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These are 5 page written analyses of your personal birth chart. 

After purchasing your personal Natal Chart Report, you will send your astrological question to:


Include in your email: 

- Your question, a bit about your situation, as well as what you are hoping to gain from this report

- The birth date, city, and exact time that you were born 

- The birth information of any other parties involved


Example questions:

“What will my 9th house year look like?”

“How will my Saturn return affect me?”

“I’m having _ issue with this person, can you tell me more about our connection and how to mediate?”

“I’m struggling right now, how is my birth chart being activated right now?”

“How will the New Moon coming up affect me personally?”


*Your personal report will be sent to you within 7 days of receiving your inquiry. These reports are non refundable due to the time and energy these reports require. These reports will not exceed 5 pages, if you are looking for more information, it may require a full session. 


If you have any questions about your report, please feel free to follow up so that I may clarify!

Written Natal Chart Reports

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