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Sun enters Taurus 4.20 (horoscopes for all 12 signs)

On 4.20.2023, the Sun enters the sign of Taurus until 5.20.

Every 30 days, the Sun brings awareness to one of the 12 zodiac signs, and depending on the surrounding planetary movement, that season has a different vibe.

Taurus is fixed earth. It is stubborn, predictable, and because of this, it is one of the most susceptible to watered down stereotypes that don't fully capture its essence.

For the longest time, I didn't understand Taurus. This is especially silly as I am a Taurus Sun, I should know all about this sign purely from experience, but without much access to essential dignity, I understand now why it has been difficult. I don't think I fully got it until studying tarot and the cards it is associated with.

Take the Hierophant, for example. The person depicted here is usually the pope, a public spiritualist, or speaker of some kind. The Hierophant is the keeper of the keys, the opener of ways– not to be confused with Mercury / Hermes the one who actually has the energy to walk the paths the Hierophant / Taurus unlocks for him. Still, Taurus does distribute public knowledge and resources.

In fact, you have no idea how many teachers out there have heavy Taurus placements. This is an energy that values tradition and the root of knowledge and wisdom. They are the ones going to the direct source or who are so naturally talented that they are the source.

Likewise, Taurus has the patience to fully embody their interests. The Earth they stand on and the air they breathe is their own chosen interest. Sometimes that means it's something valuable and sacred to be distributed to others and sometimes it means it is only valuable and sacred to them.

For example, as a Taurus, my food is truly a spiritual experience. I saw a Tik Tok while Venus was still in Taurus of someone (incredibly stoned) making a peanut butter and jelly banana sandwich in the air fryer. He said something like, "You can't cut a banana like it's any fruit. You gotta cut it like a banana!" and then proceeded to cut the banana in thin slices, checking the peanut butter for how deep it was, taking care to make sure the jelly wasn't lumpy. I actually tried this after watching and it was the most divine experience I have ever had with a sandwich. This is what Taurus is, it makes the simplest things sacred. It adjusts little things intuitively and that tiny bit of effort goes a long way. Taurus doesn't want to be bored or uncomfortable, so it will make sure that it doesn't have to suffer through lumpy jelly or cold feet or dry skin by taking that extra step.

There are exactly three steps to understanding Taurus (inspired by Austin Coppock and T. Susan Chang's take on the decans of Taurus): Concern, Stability, and Negligence.

Concern is where Taurus begins with Do I look alright? or Is it enough?

This becomes stability, I am practically perfect in every way.

Then comes negligence, It doesn't matter or I'll get it later.

Taurus cares enough so that it can get comfortable until its comfort becomes negligence and requires concern again (did that make sense?). Taurus rules over our root issues and in order to maintain these things, it requires a bit of pressure, otherwise Taurus would stay comfortable forever and wouldn't gain experience. If Taurus doesn't gain experience, it can't stay relevant– which believe it or not, it cares about its own relevance. Like, a lot.

Taurus cares about social hierarchy and superiority because they take all the right steps. They work smart. They put time and care into mastering their chosen interest. When they see someone else who is successful and has not cultivated this success the way they have, Taurus begins to feel bitter, envious, overlooked. They might create power struggles in their head or struggle with worthiness.

If you begin to struggle with these things this season, know that the wheel of success is unbiased and unfair. Taurus has to learn that there is a right time for everything (The Moon does exalt here after all).

Find the ways that you can make something more special and more valuable this season. Imagine you are renovating your home and that someday when you sell it, this home will be worth so much more just because it was you who lived in it and loved it well. This concept is best applied metaphorically to wherever you have Taurus personally.

Essential dignity

The Sun is peregrine in Taurus. There is no face or term supporting him either, so he feels foreign and strange here. Astrologers often describe a peregrine planet as being in a foreign country– and without any other forms of dignity in this planet's grasp? It doesn't have any access to any of its own tools either. Simply put, the Sun in Taurus means that self expression is hard. This is likely why Taurus Suns are enigmas because unless you follow them around or live in their home, you might not quite understand what they do or how they do it. There's no loud way for them to express themselves which is likely why being seen for the more profound parts of them is challenging. They are subtle.

In this mythical Taurus-land, everything is slow. People who live here are slow to open up, they leisurely take their time to do anything at all, and they might express one thing but the embodied experience is so different. It's that sensation of: you just had to be there.

In thinking about the Sun and how it usually acts as a literal and metaphorical spotlight, it is safe to say that the spotlight often drifts towards all the action. I imagine, when the spotlight is focused on Taurus, they don't perform for you like a monkey. They'll probably just do what they usually do. Some people find that boring, but sped up a little bit? and put to music? and, voila! You have an artsy vlog on youtube with a million views. Mercury and Venus in mutual reception in Taurus and Gemini might support this concept more-so this year than is typical.

My point though, is that Taurus isn't performative, but the Sun's main job is performance and awareness. We may find ourselves becoming too aware of things that normally don't matter. This is where you will create sanctity where there was none before. I hope you understand the true brilliance in this and that you will only find the sacred when you slow your steps enough to spot it.

Major Aspects:

First, a Major Transit: Mercury retrograde in Taurus 4.21-5.14

Mercury will be in its retrograde period (and mutually applying to the Sun) for the majority of Taurus season. This is coloring most of our experience with a greater awareness of all that has passed. It is important not to lose ourselves in the past and to stay grounded in where we are now, how we've changed, and what is valuable here, in this space, that we didn't even have the wisdom to value before. Let the Sun act as an anchor, drawing your attention into the present even if your thoughts are elsewhere. Always come back to where you are now.


