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The Astrology of December 2023 (horoscopes for all 12 signs)

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12.01 - Mercury enters Capricorn

12.04 - Venus enters Scorpio

12.06 - Neptune stations direct

12.12 - New Moon in Sagittarius

12.13 - Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn

12.21 - Sun enters Capricorn

12.22 - Mercury cazimi (inferior conjunction, morning star)

12.23 - Mercury retrograde re-enters Sagittarius

12.26 - Full Moon in Cancer

12.29 - Venus enters Sagittarius

12.30 - Jupiter Direct in Taurus


12.02 - Mercury sextile Saturn

12.03 - Venus square Pluto

12.05 - Venus sextile Saturn

12.07 - Mercury trine Jupiter retrograde

12.09 - Venus opposite Jupiter retrograde

12.16 - Sun square Neptune

12.18 - Mercury retrograde trine Jupiter retrograde

12.21 - Venus opposite Uranus retrograde

12.21 - Mercury retrograde sextile Saturn

12.22 - Mercury retrograde Cazimi (Morning Star)

12.24 - Sun sextile Saturn

12.25 - Venus trine Neptune

12.27 - Mercury retrograde square Neptune

12.27 - Sun trine Jupiter retrograde

12.27 - Mercury retrograde conjunct Mars

12.28 - Mars square Neptune

12.29 - Venus sextile Pluto


Mercury retrograde

A large part of this month is the Mercury retrograde in both Capricorn and Sagittarius– it's often a bit disorienting to switch between elements and two different stories that seem unrelated at first, but ones that will likely blend together by the post shadow.

This is ultimately giving us a peek into the nature of 2024's astrology as Mercury will retrograde in all of the Fire signs for the first time since 2018, save for its brief transit through Leo back into Cancer in Summer of 2019. It's always interesting when we have these elemental switches, they can tell us quite a bit about what the transit is trying to accomplish. In 2022, all of Mercury's stations began in Air signs and ended with a direct station in an Earth sign, this showed up as something that was idea, ether, or just information that eventually became our tangible reality, just not in the way we initially thought. In 2024, Mercury will station retrograde in an Earth sign and retrograde back into Fire signs, but only for the upcoming transit, December 2023- January 2024, and during the one in August of 2024. The Spring and Winter retrogrades will be pure Fire in Aries and Sagittarius respectively.

Forgetting about 2024 though (I'll likely have a separate forecast for the year ahead depending on what my energy allows!), let's focus in on this transit. Mercury beginning in an Earth sign and traveling backwards into a Fire sign reminds me of something deeply ritualistic– lighting our "stuff" on fire as a means of dis-integration and allowing room for a new desire to come forth. I imagine that this transit may be removing literal obstacles and reconnecting us with the Spirit of Fire where we get to be creative. The Earth signs burrow themselves deeply into something, building the tangible, but fire is where the desire first emerges and a flame must be free to dance before it can be contained to evolve into something else.

Since Mercury hasn't touched the Sagittarian sector of our charts since Winter of 2018 (!) there are likely quite a few systems and ideas that aren't working here. Think about anything that's out of date– eventually it stops running the way it's supposed to, it is no longer quite as efficient, and it may be on its way to becoming a hazard. Mercury is halting the way we are currently operating here and has come to bless us with an update. The only reason why someone would truly loathe a Mercury retrograde is if they are resistant to the change in perspective that it requires (I used to be one of these people!), but if we are open, these are often the transits that make our lives better, easier, and more enjoyable as long as we can admit where we are perpetuating the outdated. We can just as easily slip backwards into old habits, but then I guess, that pattern was never truly eliminated, was it?

