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Venus enters Cancer 5.07 (horoscopes for all 12 signs)

Venus has spent the last month blessing the land of books, words, and thoughts with gifts of pleasure and romance on every page and in every phrase. Hopefully you have opened your mind to adjust to the newfound standards that eclipse season has surely elevated in your life. She closes out this transit through Gemini where she has been mutually receiving Mercury retrograde, helping us out immensely throughout eclipse season, to venture into a sign where she embraces triplicity and eventual mutual reception with Jupiter.

Venus, of course, sweetens everything she touches and is a fierce protector of quality. In Cancer, she travels under the sea to remind us of how she originally rose from fertilized sea foam, riding into shore on the back of a scallop shell.

Collage by Caspar David Friedrich and Alice Rahon Magnificent

It's no wonder Venus gains some dignity in Cancer as this sign is ruled by the Moon. Pearls are often associated with both the Moon, due to their lunar appearance, and Venus the true Pearl of the ocean. These gorgeous, opaque water stones are surprisingly formed from oysters or mussels protecting themselves from an irritant or parasite.

They release minerals creating the composite Nacre (a word which translates to "Mother of Pearl") that encases the irritant and prevents it from harming the organism. In the shell's pursuit of protection, it nurtures or "mothers" what was once a parasite into a jewel. The healing quality of the sea is unconventional and unparalleled, turning a beast into a beauty all within its congenial container. This is how we can imagine learned traits being passed down– will you pass down a healthy love or a toxic one to our future generations?

We, as a collective, are responsible for the children of this world whether you bear them yourself or not. It is the children that will take all of our own generational successes and failings just to amplify them. It's best to leave the beach better than you found it, taking out the trash of those who came before.

Venus and the Moon are overwhelmingly linked as two Mother goddesses who govern the welfare of women and children. Each needs the other, the Moon's wisdom advises Venus in her court of standards. The Moon guides us through each of the phases of Maiden, Mother, and Crone while Venus informs the desires of each stage, perhaps even prompting us to advance to the next. The Moon provides the container which houses the baby in the womb while Venus is the baby born and the baby grown for the womb to even exist.

I see them each as both the chicken and the egg. A loving relationship (Venus) requires emotion (the Moon), we have, at least, an ambiguous relationship to each of our emotions. This is what Venus in Cancer is like. We can think of Cancer as the effervescent container that simultaneously grows life and protects it.

Through this transit, Venus is decorated with Pearls of Wisdom to show us how to love better, love wiser, loving as deeply as the ocean may take us. Venus will first enter its own decan of Cancer where "She begins to dissolve the illusion of our separate selves, and she does it by making us fall in love" (T. Susan Chang, 36 Secrets, Cancer I). Container or not, love conquers all.

We tread water to truly see and witness another to then approach the Mercurial decan of Cancer where Venus will navigate an abundance of understanding and receive the voice of the ocean we hear when holding a seashell to our ear. Again, regardless of the seemingly separate containers that hold the ocean and hold the body to keep us breathing, Mercury can always travel between vessels and worlds no matter how dense.

When Venus reaches the final third of lunar territory, she partners with the Moon decan to show us the wisdom beyond the fairy gold, overcoming her attachment to the container until she is almost ready to be born as a morning star with a lengthy transit that features a hearty retrograde and eventual star point through Leo on June 5th.

I love to write frilly, metaphorical introductions, but to give you a more grounded sense of what this transit will look like: Venus in Cancer is home cooking, motherly advice, and epsom salt baths. We may draw more comfort from our families or our physical homes at this time, we may seek to make everything more comfortable.

We, as people, often find comfort in beauty– this is why we might paint Lucifer as the ugliest even though in actuality he was known as the most beautiful fallen angel. In order to remind ourselves of the evil that resides in this spirit, we must purposefully make him ugly. This must be why we start to pick apart people after our relationships with them have died off, "Well, they breathed too loudly anyway." or "They had a terrifying mole." some part of us is seeking ugliness to match the discomfort of their behavior towards us even when we thought they were the most heavenly thing to look at before. So, a beauty mark becomes a mole.

Cancer, as a cardinal sign, is actually very driven. Its ambition lies in its protection– like when a mother suddenly gains super strength to save their baby. The fiercest people we know are often our parents and what they have done to secure our survival. The need to protect may consume Cancer so much that they will begin to accidentally suffocate the thing they love, reminiscent of the story of Repunzle. Be careful of becoming too enmeshed with others lest you or they become claustrophobic, ruining the relationship.

Overall, this transit is going to teach us about how our own containers, much like towers, can be protective or nurturing, destructive or isolating. The containers we have around ourselves, around others, around our projects. It is important that we highlight any underlying emotions of scarcity that do not properly accommodate the growth of ourselves, our relationships, and our creations. This month, go to the water, hug those who have nurtured you, and prepare your favorite childhood meal– these things are more beautiful and more nourishing than you give them credit for.

Essential Dignity

Like I mentioned before, Venus has triplicity in Cancer. Ptolemy says she has night triplicity and Dorotheus says she has day triplicity, I say she has general triplicity. This often means that the planet gains support from others at this time, much like how a family might show up in times of need, bringing over luxurious groceries to your empty fridge or helping you to move furniture around that you couldn't lift yourself.

