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Saturn in Pisces (horoscopes for all 12 signs)

Saturn’s journey and overview:

Saturn, a planet we all know as the resident hard ass, the one who teaches us lessons with a purpose, the boundary setter and keeper, the one who rejoices in loneliness. Our dear, karmic fiend. After having spent 3 years in Aquarius and about 6 years in its domicile in total, it finally moves into its fall in Pisces on March 7th, for the next 3 years.

Saturn, so far, has erased our desire to fit in with everyone else, showing us how to stand on our own two feet even in the face of judgment or social isolation. Before this, it pulled up our physical safety blankets, sewn from the thread of capitalism and fabric weaved from the things that make us positively miserable. Many changed jobs, homes, cut out family members, fluctuated between financial brackets, friend groups, social status, you name it. All of this was in preparation, in my opinion, for both the Saturn in Pisces ingress and Pluto exiting Capricorn and entering the sign of Aquarius. I won’t go into massive detail with the Pluto transits as I have a free lecture on this very phenomenon up in my Facebook group, you can join and watch it here. This is a huge part of our collective experiences.

Saturn, though, is now preparing to settle into a sign that it doesn’t feel comfortable in. In some ways, this can be a relief for the house it is exiting for us. Restrictions on our Aquarius houses will lift and we may feel better for it (while Pluto taking its place could feel less like restriction and more like rapid change).

Though, wherever Saturn is moving into, it is a place that we are not fully comfortable with truths, boundaries, restrictions, and reality. Especially as Jupiter, a planet who set out to show us the variety we have available to us (both positive and negative), has been dipping in and out of this space along with the Neptune in Pisces transit that began in 2011, that will not leave until 2026 a month before Saturn leaves this sign as well. Neptune produced the rose colored glasses, Jupiter helped us use them in unlimited ways, Saturn will be the one to help take them off.

The good news? Saturn in Pisces may not feel as intense as Saturn in its domicile. Saturn will always be Saturn, throwing us difficult lessons, but unless you have Saturn in Pisces harshly aspecting personal placements or the angles, things might lighten up for you.

What is Pisces?

In its highest forms, it wants universal love, it believes in the good nature of people. Pisces travels the whole world to understand deep acceptance and sacrifice for others, it creates from its wounding, it makes mistakes and it allows others to make mistakes. It is unpredictable, but wise, and tapped into otherworldly wisdom. Pisces is your sweetest daydream. It is often compared to the story of Christ and his big sacrifice for humanity, but also the surrender that is necessary in times of total darkness. Pisces walks through the dark, making it to its destination, not with details and a map like its opposite sign (Virgo), but in its own way, with intuition and the hidden third eye.

In the lowest forms, it is confusion. A labyrinth of things that do not matter. An island of lost toys and lost boys, dumb sacrifice, self victimization, delusion despite the facts right in front of its face, so good natured that it helps the wrong people, dancing around the topic, unable to get to the root of an issue (Pisces rules the feet)– Pisces can drag us into a forest of lies so deep, we become trapped.

Honestly, with the Jupiter and Neptune co-presence in this sign, you’ve probably already found yourself in this dramatic "forest of lies", but Saturn I imagine, will help you wake up if you haven’t already. Or if you think you have, you might realize you weren’t as awake as you thought.

Saturn has a hard time here because Pisces represents water and fluidity. It defies boundaries because how do you contain something that slippery? Even in a water bottle, there’s always a chance of the water seeping out. It is hard to direct water. Even building a dam does not ensure that the water won’t destroy it later.

Collective Predictions:

It is truly hard to predict a Saturn in Pisces transit. It is mutable, so even if we have data on how it acted in the past, these are new circumstances and a new world. All of the astrologers I know are trying their best to put together a consensus, but Pisces really is so slippery. I am going to throw out a few guesses, but don’t let these things trigger you, use them as tools to prepare:

  • We will start to see the real ramifications of sickness and how the lack of caution we have had has truly harmed so many and will continue to spiral. Saturn rules the authority that we have and Pisces is the fantasy that we can avoid sickness (opposite Virgo, ruled by Neptune, modern planet of chronic disease). I am also thinking about how the last Saturn in Pisces transit was during the Clinton Administration and he failed to pass his plan for national health care reform. It seems failure of remedying public health crises is a theme of Saturn in Pisces. The 90s was also a peak period for the AIDs epidemic and the loss of an entire generation of Queer elders that came with that.

  • The future of spirituality will look different. Saturn ruling overall structures and Pisces ruling boundless spiritual belief, I think this is the beginning of the end of The Church, of organized religion, which I feel, will only fall apart more as we experience the 20 year Pluto in Aquarius transit. Many will begin to question religious practices and look for something deeper and more meaningful, even if they have to sacrifice a community of people (now that we’ve already seen that we can do this already). Some will try to use their beliefs to scam further or these harmful spiritual beliefs may get worse before they get better.