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Mercury cycles (cazimi horoscopes for the signs)

On the 6th of September, Mercury becomes a morning star.

Some of you may be familiar with the Venus cycle, often likened to Persephone or the Mesopotamian equivalent, Inanna, who descends to the underworld to visit her sister Ereshkigal's territory. Inanna is killed by her sister out of jealousy and hatred, but then rises as a morning star, revived by the god Enki. Venus retrograde is often about the barbaric shadow of desire and love, but through our individual "descent to the underworld," it becomes a story of rebirth, reclamation, and riches as we strip away any unhealthy attachments.

Mercury cycles though, are a bit different and with Mercury moving faster than Venus, we tend to spend less time talking about all the intricacies of Mercury's phases.

There are 4 Faces of Mercury:

- Promethean Retrograde

- Promethean Direct

- Epimethean Retrograde

- Epimethean Direct

The dates of the most recent Mercury cycle:

5.01- Inferior conjunction to the Sun in Taurus (Mercury becomes a morning star -> Promethean retrograde)

5.15- Mercury stationed direct in Taurus (Promethean direct)

7.01- Superior conjunction to the Sun in Cancer (Mercury becomes an evening star -> Epimethean direct)

8.23 - Mercury stationed retrograde in Virgo (Epimethean retrograde)

The cycle that begins this week:

9.06- Inferior conjunction to the Sun in Virgo (Mercury becomes a morning star -> Promethean retrograde)

9.15- Mercury stations direct in Virgo (Promethean direct)

10.20- Superior conjunction to the Sun in Libra (Mercury becomes an evening star -> Epimethean direct)

12.13- Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn (Epimethean retrograde)

In Greek Mythology, Prometheus and Epimetheus are brothers, the former meaning "foresight" and the latter meaning "afterthought" due to their roles in the myth of how humanity came to be. Prometheus was the trickster genius who defied the gods to liberate humans, while Epimetheus is the foolish one who opened Pandora's Box, releasing sorrow and death into the world despite Prometheus' warnings about Zeus and his insincerity. If you happened to read the Venus retrograde article, this is similar to the Aphrodite-Pandemos and Aphrodite-Urania distinction.

The Mercury cycle begins at the inferior conjunction to the Sun, this is also called a "cazimi" when Mercury is at the heart of the Sun, and is between the Earth and the Sun in retrograde motion. The inferior conjunction is perfecting in Virgo on September 6th at 6:06am CST where Mercury is beginning the Promethean retrograde cycle and becoming a morning star. The last Mercury cycle began on May 1st of this year in Taurus.

The Promethean retrograde marking the start of Mercury's morning star phase is a time where we begin to gather new knowledge and information, but it can be a frustrating time due to the delays of Mercury's retrograde motion clashing with Prometheus and his jittery nature. Erin Sullivan, astrologer and author of Retrograde Planets: Traversing the Inner Landscape, describes this phenomenon to be like "driving with the emergency brake on– the exciting energy of new beginnings combined with a sense of restraint that creates inner tension." This is a great time to research and prepare for new beginnings, but don't jump the gun in your excitement! The cazimi, especially, is often a time of clarity and opportunity but during the inferior conjunction, we have to remind ourselves that yes... Mercury is still retrograde.

On September 15th, Mercury will station direct and begin moving forward again signifying the Promethean Direct phase. This is where we have the go ahead. New ideas are put into action and we can enjoy a sense of cerebral and creative freedom. This is where our brains are in tip top shape, ready for the lightning strike of genius, but keep in mind that this is a time where we are more likely to be impulsive and reckless. Either way, whatever is created in this stage will come back to either wither or bear fruit later in the Epimethean stages. The last time we experienced a direct Promethean Mercury was from May 15th through July 1st (did you start anything creative during that time period? I did!)