The South Node was in Sagittarius from May 6th 2020 to January 19th 2022 and this transit did quite a bit of sifting and clearing in this area. I find it to be very symbolic that we're having our first Mars in Sagittarius transit since the South Node's exit (Mars was last in Sagittarius from December 14th 2021- January 24th 2022) paired with the first Mercury retrograde in this sign in four years. That's a lot of sudden movement for our Sag houses! It was good to leave it be for awhile, any house is a little raw after the South Node shrinks and shreds it, but now we're revisiting some of these themes. It reminds me of going to the doctor for a follow up appointment. We're adjusting, scanning, examining what else needs to be done. Themes from both November 2018 and December 2021-January 2022 may be resurfacing at this time for improvement.

Here are the dates and intentions of this year's Mercury retrograde cycle for those who are less familiar with the process:

Pre-Retrograde Shadow (November 25th-December 13th) -> We can expect systems to breakdown, questions on our minds, tensions and projects that are now up for review.

The Retrograde (December 13th-January 1st) -> All that came up in the pre-shadow period is now rearranged, unpacked, and reflected upon. Miscommunication and misunderstanding is likely.

Post-Retrograde Shadow (January 1st-January 21st) -> Clarity, questions asked are answered, we emerge with a new perspective on the houses, signs, and planets transited. Reflections and epiphanies are set in motion.

Before we move on from the topic of Mercury retrograde– we mustn't forget the portion of the retrograde spent in Capricorn! This is the third year in a row that Mercury has been retrograde in this sign which isn't completely unusual, this is a planet that requires repetition. It makes sense too, Mercury being a symbol of the mind and perception, it often takes multiple reflections before our brains can fully grasp and chew up the information presented. It is impossible to process every bit of the world around us all at once, even if we could, it would be too overwhelming to be sustainable. What is striking– 2024 is the final year of Pluto's transit through Capricorn in our lifetime. Mercury retrograde in the same sign may help us to review all that we've accomplished in this area since Pluto's ingress in 2008. I imagine that this will be a time of final tests, lessons, as well as the revelation of accomplishment– we'll discuss Pluto more in a moment.


Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus in Sagittarius + Jupiter stationing Direct

The majority of this month is spent with the Sun in Sagittarius, Mars here all month long, paired with a pre-retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius, and at the very end of the month we get a few days with Venus in Sagittarius– again, there's a lot of emphasis on this sign in December! Something that I'm already noticing with Jupiter in Taurus ruling these transits is the emphasis on self esteem. Taurus and Sagittarius, while they can see each other, are inconjunct. This typically means there's a layer of hypocrisy between these two requiring adjustments and pivots, even more with Jupiter and Mercury in their retrograde cycles! We already have so many indicators that we are reviewing, reworking, and changing this season, but with this inconjunction, we can see that there's more than just a simple "software update" occurring.

Transits through Sagittarius can create a restlessness, continuous search very often after it meets rejection from others since it is opposite Gemini, the sign of another's ability to choose, it is this that pushes Sagittarius off of that final ledge into self exploration. This is a sign that jumps into the abyss of spirituality and philosophy because other's have closed their minds or their hearts (or simply chosen differently). This fuels the Sagittarian path, looking for more, often on a journey to becoming an expansive guide to others.

Taurus has a similar root. It's a sign that presents us with what we feel we aren't deserving of, but it can also show us what isn't truly deserving of our own efforts– "rejection is divine protection" applies to both Taurus and Sagittarius. Do you see the inconjunction? Rejection is a tool for these signs, redirecting them to a higher power, to a different path, or to the development of a skill or talent. Taurus naturally squares a Saturnian sign and this year, rejection, separation, and difficulty (Saturnian themes) are woven into the Sagittarius daimon due to the transiting square to Saturn in Pisces.

Taurus is a guide like Sagittarius too, thinking about the Hierophant card in Tarot, but it's different. Taurus is the keeper of the keys, the gatekeeper of the sacred, it explores the history of a thing instead of the ways in which it can stretch and grow into the future. Taurus is ancient, natural, working with the elements that are already there. I sometimes picture Taurus as a native chief, there is a reverence and respect for the circle of life, for tradition, for the way things have always been done. Or maybe Taurus is the Buddhist, finding happiness in the present moment instead of searching for it elsewhere. Or even a guardian of closed practices, protecting the values and culture of a group of people. Whatever the case, Taurus isn't searching out there it's searching in here for what already exists. It recognizes that sometimes we don't need more, we just need to look closer at what we already have. That there is exploration to be found in a gift that has always been there.