Additionally, Venus is very active at this time as she is ruling the Sun in Taurus for the majority of her stay in Cancer, Mercury in Taurus (retrograde and direct), and technically Uranus in Taurus as well (though this is likely to feel like background noise). We can expect these planets to take a more caring, lunar approach than typical as Taurus is already the Moon's exaltation. Venus offers a bit more support because she was literally born from sea foam and knows this realm almost as well as she knows herself.

On May 16th Jupiter, our greater benefic, enters Taurus where Venus, the lesser benefic, will mutually receive him. Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Jupiter is Cancer's exaltation lord. We can enjoy the Cancer and Taurus houses in our charts exchanging post eclipse blessings that have been long awaited with all the painstaking foraging that Jupiter in Aries has done on raw, untouched land. We ran during that transit so that we can walk leisurely now. I will talk more about Jupiter in Taurus in an upcoming article.

Venus will enjoy dignity by term between 13º and 19º of Cancer (May 19th-May 25th) and more minor dignity in the first decan of Cancer ranging from 0º-10º (May 7th-16th).

This is a well rounded transit!

Major Aspects:

Venus sextile the North Node 5.10

The North Node is in the last 3 degrees of Taurus and is currently trying to integrate all the adjustments from eclipse season. We may begin to benefit from those adjustments or at the very least, find support from Venus and our close relationships. There is an opportunity for relief at this time.

Venus sextile Mercury rx 5.12

Mercury is mutually applying to Venus as our messenger God is still retrograde and moving backwards. With Mercury answering to Venus, significant communication and epiphanies are possible. We can imagine Mercury delivering pearls of wisdom directly from Venus herself. The houses of Taurus and Cancer in your chart are helping to reprocess in a way that averse Venus in Gemini couldn't– Mama's home!

Venus trine Saturn conjunct the Moon 5.13

This is kinda cool, Venus will trine Saturn at the same time the Moon in Pisces moves to conjunct him. Venus-Saturn aspects are always so structured (Saturn exalts in a Venusian sign!) and Venus in Cancer is mutually receiving the Moon in Pisces. What is normally a somber day with Moon-Saturn, could turn out to be supportive, productive, and worthwhile. The more time invested, the more lovely this transit might be. For example, say you are a Libra rising, with Moon-Saturn in the 6th house sextile Venus in the 10th, you may find that tending to the details of your work could result in something fruitful and worthy of presentation in your portfolio. Saturn may act as a helpful, disciplinary figure more than a harsh boundary in the surrounding days.

Venus begins mutually receiving Jupiter in Taurus 5.16

Blessings abound! Read more about this under the essential dignity section and in the upcoming Jupiter in Taurus article to understand this transit. Consider the two houses of Taurus and Cancer and how they'll be uplifting each other at this time.

Venus square Chiron 5.24

Something or someone might be pressing on a wound, no matter how loving the intention, it is threatening our independence. This is where the containers come in– is the container nurturing or is it restricting? It might be time to ease up so as not to smother yourself, another, or a creation of yours. Too much water can kill a plant.

Venus sextile Uranus 5.25

With all Uranus transits, what is "good" is also a little bad and what is "bad" is also a little good. Take surprises in stride and be open to the potential that mishaps offer. Maybe the best day ever is behind an accident.

Venus trine Neptune 6.02

A lovely time for creation, art, music, photography, and film. Use Neptune transits for trivial activities because illusion and projection is still abound. This can be fun and vibey, or it can be a time where it is easy to overstep into someone else's container. Boundaries are nonexistent here, so make sure you feel safe in the liminal space.

Rising Sign Predictions:

Aries risings:

With Venus transiting your 4th house, you may find yourself, like a crab, retreating back to the original container in which you grew. It is normal to miss your family or to seek the individual, private space of your own home away from others. This may be a time where you are decorating your home, investing in your physical space, or reconnecting with the people you most love. You may feel a greater need to protect something in this realm– your own children or your property. This month, you'll find pearls of wisdom within the history of your ancestors. You can communicate with them despite your separate containers.

Taurus risings:

With Venus transiting your 3rd house, you may seek to create comfort in your everyday environments. You may find yourself communing with nature, nurturing your sibling relationships and friendships, adorning your social media page with gorgeous pictures that whisper a thousand words, or giving and receiving precious advice. You may feel a greater need to protect something in this realm. Ask yourself if your mind is truly a safe container for you. What can you do to nurture your mind? For this is an environment too. This month, you'll find pearls of wisdom within the depths of your inner monologue. You are intuitive and telepathic despite the separation between your mind and another's.

Gemini risings:

With Venus transiting your 2nd house, you may find yourself in comfortable clothes, eating your most cherished comfort foods, nurturing your bank account, or realizing your body as the ultimate container for your soul. You may feel a greater need to protect something in this realm. Is your body properly honored as the vessel that carries your heart and spirit and thoughts around? Or on the contrary, are you finding yourself tending so much that your esteem crumbles like dough without enough water. This month, you'll find pearls of wisdom in the signals your body is giving you. It is up to you to decipher the messages that your container is trying to bestow upon you. Don't ignore them.

