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Venus enters Gemini 4.11 (horoscopes for all 12 signs)

From 4.11 until 5.07, our planet of attraction and values, will travel through Gemini.

For the last month, Venus has been at home in the sign Taurus where food is extra delicious, the aesthetics are immaculate, and our values become solid. With Venus aspecting Uranus within this journey, you have likely begun to re-evaluate how you are treated in some area. While many of us are sad to see Venus leave its domicile, we have some new and interesting energy that Venus is walking into.

Venus dictates our values, esteem, relationships, our finances, and social hierarchy, but she specifically handles these things by how worthy of them we think we are. When Venus is in Gemini, our thoughts and personal mindset is elevated.

Gemini rules the mind. We've recently explored the uglier parts of this sign over the last several months through our personal and collective experiences with Mars in Gemini from 8.20.2022 to 3.25.2023. This transit will not be like that transit, if anything, Venus might bring some order to this area of our charts whereas Mars in Gemini was the definition of chaos. Wherever you have Gemini in your personal chart is likely where you saw verbal arguments, overthinking, and anxiety during the Mars in Gemini transit. It certainly made our minds stronger and our arguments bulletproof, but it wasn't the kindest to our poor nervous systems. Venus in Gemini is really wanting us to see how our mindsets attract certain outcomes.

I am not big on the law of attraction hype and I specifically mean the people teaching it, not the actual law, because I think these principles used without a healthy dose of reality and trauma healing is not conducive to real growth. I am however, for the law itself and basic understanding of positive and abundant mindsets. The mind can be such a terrible place, but this transit is showing us how to build a healthier perception of what could be, especially as Venus ingresses on the day of the Jupiter cazimi. That positive place was difficult to find under the chaos of Mars, but now that we have severed and cleared anything holding us back, Venus can now help us to rebuild.

Venus in Gemini is an architect. Venus loves design and aesthetic while Gemini loves to plan, write, think, and talk. These two together can create entire worlds on paper, or in a silly conversation, and then actually set us up to start attracting those things into our lives, too– as long as we know it isn't on our time, that's always going to be Saturn's job. The catch is, you have to shift your perception to allow all that Venus is wanting to bring in. We can be very resistant to a better life simply because of the stories we are telling ourselves, try not to let those get in your way.

In a mundane sense, Venus in Gemini can be: The love of books, endless conversations with friends, understanding from a sibling, fun car rides, amazing experiences in the city you live in, or gossipy T.V. shows with tons of plot twists.

The harder part of this transit comes from our own minds or in discourse with others about our core values. Stubbornness and attachment might show up to resist change due to Mercury in Taurus as Venus' ruler– we'll discuss this in just a minute.

Essential Dignity

Venus doesn't have much dignity in Gemini and is normally considered peregrine. Planets that are peregrine might feel like they are in a foreign country without any access to their own energy and tools. In Taurus, Venus had the five senses, food to cook, fashion to design, appearances to obsess over, and tradition to keep up with. These are things that are already in her wheelhouse, but in Gemini, Venus has... BOOKS?

Legally Blonde (2001)

Nonetheless, Venus is still Venus and will make up her own version of Gemini. The best example of Venus in Gemini personified is Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. In fact, after typing this, I looked up the chart of the day this movie was released and guess what? This movie does have Venus in Gemini!

Anyway, typically Venus is peregrine in this sign, except by term. From 12º-17º Venus has her own term (using Egyptian bounds) where she might have some access to her own tools. She might be in a foreign sign, but she could have access to say– pretty pastel pen colors, a book cover that looks more like actual art, sparkly nails to wave around in conversation (Gemini rules the hands), or even something more serious like a morally sound perception, valuable advice, good ideas that attract the correct resources and people in order to carry them out. Venus will be within her own bounds from 4.21-4.25. You might see tangible or metaphorical Venusian tools presenting themselves to you at this time wherever you have Gemini.

Another important part of Venus' dignity in this sign has to do with another planet entirely:

Mutual Reception with Mercury

Mercury, Gemini's ruling planet, is in Taurus the entire time Venus is in Gemini. Typically this would mean that Venus answers to Mercury while she's staying in this sign, except this time, Mercury is in Taurus which is ruled by Venus. This phenomenon is called "Mutual Reception" which greatly improves the dignity of both signs as it allows them to each escape their debilitated condition– in this case they are both peregrine, but with this exchange? They have escaped peregrine status with access to each other as a resource.

This is often described as the planets swapping homes. These two planets have essentially created a pact between them to help each other out while receiving the other. I talk in depth about Mercury's perspective of this while transiting Taurus, you can read about it here. One thing about this though, Mercury and Taurus are in signs next to each other, so they can't "see" one another (they are averse) and will not make aspects, this limits the amount of resources they can give each other as they can't really communicate as well, but Mutual Reception is still a leg up.

