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Venus enters Aries (2.20.23)


Venus enters its detriment in Aries, on 2.20.23, just hours after the New moon in Pisces. Venus will be here for just over 3 weeks until entering Taurus on 3.26.23

What is Venus? Venus represents our standards, value systems, and attraction. These broad themes can include our relationships and finances because this is what they both require. We have to have a standard of living and loving, a proper value system that aligns with the kinds of people we have in our lives or the things we are willing to do for money. What is inside usually attracts what is on the outside. Venus wants the best for us, so she shows us what we deserve– and we all deserve love and care.

What is Venus in Aries? Aries is the sign of childlike wonder. It is the sign that is first– Venus is starting its own fresh zodiacal cycle in this sign. This is typically where we initiate something new, which is contrary to the Venusian way of doing things. She doesn't chase, she attracts, but not in the sign of Aries. Venus doesn't really like being in Aries. She's uncomfortable. This is the Venus sign that impulsively blurts out its affections for another, it puts itself in extremely vulnerable positions because of its authenticity.

If we imagine Venus stepping into a new body every time it enters a new sign– when it steps into its Aries body, it is no longer the 'typical' definition of pretty. Venus would typically thrive in a pretty, girly dress or a very well made sweater. In Aries, it is in leather, barefoot, holes in its jeans, hair wild.

Venus in Aries is about defense. Just because Venus is uncomfortable here does not mean there isn't something to be done here. Transits don't happen without intent. Here, Venus will burn down the whole world to protect, to defend, and to uphold its standards, the people in its life, and instead of waiting? It goes to get what it wants. Venus becomes a warrior. Use this time to be loud about what matters to you.

Major Aspects:

3.01 Venus conjunct Jupiter

Our two benefics in the sky will join together this day. Even with Venus in detriment, it is gaining support from Jupiter who is strong in Aries. These two are on the same page about independence, treating us to our individual blessings, and creating something new. Since Jupiter has already been on its journey through Aries, Venus is receiving a boost of wisdom from Jupiter. This will drive forward the story in our Aries houses– even when one planet is struggling in a sign, it's never a bad thing for our benefic planets to meet up. Enjoy whatever increases you receive at this time.

3.03 Venus conjunct Chiron

Just as Venus is separating from Jupiter, it will join Chiron, the wounded healer. There is pain in the beginning. I always compare Aries to birth for this reason. Giving birth is painful. Starting again is hard. There's always risk involved, there's always the possibility of it not turning out the way that you hoped. Maybe you fear lack of acceptance or for things to fail. Can you overcome the fear of pain? Know that your pain threshold heightens each time you start again– much like how each time someone gives birth, it is easier.

3.11 Venus sextile Mars

Venus will provide an opportunity to Mars in Gemini– especially as it is a Mars ruled Venus. We already know that Aries and Aquarius sextile because of their shared innovation and perspective. But Aries and Gemini sextile because of the potential and possibility we feel when we learn something new. Learning is a thing that snowballs and both of these signs see the entire world beginning in a new book or in a fun fact. These are the things that lead to lightbulb moments. Venus is appreciating Mars for its mind and Mars really likes when Venus dresses like him. This is aspect is sexy.

3.26 Venus square Pluto

Pluto is about to depart from Capricorn to shake up the world with a brand new generation. Venus is helping Pluto to initiate this by showing us that no matter how well built something is? It still has its dark sides. Just because it's a nice house doesn't mean we should stay in the house forever. Any control issues that we have are exacerbated now, ultimatums are possible and perhaps, necessary. Venus-Pluto has to transform, but Aries and Capricorn can only work together by pushing one another.

Venus in Aries themes for the rising signs:

Aries risings: Venus in the 1st house will highlight self, identity, personal outlook, sense of self, independence, condition, body, stylization

Taurus risings: Venus in the 12th house will highlight isolation, institutions, the unseen, hidden friends and enemies, spiritual experiences, substances, altered states, rest, retreats, subconscious fears and desires.

Gemini risings: Venus in the 11th house will highlight your friendships, communities, interests, goals, future aspirations and wishes, and network circles.

Cancer risings: Venus in the 10th house will highlight your career, life path, public appearance, parents, authority figures, reputation, and position.

Leo risings: Venus in the 9th house will highlight personal philosophy, higher education, mentors, foreign travel, religion, legal affairs, publishing, prophecies, and extended family.

Virgo risings: Venus in the 8th house will highlight loans, debt, shared resources, contracts, taxes, intimacy, and personal transformation.

Libra risings: Venus in the 7th house will highlight interpersonal relationships, agreements, business and personal partnerships, the law, and the public.

Scorpio risings: Venus in the 6th house will highlight health, routines and rhythms, rituals, pets and their health, the things you can control, work, service, coworkers, reciprocity.

Sagittarius risings: Venus in the 5th house will highlight pleasure, fun, enjoyment, sex, passion, dating, romance, children, entertainment, creativity, stocks.

Capricorn risings: Venus in the 4th house will highlight property, home, family, parents, grandparents, ancestry, safety, comfort, security, land, and domestic issues.

Aquarius risings: Venus in the 3rd house will highlight communication, local environment, news, transportation, siblings, visits, short trips, teachers, and gossip.

Pisces risings: Venus in the 2nd house will highlight personal income, self esteem, time and energy exerted, priorities, clothing, values, food, and resources.

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