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The Chiron Series

In astrology, we have planets, but we also have asteroids. Working with the asteroids is powerful because they focus in on the details. Chiron is one of the more widely known asteroids and is associated with its Greek mythology centaur counterpart that was later cast up into the sky to describe our deepest wound.

Chiron is most popularly called “the wounded healer” and there is much discourse on this. Many complain that this is a basic way to describe him, but that’s because we often don’t offer more explanation to that title.

Chiron in a birth chart explains how you have been deeply hurt and how you heal others through this wound. No one can ever experience such a horrible hurt like this in the way that you do (especially when considering houses and aspects beyond just the sign it’s in) and no one will heal others through understanding this specific hurt like you can. Chiron hurts. It isn’t pretty or fun to talk about, but this understanding of yourself can help the healing process.

This asteroid stays in each sign for about 4 years, which alludes to an element of generational trauma. The only two signs that Chiron stays in for more than this is Pisces and Aries where it stays for 8 years at a time, while it spends only 2 years in Virgo and Libra.

I think this is one of the most interesting aspects of Chiron. I wonder, does it stay so long in Aries and Pisces because these are the first and last signs? Perhaps this is where there must be the most collective healing… meanwhile, it only stays in the opposite of these signs (Virgo and Libra) for two years. If you think about it, there is the most pain felt in the beginning and the ending of anything. When someone gives birth, there is pain. When someone dies, there is pain. Virgo and Libra are the healers and balancers of the zodiac and would likely harmonize with this energy well, while their opposites deal with pain around individualism and realism.

Look to where this is in your chart (sign and house) and also keep in mind the current energies as we currently have Chiron in Aries until June 2026 where we get a shadow period of Chiron in Taurus before it retrogrades back again for another 6 months or so.

Chiron in Aries or in the 1st house:

Your deepest wound is in the very essence of your being. You were taught that your anger is not allowed. For others around you, especially in childhood, they were allowed this anger and it was often directed your way. You have seen how blinding rage can destroy everything and the repression of this anger in yourself has resulted in the endangerment of The Self. Your personality, your outlook, your being was not accepted. Chiron is known for being abandoned by his mother. Perhaps you were abandoned for how you look, how you act, or maybe you abandoned yourself along the way through holding in the anger you deserved to feel all along. Repressing anger is also repressing who you are at your core. It says that you are not allowed to feel the way that you do… even though you do. Maybe you were pushed to be the best at everything, maybe who you are isn’t ever enough for anyone around you. When you choose to stand out or to do something your own way, this anger and aggression is directed at you. I am so sorry that you were never allowed to be fully you. There is nothing wrong with you.

How you heal others:

You heal by encouraging these things in others. Wherever you were not allowed to express individuality, an opinion, your anger, your outlook, what you want? You encourage this in other people. You are a hype man. You are the one screaming “Don’t get sad, GET ANGRY!” You evoke the anger in others that you were never allowed to feel. It’s like that scene in every cheesy movie where someone says “I just want to scream.” You are the person that says “WELL THEN SCREAM!” You let them express who they are without judging or comparing or minimizing. You allow and seek out different opinions and diverse appearances and stances and views. You celebrate others in their independence and you secretly wish you could have someone celebrate yours.

Chiron in Taurus or in the 2nd house:

Your deepest wound is around your value and self esteem. This corresponds to every single thing you put in and out of your body and the currency you use to obtain those things. Maybe you were picked apart for what you eat, what you wear, what you believe in and what you value. There is always pressure to conform, always pressure to restrict, always pressure to stay exactly the same. Always consistent. If you weren’t consistent enough, thin enough, bulky enough, fashionable enough, wealthy enough, poor enough, that meant that you were not enough. Your deepest wound is your enoughness. Your lovableness. Chiron in Taurus is also about superiority. Others will shove you down under their sharp heels, flexing their superiority, their titles, their money, their worth and making sure that you know you will never amount to anything. You strive to be contained and perfect and well mannered because there will always be someone over you, better than you. You accept underpayment, undereating, underdressing because you undervalue yourself and others undervalue you. I’m sorry that your body, your mind, and your soul were never enough for others. You were always enough, the whole damn time, even with the superiors breathing down your neck and forcing you to conform to their version of value.

How you heal others:

You always make sure others know that they are enough. You don’t judge others for what they consume and how much they make or what they wear. You know that their value is deeper than what could ever be seen on the outside. You heal with your cooking (if you’re into that), with your voice, with the money in your pockets. It doesn’t really matter what it is you physically heal with, but you heal because you spend the time and the energy on others. You know what a difference these things can make. You know