What does this mean for us? Our Taurus and Gemini houses will be mutually exchanging ideas and working together on the value of perception and communication at this time, but they'll do it without such a direct approach. We may see the things we are thinking and talking about begin to both tangibly root and sprout later. This is more significant than usual because they are joining forces during Mercury retrograde and the entire Eclipse season. This doesn't mean that all difficulty is alleviated, but we may find more support from Venus and Mercury during this tumultuous time which is no small thing. In astrology, things like this add up and can balance our experiences.

Venus and Mercury also co-rule money. In modern astrology, Venus is known for money because of its association with attraction, value, and its rulership over Taurus. In traditional astrology, Mercury rules money because it rules commerce, marketing, networking, and the basic functions of technology, and communication.

Eclipse season is not the time to make any drastic changes yourself, this is when fate tends to take the reins and we watch and wait.

Since Mercury will be in its retrograde period for most of the Venus in Gemini transit, it's more possible for projects and ideas from the past to pay off (not just monetarily). This could be a time to rework your finances through planning, not doing. Many changes are still in the works. Receive the ideas, but don't make huge decisions just yet. The story will develop further once Mercury is direct in mid-May. For now, focus on your mindsets, much progress can be made with this alone.

Major Aspects:

Venus trine Pluto 4.11

Plutonian changes are more likely to be felt over time, but I wouldn't exactly say that they are "slow" changes. They are drastic but often imperceptible to the naked eye, just like Pluto is from Earth. Maybe these changes are seen through the lens of the planet it's aspecting or the sign it's transiting. Venus is trying to show us something about how capable of change we really are if we were more open minded. Pluto draws in power and Venus is lending a hand. What big changes are you wanting to make and why? What are they driven by? A shift is more available to you now to create the kind of power you are seeking. Venus-Pluto can create intensity in our relationships and finances, be mindful of this impact by considering your long term priorities.

Venus square Saturn 4.14

Venus and Saturn are often supportive of each other except when it comes to gratification. Venus (especially in Gemini) is about instant gratification while Saturn is delayed gratification. Something we want now is not necessarily aligned with Saturn's long term plan. Patience is needed because something isn't as clear as it may appear right now. If Saturn allowed you the instantaneous results you are desiring, you may miss out on something much better. It is also possible that disappointment or restriction is present in our relationships and finances, let it pass. Ultimately this is fueling us to step into a different perception.

Venus sextile Chiron 4.25

We have an opportunity to heal something, but it is an opportunity that we might avoid because of the pain. Matters of social interaction versus independence could be prevalent, are you letting people into your mind? Becoming too closed off will lead to a missed opportunity, but too open to the wrong people could lead to your fears being reinforced. This is also an opportunity to heal a money or relationship mindset that is hurting you instead of helping you. Keep in mind that all of these aspects depend on your personal chart above all.

Venus square Neptune 5.04

Remember when Saturn tried to warn you on 4.14? With Mercury now retrograde and Venus square another planet in the same sign as Saturn, following any sirens inviting you to disobey Saturn will not work out favorably. If you did listen to Saturn's earlier advice to wait, you may find out why today or in the surrounding days. This is a time where something is not clear and any projected images of a particular person, of yourself, or of your financial situation will not be accurate. It is better to wait for clarity, do not make drastic decisions or you may regret them when the fog has cleared.

Venus sextile Jupiter 5.04

With Venus square Neptune happening just before this aspect on the same day, it is possible that you could overcommit or make a decision because it feels positive when really, it's excessive. Usually this is a fun aspect, but today use it for trivial things instead of life altering decisions unless they have been deeply thought through or already planned for months. Jupiter loves spontaneity, but under a retrograde? while Venus squares Neptune? Your time might be better spent exploring things without acting on them. Wait for clarity.

Predictions for your rising sign:

Aries risings:

With Venus transiting your 3rd house and in mutual reception with Mercury in your 2nd house, you are shifting mindsets around money, self esteem, and priorities. It is also possible that you are thinking a lot about your natural talents and the skill behind them. Talent is given, skill is learned and necessary to take you to the next level. You may find that learning a new skill is something that comes easier to you at this time if only you could focus on one thing at a time! More trivially, you are gifted with a silver tongue, harmonious sibling and friend relationships, and an exciting environment for the next month or so– take advantage!

Taurus risings:

With Venus transiting your 2nd house and in mutual reception with Mercury in your 1st house, you are shifting mindsets around your identity, but first, wouldn't it be helpful if your values got a makeover too? You might be learning about certain mindsets that cannot exist with the new one you are trying to implement. Who are you? Who do you want to be? What does that person own? What does that person wear? What does that person's inner monologue sound like? You are reconstructing yourself by choosing differently. More trivially, you are gifted with a sense of style, food that tastes good, and potentially a boost in your finances– take advantage!

Gemini risings:

With Venus transiting your 1st house and in mutual reception with Mercury in your 12th house, you are shifting your mindset around what it means to be alone. Do you base your decisions on others or your attachments to certain comforts? Is there something that you fall back on to not have to brave the struggle of surrender? Inferiority is a huge fear of yours and you may try to grip onto the things around you to stay in power and control. These may be the very attachments keeping you trapped, choose to soften your grip. More trivially, you might feel more autonomous and could be starting to appreciate the way that you look, think, and act– take advantage!