With Jupiter in this sign and ruling a stellium of Sagittarius transits, it may feel like what we want is at a distance from us or like, everyone else has what we want even while it evades us. It's also possible that some of us have been recently rejected or are in the process of rejecting a situation ourselves.

Jupiter is a planet that pushes us out of the comfort zone that Taurus is native to, it acknowledges when something either has to expand within the environment its currently in or it highlights where we must travel to find an environment that already supports the growth Jupiter is trying to create. It could be that we are desiring to expand beyond what we currently have, but Jupiter in Taurus has a few more lessons for us right where we stand. It's very possible that moving into a different environment will happen eventually, but nothing will truly change by simply jetting off somewhere alone. I have both Taurus and Sagittarius placements and this astro weather reminds me of a time where I moved across the country thinking my entire life would change as a result and was heartbroken to find that my problems followed me! That was when the real work began, when I stopped to face what was already there.

This month– rejection from others may be divine protection, but even more, it may be a catalyst for self evaluation and healing. When Sagittarius is rejected, it finds god in everything. When Taurus is rejected, it finds the god in itself. Both are very valuable and important if we want to find a more aligned path. I also want to remind you of the recent Lunar Eclipse in Taurus back in October– that lunation is very important because it perfected at 5º Taurus, the same degree that Jupiter will station direct on December 30th. I wrote an entire article about this if you're wanting to understand how this relates to you, but more generally, it seems like we're dealing with some sort of unjust situation that has us either wanting to leave something long established or wanting to explore a matter on a deeper level. Whatever the case, Jupiter stationing retrograde is a very pivotal part of the eclipse story and will be a springboard for the next four months remaining in the post-eclipse wave.

And, again, the Sagittarius transits are all square to Saturn and Neptune in Pisces too, even while the Saturn squares are separating, the social planets (Jupiter and Saturn) are typically felt throughout the season. This is partially because these planets are slower moving and influence the personal planets at wider orbs, but also because the ingressions were all marked by the Saturn square and the beginning of a story will naturally shape the middle and end too. Cataclysm felt at the end of November – especially rooting from rejection or separation– is likely to fuel the changes, discovery, and faith that is native to the Sagittarian way. It could be that because of difficulty, we find treasure that we never could have without it. Speaking of...


Venus in Scorpio

Venus is in Scorpio for the majority of the month and just before the ingress, Venus in Libra was square to Pluto in Capricorn. We don't typically like to say that Pluto is a ruler of Scorpio due to its long transit, but I think in this case, the modern rulership is important with the square influencing the ingress. Venus square Pluto means that something must change. There's something about the way Venus is currently operating that isn't supportive of who we collectively and personally need to become. We already know this with the South Node in a Venusian sign– we're being challenged in the way we relate to others, to finances, to our personal worth and self esteem, to desire. These things are the reason why we live! Love, pleasure, personal interests, and desires... how difficult it is when these things aren't fulfilling us or are no longer existent. When the planet of evolution (Pluto) is square to the planet that provides the very incentive to life (Venus)? It feels icky, dramatic, like what's the point?

Pluto requires us to change and what better way to do so than for Venus to ingress the sign of transformation right after the square. Venus in Scorpio is here for the majority of December to show us how to evolve and that starts with shedding some skin.

