by everyone and that’s okay. You accept you now and only because of this can others accept you too. Know that this will become easier as you feel out the new skin you grew back from goo. You are ready to be authentic.

Saturn entering your 2nd house will ask you to put into practice your new identity. A new identity means that there are new rules. This means you cannot revert back to what you used to do whether that be the foods you consume, the items you spend your money on, the priorities you have throughout the day, the beliefs you held about social issues and hierarchy. Anything that is not honoring the new version of your identity has to go. It is easy to revert back to the things that made us comfortable, but this isn’t what you are aligning with anymore. Hold yourself to a higher standard. Foster healthy self esteem (and know that Pisces on the 2H makes it difficult to see yourself for who you really are). Be careful of financial mistakes and dieting scams, they will have real world consequences.


Image credit: Johfra Bosschart, “Pisces” 1953


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