Cancer risings:

With Venus transiting your 1st house, you may find yourself feeling ethereally beautiful, but remember that Venus will address any self esteem issues that are prohibiting you from this. Maybe it wasn't that Venus was the most beautiful woman in heaven and earth, but that her mere presence made her so. Remember that you too, are crafted from sea foam and are Pearl of the Sea. You may feel a greater need to nurture and to protect your identity and sense of autonomy. This month, you'll be the one bestowing pearls of wisdom from your very soul, you are the wisdom and the gift. Make sure that you are comfortable in the container that houses your very self.

Leo risings:

With Venus transiting your 12th house, you may find yourself desiring to be alone. This is not a bad thing, it is actually something we all need during our 12th house transits. Solitude is important to feel comfortable in, so allow yourself to find the things you like about it. The 12th house is the ultimate container, the metaphorical amniotic sac of the houses. You may feel a greater need to protect yourself and to lean on any spiritual practices you have. This month, pearls of wisdom are found when you are alone in your bed, in your pajamas, in the dark. Let their iridescent light guide you when you are totally lost, but know that you couldn't have seen the light without being totally in the dark anyway.

Virgo risings:

With Venus transiting your 11th house, you may seek out your best friends– the ones that really know you, feeling comfortable within a group of people will likely come easier, you may seek out like minded people with like minded interests and delve completely into your most creative self. Now is a time to plan for the future. What does your current container look like and is it truly nurturing the kind of life you are desiring? Do you feel at home or do you feel suffocated? This month, pearls of wisdom are found through your friends, an older sibling maybe, but really? There is wisdom in the present that will propel you into the kind of future you desire if you would only listen.

Libra risings:

With Venus transiting your 10th house, your focus is on the legacy you are nurturing. You can expect lovely interactions with your parents or your boss or anyone you look up to, you might do something to change your outward appearance– this could be a promotion or even a physical move. The point of this time for you is to get comfortable with the container you're leaving behind for others or perhaps what this container looks like on the outside. Are you aligned with your goals? Do you feel at home with what you have accomplished? This month, pearls of wisdom come from someone in power or a parent– but really, wisdom is found when you remember that your true legacy is not in your own creations, but in who you leave behind. They are your legacy, may they speak proudly of you.

Scorpio risings:

With Venus transiting your 9th house, you might seek knowledge. Not just the kind you read in books, but the experience of knowledge. It is likely that you'll take or teach a class, travel somewhere beautiful, or bond with a mentor. You often feel foreign and at a distance from those you love, so let yourself feel at home with people and experiences outside of what is typical for you. You may feel a greater need to protect your beliefs, know that by stepping outside of the container that has held you, there is greater and richer life to experience. This month, you'll collect pearls of wisdom from a therapist, a teacher, a grandparent, or through life itself. Be open and don't you dare miss it!

Sagittarius risings:

With Venus transiting your 8th house, your focus is on investment. Others might invest in you monetarily or energetically, you might find intimacy with a loved one and break through the surface of what you thought you knew about someone, you might also begin to reflect on loss. Know that love doesn't exist without loss. It is a gift to lose because it means you have loved and that you are alive. You might lose the container that has kept you so secure, but you might find that by stepping outside of it, you gain so much more. This month, pearls of wisdom come from closeness, from emptiness, if you have recently invested in wisdom, you will get a return on this investment.

Capricorn risings:

With Venus transiting your 7th house, you are seeking out the comfort of other people. You may have a specific person in mind, but you can expect that all of your relationships are needing some TLC at this time. You are the kind of person who often keeps yourself separate from others generally, but to quote Chang again, "[Venus] begins to dissolve the illusion of our separate selves, and she does it by making us fall in love". So allow yourself to love. By no means does this need to be romantic, but it does require a living, breathing human. This month, pearls of wisdom come from the people you are in relationships with. Have you fulfilled the contracts and promises that you have made?

Aquarius risings:

With Venus transiting your 6th house, you are taking care of the details. You might spend extra time tending to your craft, pets might be extra cuddly, and the rituals that provide you the most comfort are calling to you at this time. This is great time to make sure that the health of your container (body, mind, and spirit) is truly up to standard. Productivity is great, but the most important thing is that you are honoring your need for rest too. This month, pearls of wisdom come through the universal language in which we are all interconnected. It doesn't matter that a dog or a cat can't speak English, you still know and understand what they are trying to communicate. The universe works in this way too if you listen.

Pisces risings:

With Venus transiting your 5th house, you are deeply enjoying comfort. You know all about the joys of being comfortable. You may feel especially creative and in tune with your passions, emotional in the presence of art or performance, and enamored by children and the purity of their laughter. You are in for a fun time, but only if you can nurture the things that you enjoy properly. The inner child within you is the container in which holds your most potent inventive artist and the most authentic joy. This month, pearls of wisdom come from children or the child within you that constantly asks "Why?" Reply with your gut response to find the truest answer.



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