Venus is detriment in Scorpio because Venus is alive, playful, pleasurable. Scorpio is a sign that is focused on where life force is being drained and it often participates in this with its own devouring qualities, yet, this sign is crucial to Venus and her aliveness. Both signs that Venus is detriment in (Scorpio and Aries– the signs of war and death) oppose the Venusian signs (Taurus and Libra– the signs of love and pleasure). This means that one cannot exist without the other. You cannot die if you were never alive, you cannot truly live without the threat of imminent deterioration. Life would be less precious, less of a treasure. This is a time where we are releasing so that we can find our joy again. What do you need to sacrifice so that you are not sacrificed in its stead?

Still, I am quite excited for this transit, it's a nice change with no Saturn squares, South Node, or Eclipses afflicting Venus in a fixed sign. We rise!


Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in Capricorn

At the Winter Solstice, the Sun ingresses Capricorn to join Mercury as they fall in step with each other for the cazimi on the 22nd. I'm going to go on a bit of a tangent here– stay with me, I promise it has a purpose:

The watered down archetype of Capricorn is the capitalistic overachiever, but rarely do we dive into why this stereotype exists: Achievement requires us to play the long game. This is why the pop astrology association of Capricorn with capitalism is much more profound than it appears– the kind of capitalism mentioned is associated with the way that our political and economic system operates. This is fueled by a false need, profiting off of both our influenced urgency and the power to withhold our necessities, oppressing the larger population. This is very different than the function of Capricorn alone who, will go without anything but its necessities to build something that will last. Capricorn is a frugal student who postpones the extra so that it can capitalize and profit from its earlier efforts much later– this is a sign of investment, not instant gratification.

The tension between Urgency (instant gratification) and Necessity is a combination of signs, not just Capricorn itself. The T-square between Aries, Capricorn, and Libra presents these larger issues– this is especially important with the transits in Capricorn at the nodal bendings this year in Aries-Libra. This will perfect in January, but it will be felt in the lead up as a dominant theme this winter season.

With all of the cardinal signs (i.e. Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra), there has to be a level of pressure because these are our initiatory signs– these are the ones that usher in a new season, they require a change or a difficulty that leads to an action and an inevitable breakthrough. Cancer meets the irritant that it must nurture into a pearl, Aries meets the oppression it must rebel against, Libra meets the chaos of others that it must mediate, and Capricorn meets the restriction it must learn to capitalize on. Put simply, Cancer gives birth, Aries fights, Libra partners, Capricorn builds. They do what they do for the function of survival– of our species and of our spirit.

Aries is the sign of Urgency because Mars is its ruler, this is how Aries survives– knowing when its time to defend itself, always on guard. Capricorn is the sign of Necessity because it's ruled by Saturn, this is how Capricorn survives– it focuses on what it needs and builds from there. Since Aries squares Capricorn, we find conflict between the two. Very often the things we truly need are urgent, or at the very least, feel urgent. Then, when we take a Venusian sign like Libra, the sign of Influence, other people, and pleasure, opposing the sign of Urgency and square the sign of Necessity, we may feel influenced to initiate a change that is falsely urgent and not a true need. Or say it is a true need, it is urgent, we have mouths to feed. Or maybe, we're fighting (Aries) others (Libra) for what we need (Capricorn). See how these signs work together in our current society?

Need (Capricorn) squares Urgency (Aries) and Influence (Libra), we think we need it right this moment! We'll die! Our bellies won't be full! Our social status will suffer! We won't be taken care of! This, to some degree, has always been present within our primal nature even before social media and a capitalistic government because instead of impulse buying, it was hunting, or desperately searching for a partner, or something else that triggers our survival instinct. The cardinal signs work together to create this mess of things, but they are also motivators. The reason why we change (activating the mutable signs) or the reason why we develop something more sustainable (activating the fixed signs).