Sun square Pluto 4.20

This is about power struggles. You might feel a lack of support or a general ego conflict this day with an authority figure, a group of people, or even within yourself. You could be struggling with expression or with feeling understood generally. This may be a continuation of something that has already been felt within your relationships. Take a step back and make sure that you are not pushing or becoming overly assertive before things have had a chance to temper. Beware of extreme behavior as this is the day after the eclipse.

Sun conjunct North Node 4.24

You might start to feel really aligned with the personal nodal path that the stars have been carving for you since January of 2022. Insights and awareness might arise at this time to show you what eclipse season is truly about for you or where you are needing to shift a bit to get on track with what is in store for you. Remember that destiny is something that you are creating despite the events that fate throws your way. Use your own autonomy wisely and in a way that makes the best of the adjustments you are experiencing in some area.

Sun sextile Saturn 4.25

The Sun is trying to show you something about accountability. The Sun and Saturn are the two time keepers. The Sun tracks the hours and the days while Saturn tracks the years and the decades. Remember that small actions and commitments make up big actions and big commitments. Tend to the details, it is worth your while.

Sun conjunct Mercury rx 5.01

The Sun and Mercury are mutually applying in the same sign and in the same house putting a little extra importance on this day. Read the description above about Mercury retrograde, but know that you may receive newfound clarity about something on or around this day. Be open to things being different than you thought initially

Sun conjunct Uranus 5.09

Taurus hates surprises, but... surprise! Expect the unexpected and know that Uranus can twist anything, anyway it likes. When we had the Venus-Uranus conjunction in Taurus my grandparents each brought home two of every kind of the same food item from different grocery stores because they didn't communicate! Yeah... with Mercury retrograde in Taurus too, expect some mishaps.

Sun sextile Neptune 5.19

This might be a spiritual day, a sleepy day, a creative day. Whatever the case, you have an opportunity to see things differently today. Make sure you are not letting your projections get in the way, there is real potential to elevate your esteem and sense of security. Let yourself dream, but use this day for trivial pleasures instead of big, serious events as your awareness is a bit clouded.

Sun sextile Mars 5.19

These two are meeting up at 29º just before each leave to enter new signs, almost as if they carry this energy into other houses even though it began somewhere else. These are times of accomplishment, getting things done, a boost of energy and vitality. Be mindful of burning out– the sextile begins and travels through two critical degrees (29º and 0º). If you over tend, you might ruin something that was already good as it was. Beware of opportunities for heightened anger, it will pass.

Short Rising Sign Predictions:

Aries risings:

With the Sun transiting your 2nd house, you are focused on money, self esteem, and priorities. Bring your awareness to the things that make you feel stable and don't forget to spend time present and rooted in your body.

Taurus risings:

With the Sun transiting your your 1st house, you are focused on identity, autonomy, and appearance. This is a time to focus on you, your style, your attitude. Let go of any attachments that aren't really you anymore. Only embody the things you most value.

Gemini risings:

With the Sun transiting your 12th house, you are focused on your alone time. Let yourself hibernate, it is just that kind of season. You may enjoy your rest, taking a vacation, spending time in meditation or other ritual work. Cultivate a positive mental space.

Cancer risings:

With the Sun transiting your 11th house, you are focused on the things, people, and places that truly interest you. You might spend time with people you've known forever or get back into the things you love to do. Dream for the future without confining yourself to the past.

Leo risings:

With the Sun transiting your 10th house, you are focused on your own sense of authority. You might bring your attention to your career goals or spend more time with a parental figure. Know that you can take all the time you need getting to where you want to go.

Virgo risings:

With the Sun transiting your 9th house, you are focused on travel and your experiences. You might visit somewhere you used to know or have an experience that brings you out of your comfort zone. Seek millions of different experiences even if it's with the exact same material.

Libra risings:

With the Sun transiting your 8th house, you are focused on sharing and investing. You'll likely start to think about the spaces that you could contribute more to, but know that others are wanting to invest in you right now. It is okay to let others take care of you.

Scorpio risings:

With the Sun transiting your 7th house, you are focused on partnering. If you want a relationship to grow, feed your positive attention into that person. A plant without sunlight cannot thrive. Focus on the genuine expression of your needs, you are not a plastic succulent!

Sagittarius risings:

With the Sun transiting your 6th house, you are focused on your health. Bring your awareness to reciprocity. It is all a balancing act– remember, it's a cycle of worry, stability, and negligence. Just make sure you're always coming back to stability eventually.

Capricorn risings:

With the Sun transiting your 5th house, you are focused on having fun. Indulge in your creature comforts, but pay attention to how it makes you feel. Does it fill you up or does it leave a hole? Mastering this is the key to true comfort.

Aquarius risings:

With the Sun transiting your 4th house, you are focused on your home. Bring your attention to what makes you feel safe, but be careful of staying so safe that you cannot discover what is truly comfortable. And, hey! go visit your family (chosen or not)!

Pisces risings:

With the Sun transiting your 3rd house, you are focused on communicating. Notice who makes you feel heard at this time. Go to your favorite café, or listen to your favorite music in the car, this is a time to roam and speak and think. What parts of your mind are reliable?



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