Cancer risings:

With Venus transiting your 12th house and in mutual reception with Mercury in your 11th house, you are shifting your mindset around your personal goals and what it is holding you back. You've had a tricky run with Mars in your 12th house where you've been dealing with an intense mental state, but now Venus is coming to sweeten this area. What has been missing from your goals is the mental support from yourself. How you think about the future and what you can accomplish when you're all alone matters. This is a time to reconstruct your peace. More trivially, you may really enjoy your alone time, I imagine you reading, singing, writing, and discovering your hidden voice. You might also learn more about your own spiritual practice and the angels by your side– take advantage!

Leo risings:

With Venus transiting your 11th house and in mutual reception with Mercury in your 10th house, you are shifting your mindset around your life goals and who you know. Why do you want to achieve the things you do? Do you have the community around you necessary or are you too focused on the grind to let others support you? The people in your life might happily support you at this time if you are able to give a little bit of yourself. A little goes a long way, don't let pride keep you from accepting help. More trivially, you might make new friends, connect deeply with the ones you already have, find new interests, and start to see your ideas come to life in the future before you– take advantage!

Virgo risings:

With Venus transiting your 10th house and in mutual reception with Mercury in your 9th house, you are shifting your mindset around what is even possible for you. Limiting beliefs are so present in your life because you focus on the rational. Sometimes criticism and realism pushes us to grow and sometimes it constricts us. Allow new ideas to penetrate your perception of reality and what you can achieve. Oh the places you'll go, Virgo! More trivially, you might revisit a place you love, have lovely conversations with your parents and mentors, you might even get some kind of a promotion, or make a grand announcement about what you're doing next– take advantage (and review your progress)!

Libra risings:

With Venus transiting your 9th house and in mutual reception with Mercury in your 8th house, you are shifting your mindset about well, everything, because your world is expanding. It is possible that another person or an investor could be shifting your beliefs, your politics, or your grasp on culture. This requires some letting go, but it will lead you to new journeys, new cities, a new lease on life. More trivially, you might discover a new school of thought, meet with an encouraging mentor or therapist, publish something, learn about another religion or culture, explore new foods. None of these are your own, but with release you might just embrace it all– take advantage!

Scorpio risings:

With Venus transiting your 8th house and in mutual reception with Mercury in your 7th house, you are shifting your mindset about relationships, but especially your relationship with trauma. It is no secret that you struggle to be close to others, they switch up or lead drastically different lives than you do. How can you allow your differences to bring you closer? How can you choose to put your trust in yourself so that others don't bare that burden of disappointment? You have the potential to get deep right now– did you know that blocking your own fall is usually what causes injury? More trivially, you might receive money or other gifts from others, have safe and intimate conversations (spoken or with body language), or finally get to express yourself to someone– take advantage!

Sagittarius risings:

With Venus transiting your 7th house and in mutual reception with Mercury in your 6th house, you are shifting your mindset about your relationship with health. Are you drawn to specific types of people? Maybe ones that disrupt your own peace of mind? Criticizing you until there is nothing left? Or constantly having to choose between head and heart? Know that there are options out there for you in both love and work. This is your chance to choose the people that will reciprocate the energy you put out instead of taking it from you. More trivially, you might work on existing partnerships, find support on a project at work, or finally understand what you want to (or can) change in your relationship sector– take advantage!

Capricorn risings:

With Venus transiting your 6th house and in mutual reception with Mercury in your 5th house, you are shifting your mindset about your health. What is healthier is becoming more attractive to you and honestly, that's how you know you're making progress. You might create a daily ritual for yourself that allows for both creativity and healthy practices that support you and your mindset (your mind is the key to a healthy body). This may even become something that you turn into a service for others. More trivially, you might make more money at work this month, find a new work out routine or class that you love, or you may get the opportunity to be more creative in your every day life– take advantage!

Aquarius risings:

With Venus transiting your 5th house and in mutual reception with Mercury in your 4th house, you are shifting your mindset about what is fun to you. If you have kids or are wanting children, you may have an opportunity to put some of your focus here, either in having fun with them or having fun creating them, haha. If not children, you may have a certain talent or passion that you're using more of your private time to enjoy. It's possible that you are carrying on a legacy or even changing it up completely, doing things you love doing because they help you to express your innermost self. More trivially, parent-child relationships might improve, you might share your passions with others, or have fun working on a project at home–take advantage!

Pisces risings:

With Venus transiting your 4th house and in mutual reception with Mercury in your 3rd house, you are shifting your mindset about home and family. It is likely that you are thinking more about what makes a home exactly. I could see some of you looking for a new home, decorating the one you have, or really examining the values and perception that is ingrained within you. You might need to make some choices about what will stay with you and what isn't supposed to come with you after all. More trivially, sibling relationships may improve, you might enjoy exploring the environment around your home, or enjoy your time with family more than usual– take advantage!


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