Now in Derivative astrology the final cardinal sign, Cancer, opposes Capricorn and rules its 7th house of partnership. Cancer is the sign of Comfort, Love, Nurturing. It opposes Capricorn, the sign of Necessity, Focus, and Restriction. Our opposite sign teaches us our most valuable lessons– Cancer teaches Capricorn about the value of home, comfort, family, what it means to care for others. This fuels Capricorn's focus. It gives it a reason to build and invest, but become singleminded and suddenly Capricorn becomes the absent father who is too busy for the very reason it set out to achieve anything at all. It can become lonely at the top when it leans into Urgency or Social Influence– it bulldozes Comfort, Love, Family in the process of becoming "successful".

Right now, Pluto is in Capricorn but it's reaching the end of its 15 year transit. The United States has natal Pluto in Capricorn in the 2nd house of finances which this means the country is currently undergoing its Pluto return– a literal return of societal lessons surrounding money. The United States also has a Cancer stellium with the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury all in the 8th house of other people and financial loss opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Its Chiron is in Aries (Urgency) opposing Saturn in Libra (Influence and Appearances) and right now the Nodes of Fate are transiting its natal Chiron-Saturn opposition... Lots of cardinal activation here indicating emphasis on these key themes. Economic greed is causing severe loss and crisis particularly in families and is highlighting this country's inability to care for its people– it simply wants to use them, forgetting why the country was established in the first place: To get away from greed and oppression!

When these archetypes are taken out of the personal sphere, they can become collective wide issues. When we have major transits hitting the cardinal signs, it affects the country at large since they are embedded into the country's natal chart. For example, in 2020, we had a Capricorn pile up with Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto– these are big planets, ones that deal with collective, global issues and they were all in the sign of Necessity and Restriction.

So, again, something as huge as capitalism and the mindsets that were present during the pandemic aren't solely because of this sign, but rather as result of this particular pile up and the natural ecosystem that the cardinal signs create (the nodal axis was in Cancer-Capricorn and Chrion was in Aries in 2020 as well). Pluto brings obsession and compulsion, Jupiter maximizes and drowns the sign in indulgence, and Saturn creates a limit (mental or tangible) that backs the collective into a corner, we found ourselves considering and acting on things we never thought we would until landing in such a dire (mental, emotional, physical) state. I bring all of this up because this is the very last Capricorn season before Pluto exits this sign, we won't see Pluto in Capricorn again in our lifetime. 2020 was a very pivotal part of the entire 15 year Pluto in Capricorn transit echoing many of those same scarcity/necessity themes present not only at the birth of the United States, but also at the ingress in 2008 when we entered a global financial crisis. Pluto opens uncloseable doors, it introduces both a purge and an evolution to the archetype it embodies, I imagine it'll want to remind us of all that has happened and introduce its final lessons.

As I mentioned before, Venus squares Pluto right as Mercury ingresses Capricorn and right before Venus enters Scorpio this month. This is signifying that something has to change. This will be felt personally of course, but on a global level? Right as Pluto is in its final year of this sign? Right as capitalism and greed is reaching this horrible climax where the U.S. government is making decisions based on power and the economy (Capricorn) instead of care and humanity (Cancer)? A very similar issue echoing the attitude of society in 2020 and 2021 when the government dropped protective measures and opened back up because the economy seemed more important than our health and safety? I mean, this has been our collective Pluto in Capricorn lesson since the crash of 2008! Greed and indifference to other's pain will always create more suffering. Capitalism and urgency will always create loss. In our personal lives, this is mirrored too. It's possible that we could be dealing with people who are consumed in their own distraction, urgency, and accumulation and are indifferent to our need for nurturing, love, and support. This is showing us where we need to redirect.

What I really want to highlight about Capricorn season this year: Yes, there is this deeply fucked up side to this sign. Every sign has an uglier face because they are the primordial archetypes of human existence and of course, we get the nastiest parts of the sign when Pluto transits... but Pluto is about extremes, meaning that we also get to experience the very best of it too. When a transit, person, or a collective embodies Capricornian greed, profiting from the misfortune of others, taking advantage of other's scarcity or urgency or their resources, experiencing the crippling expectations and insolvency themselves– there is always another side. When we move through this, we find the material we need to improve. The true capitalistic nature of this sign can be used for maturation instead of addiction, oppression, and power imbalance. I do believe this is the beginning of the end of the United States for this reason– the Pluto return at the very least indicates a rebirth of the country. What stands in its place will be very different than what it has been for the last 200 years.