On October 20th, Mercury will make a superior conjunction to the Sun where it is no longer sandwiched between Earth, but is now on the other side of the Sun. Again, this is our next Mercury cazimi, but instead of marking the beginning of the Promethean retrograde phase, we experience Epimethean direct as Mercury is now an evening star. Mercury is at its fastest at this point; this part of the cycle is largely about follow through. Instead of a spontaneous, clever mind, we are dealing with a time of introspection and deliberate action towards our plans that began in the Promethean stages. It's a great time to reflect on all that has happened, it may be a time where we experience the rewards or the consequences of the projects and ideas initiated during the last two phases. The last time we experienced a direct Epimethean Mercury was from July 1st through August 23rd.

On December 13th, Mercury as an evening star will station retrograde marking the beginning of the Epimethean retrograde phase where everything stops, reflection is likely, and those typical Mercury retrograde frustrations arise. Anything left unfinished and unresolved will circle back for confrontation. This is Mercury's winter, there is an air of uncertainty and the need to take a mental hibernation is possible during this phase. The best thing we can do during this period is let go and find a friend in flexibility. Not for too long though! The cycle repeats itself with another inferior conjunction to the Sun on December 22nd 2023 where Mercury transforms, once again, into a morning star. The last two Epimethean retrograde phases were from April 21st to May 1st and August 23rd to September 6th 2023.

So, reflect on the last Mercury cycle from May 1st through September 6th. What has Mercury been up to in your life? As Mercury becomes a morning star, we are offered a mental reset, take this time to plan, to research, and to prepare as we are still in the middle of a retrograde.

I am wishing you all an enlightening cazimi!

Your friendly neighborhood astrologer,


Rising Sign Cazimi Horoscopes

Aries risings

Clarity comes to you around how your energy is best used. This is the beginning of a more sustainable lifestyle. Isn't everything so easy when you finally understand what is conditioning and what is your true essence?

Taurus risings

Over the next few months, you are at your most creative. Insights are found when you romanticize your life– if you needed permission to have more fun, this is it! Revisiting an old flame is reminding you why you choose to keep going.

Gemini risings

Reorganization of your home life and inner world is likely. Maybe you're finally starting to understand your most private feelings and plans– make sure to feel it more than you think it. This is a great time to talk to a family member (chosen or not) that you haven't in awhile.

Cancer risings

Ideas are flowing– what kind of environmental changes would be helpful for your creativity? Communication breakthroughs are ultimately setting you up for a more successful (and efficient) cycle. Don't mince your words!

Leo risings

Money on the brain, but even more, lightbulb moments awaken your natural talents. What do you already have in your possession? It's time to get crafty for the sake of your lofty dreams (p.s. everything you want is possible).

Virgo risings

You are finally starting to understand yourself more than you ever have before. Exercise creative autonomy by stepping into the traits that have always been there (but maybe just needed a poke.) (pooooke.)

Libra risings

Surrendering control has its benefits. The magic of the unknown unfurls and all that you could not know makes a bit more sense now. Pray– however that looks to you. Prayer can be as simple as a whispered hope.

Scorpio risings

The future is becoming clearer, you can almost taste it. Spend time planning, not acting. There will be time for that later. Dreaming is the best thing you can do for your future self right now.

Sagittarius risings

"Aha! moments" are directing you. You are a clear channel without any need for clarifying tools. Remember that the rest of your life starts with you, now, in this moment. Your legacy already exists in another timeline, tap into it whenever you feel small.

Capricorn risings

Exploration leads to excitement, inspiration, and ancient teachings. Every time you think you know it all, you hit another gold mine of information. Soak it all up, it's important to the journey you're taking.

Aquarius risings

Final limitations have been reached and hey, doesn't it taste like freedom? Let go and let go and let go, you'll find out soon why it all couldn't come with you. By losing, you are gaining a larger investment.

Pisces risings

Beautiful conversations and insights with others remind you of the importance of relationships and connection. Who is grounding in your life? It's the start of a brand new cycle, take notes from your companions.

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