Some people want to believe that suffering is "for a reason" and, I'm not sure if it is. By that logic, it makes heinous crimes reasonable or justifiable– I couldn't disagree with that sentiment more. However, evil and oppression exist whether it happened for a reason or not, so we might as well do something with it. Capricorn makes suffering look like it was for a reason, it ensures that the hurt doesn't fester and poison its everything else– it "capitalizes" on every disadvantage because the alternative is to rot with it or perpetuate it. A Saturnian knows that a setback or a delay can benefit you if you use it correctly. That doesn't mean it isn't disappointing or haunting, but you can profit off of disappointment and pain. This must be why Mars exalts in Capricorn, suffering can be motivating. This Capricorn season, thank the gods you have this feeling, beating heart that can get hurt. Imagine the evil you would be capable of if you didn't hurt! This season reminds us to rise above our oppressors, instead of becoming the hurt, using it to rebuild. Pluto has taken a lot, but don't forget to cash out because while this is the planet of the underworld, it is also the planet of hidden riches. These are the riches that you wouldn't be able to see unless you were already deep in shit– this is why Pluto's domain is that of jealousy and thievery! No one wants to go through the shit to get the gold, we all just want the gold.

I know that this is a lot for a monthly article, but Pluto is by definition societal, meaning that we are personally touched and influenced by the societal changes we are going through. There is a long road ahead of us as Pluto moves into Aquarius in January of 2024 and experiences the final retrograde in Capricorn September-November 2024. It isn't an overnight rebirth, it takes time, decades really. We're on our way to reconnecting with the principles of Aquarius: Humanity, individualism, separating ourselves from enmeshment (the Capricorn-Cancer axis) and reconnecting to a healthy sense of self that can connect to others without taking from them. This will come with its own struggles too– Pluto brings out the best and the worst of society. This season is a pivotal piece in this story individually and collectively.

Where have you gotten used to your own indifference and desensitization? It's time to come home to your emotional body. It is better to suffer than not to feel at all.


New Moon in Sagittarius + Full Moon in Cancer

The New Moon is in Sagittarius at 20º on December 12th at 5:33pm CST. This one is square Neptune, ruled by Jupiter retrograde opposite Venus and trine Mercury at its station degree. The Sun and Moon are co-present with Mars. While we discussed the dominant "rejection" of the season, this is where deeper exploration can truly begin. It's likely that travel, spirituality, education, politics, foreign affairs (etc.) are present topics, especially concerning the resources and security available to support these things. This is also a moment where we're realizing a significant change must be made to support our overall happiness, freedom, as well as personal and financial security. Neptune is in its post-retrograde at the degree it was back in March of 2023 meaning, something that was allusive back then, is being clarified and reborn now. It's likely that there is "proof" for a feeling we had previously and a new perception trying to emerge now. Neptune isn't done though, it's still at its station direct degree and Mercury is at its station retrograde degree, we need more information, but the beginnings of an idea or an adventure infiltrates the mind. We'll have to hold onto hope and trust for the synchronicities to fill in the blanks of our working story.

The Full Moon in Cancer is at 4º on December 26th at 6:34pm CST. The Moon is trine Saturn and sextile Jupiter retrograde. Mercury will have retrograded back into Sagittarius and is conjunct Mars during the lunation, both are square Neptune. Venus trines Neptune. Whatever happened back around Thanksgiving is coming back around to be reworked and improved upon. It's likely that things got lost in translation especially in the places where we've felt irritated, resentful, and again, rejected. We should watch for heated conversations at this time, but I see this more as the "unpacking" of our motives, desires, and urgency that may have bulldozed our loved ones in the past. It could be that family, home, and comfort are themes in our lives that are shifting and changing, expanding, even becoming more serious. Saturn ruling the Sun and aspecting the Full Moon harmoniously brings out Saturn's fatherly side, the one who builds and provides. New information regarding the emotional center emerges, but still not all is what it seems– big decisions should wait until January even as we may want to make big declarations and actions now.


I hope that this month serves you well, providing a new lens and a new perspective for your journey. Don't be afraid to stand on your head to make it all make sense.


Your friendly neighborhood astrologer,



Horoscopes for your rising sign

Aries risings

You may be suffering from imposter syndrome this month. 9th house transits can bring out the inferior being within each of us, feeling as though we need a guide, or a teacher, or like we don't know our own answers. The truth is that your body knows much more than the criticism that lives in your mind or in the words of people around you. Courage and generosity are gifts that you can lean into this month in response to any small voices and uncomfy feelings. You may have some sort of public, career, or even family matter that you're dealing with– let yourself be seen authentic. It would be a true disservice to the world and to yourself to hide away or to choose to play small.

Taurus risings

It seems you've been stuck somewhere for awhile, but things have a chance to progress and evolve very quickly. This is a month of movement and it might surprise you– maybe you've forgotten how it only takes one moment, one opportunity, one introduction to open up a whole world of things. That being said, this happens as you face the very thing you're avoiding. You're having 8th house transits, it's time to take a look at the skeletons in your closet. As you clear out the dead stuff you'll have much more room for yourself, but also for any connections that want to get to know the you that you have evolved into. You've completed some major cycles this year and with Jupiter stationing direct in your 1st house, I imagine you're stepping into your own.

Gemini risings

There is quite a bit of emphasis on your relationship patterns this month. It seems you've been focused on the past, on what went "wrong," it's possible that you've been harboring some bitterness and resentment over what hasn't worked out before. I think that a certain amount of reflection here is necessary, but it's important not to revive the past in the process, you don't need to live there when you've already made it to this present moment. In fact, there are opportunities available to you to show up differently. Acknowledge your own progress and let this boost your confidence, you have a chance to start again if you can open up your mind.

Cancer risings

It's very possible that you feel as though you've backtracked when really this is a call for a new system. There's a lot of emphasis on the 6th house this month, this is where we find routine, consistency, the very bones of our life rest upon this area. It seems like maybe the way that your life operates isn't supportive of the goals that you have for your future and only you can change this! It's not about getting rid of the things you love, it's about becoming more aligned with them. What commitments have you made to yourself and to others that you could reprioritize to accommodate the future of that relationship, project, or achievement? I feel that this month is truly serving as a time for improvement, I think you'll be happy with the results and who you become in the process.

Leo risings

This month is about obstacles, but you're not helpless in the least bit. It could be that you're finding yourself up against delays or maybe things aren't going the way you hoped they would, but it's not necessarily a sign to give up or that your efforts are wasted. This month is more about progress, assessment, slowing down, perspective... you may find that you feel differently about an action you were planning on taking once the delay is lifted and thank the sky for the hurdle. Maybe you were putting too much pressure on yourself when there was a better direction for you all along. Regardless, you will overcome your limitations, it just might take some time and readjustment. Can you reach for patience in an urgent world?

Virgo risings

This is an interesting month for you Virgo, a lot of the planets are on an angle. My concern is that you're struggling to be authentic about your needs, what makes you feel safe, loved, and secure... even what you believe in. It could be that you're hiding behind a mask and expecting others to meet needs that you haven't explicitly voiced or that you're surrounded by people who had a very different upbringing and perspective than you do. What is a compliment to one might be an insult to another and yet, communication is the only way to move through it. If this isn't the case, you could be rearranging your physical home, thinking of moving far away or to a place that is more aligned with your goals. There are opportunities to commit more seriously to a passion or a romantic partner, but getting on the same page is important.

Libra risings

It's okay to admit you don't know much about the situation you're in and that you may be out of your depth– especially when it comes to other people's experiences or your finances. When you approach a situation with a closed mind, rift and difficulty with others is bound to show up, so put your learning cap on! Your perspective might be more egocentric than is helpful at the moment and there is another way available to you. There is actually a lot of support here (especially with Jupiter stationing direct) and you're needing to expel some of those scarcity mindsets that enact your disbelief in yourself and in your environment. Go slow, and remember: As you invest in yourself (mind, body, spirit), others invest in you. Learn and the invitations will come.

Scorpio risings

With Venus in your first house, this really is your month! The only issue I see blocking this is hiding out of fear. It's possible that you've been met with some situations or people who have tested your sense of self worth and security lately, but it seems like this isn't your problem as much as it is a them problem. You're reaching a new chapter of confidence and self love, but don't let it be entirely dependent on those around you that are struggling with their own issues. Venus in Scorpio on your ascendant can create jealousy from others, but you know what you've gone through and how much you truly deserve your blessings. Don't play small to make small people feel big, it isn't your way. Redirect your energy by opening up to a different environment. Above all, invest in yourself.

Sagittarius risings

Lot's of 1st house transits this month, Sag! This is a time where you're really needing to do your own thing despite what others may think– "free to be yourself" is coming to mind, but when Mars transits the ascendant, it can feel like anything you do is overly assertive or even brash. It's like witnessing yourself doing things despite how the inner you feels because you've gone straight into action mode. Know that your impulse is likely based on what the body needs and, anger in particular, may be trying to tell you something very important about those needs. With the Mercury retrograde through the 1st and 2nd houses it's likely that you're discovering where you feel obligated to others in a way that suppresses your natural self– being alone, soul searching, this is great medicine this month.

Capricorn risings

So, honestly this entire article is for you. The rejection built into the Sagittarian archetype and the large chunk about your own sign– these are most applicable to you this month with a transiting stellium through your 12th house and ascendant. You are a sign that internalizes more than any other, but this month is trying to show you where you've been malnourishing your mind, body, and soul. I think Sagittarius on the 12th often struggles with either Peter Pan Syndrome or maybe you resonate with being more of a Lost Boy. Tying your entire identity to achievement or responsibility, or alternatively, avoiding commitment altogether may be a means to remedy that. Can you reframe feeling "lost" as being "free"? If you take any single piece of advice in December I hope that it is this: Stop looking for distraction, or the next thing, sit instead in the nothingness no matter how uncomfortable. Let the "next thing" find you. Trust in yourself and the art of surrender.

Aquarius risings

The Saturnian is showing! This is a month where you may not be able to see the forest through the trees, but there a few valuable lessons that can come from this: a fearful ego will always hold you back, there will always be a million reasons for "why not" but you really only need one solid reason to take the leap. Believe in your own abilities. Additionally, with the planets moving into your 12th house, you can become the person so completely wrapped up in their responsibilities that you forget to care for yourself, your loved ones, and your passions... or you can set boundaries. Don't become a control freak in the pursuit of your goals or in a way that stifles all that you love about the process to begin with– even as a master of foresight, you know that all we really have is now.

Pisces risings

It's possible that you could be feeling the delays and the imbalances of this month more than anyone. Maybe Mercury retrograde is just hitting more than usual (it is in the sign of your superior square and the ruler is in the 3rd house of communication after all!), maybe there are some annoying dilemmas that are prohibiting an easy path forward. Whatever the case, if it's raining, dance in it. If the power goes out, light your best candle... I don't know Pisces, it seems like you have some beautiful opportunities for humor and epiphanies if you allow yourself to be open to them in the waiting. If you're feeling weighed down, it's coming from the mind trying to rationalize that these delays must be a sign of failure, when really they were setting you up for more freedom and fun all along. Remember– if you're low now, you'll come back up eventually.

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