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Full Moon in Pisces: Once in a Blue Moon... (8.30)

Welcome! Thank you for joining me for a closer look at the lunar cycles.

What is a Full Moon? A Full Moon is when our two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, are in opposing signs, at the same degree. The Full Moons complete cycles that began back at the New Moon in the same sign. This is where those new beginnings and opportunities presented 6 months before begin to bring results or culminate in some way. The sky is full with the harvest of any actions and creations made before. They may also bring intense periods of release, information and secrets revealed, or cathartic purging. These are times of heightened emotion with the two weeks following acting as a recovery and active integration period. The next 6 months after a Full Moon is a period of background integration so that we can begin again at the next New Moon in this sign with a clean slate.

*A Blue Moon occurs when there are two Full Moons within the same month instead of just one.

For this particular lunar cycle, something is culminating in the two weeks surrounding the Full Moon in Pisces on August 30th that began back at the New Moon in Pisces on February 20th 2023.

Sometimes a Full Moon theme is obvious– say you are quitting a job or graduating from college around a Full Moon, this is your Full Moon story. Sometimes the themes aren't obvious at all because something is culminating internally or you simply have to know where to look for the culmination.

The Full Moon in Pisces perfects on August 30th at 8:36pm CST. The Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces are both at 7º

The Major Aspects:

Venus at 12º Leo is square Jupiter at 15º Taurus (3º orb)

Moon at 7º Pisces is conjunct Saturn retrograde at 3º Pisces (4º orb, separating)

Sun at 7º Virgo opposite Saturn retrograde at 3º Pisces (4º orb, separating)

Mercury retrograde at 19º Virgo trine Jupiter at 15º Taurus (4º orb)

Mars at 2º Libra trine Pluto at 28º Capricorn (4º orb, separating)

Mercury retrograde at 19º Virgo trine Uranus at 23º Taurus (4º orb)

Additional Chart Features:

• Venus in Leo is retrograde now at 12º preparing to station direct on the 3rd of September

• This Full Moon is ruled by Jupiter in Taurus and is in mutual reception with the Moon in Pisces

• We have a simultaneous Mercury and Venus retrograde at the time of the Full Moon

• Essential dignity: the Moon has triplicity in Pisces, Mercury is exalted in Virgo, Mars is detriment in Libra; Jupiter currently has bound support; the Sun and Saturn have decanic support.


Saturn is experienced in a variety of ways.

A very tiny apartment that feels like suffocation and isolation day in and day out. A highly demanding boss or parent that seems to suck the joy out of a room. Crippling expectations. The death of a grandparent who you never imagined wouldn't be there. Consequences for your thoughtless actions. A root canal. Cleaning out a garage of ancient things, both taxing and fascinating. Prison (whatever that is for you– be it high school or an actual jail cell). Literally any kind of seemingly unnecessary hardship of the world: A natural disaster, cancer, capitalism. In Greek Myth, Saturn is Kronos, the father who ate his own children for fear they would be more powerful than him. In another, Pandora's box is opened to release evil, loneliness, sorrow, old age, awareness of our own death, guilt, shame, and violence into the world– all Saturnian themes.

Saturn in Tarot rules the World card and the reader who is unfamiliar with astrology may delightfully exclaim something about rewards and completion not realizing that this– this is the Saturn card. It reminds us of everything that comes with the Earthly journey. Everything that is binding, unfair, and at times, out of our hands. Saturn clearly defines the boundaries: You cannot live without water, food, and sunlight. You cannot breathe without oxygen. The moment you are born, you immediately begin dying. To be protected from the elements, you have to do something about it, whether that means building your own shelter, paying an ungodly amount of money to landlord without a compassionate bone in their body, or god forbid, stay with the family that you did not choose and who know exactly which buttons to push.

Saturn is also: Good things take time. The father who restricts or abandons allowing us to grow and become an individual (even if we do so out of spite). Saturn is a garden, so demanding, so beautiful. It's discipline that births greatness. Triumphant callouses. Abuse that provokes compassion. A tough teacher, but the most effective authority figure. Saturn may take on the face of the harshest weather just to meet us at the finish line with the best rewards. It's the, "I busted my ass for this," or the "It gets better as you get older," and the "Quality over quantity". Hardship may very well be the thing that brings us together with the right people at the right time. Saturn is marriage– a gift, forever binding, extremely consequential and tedious. Maybe even boring at times, but hopefully, worth it. If you ever draw the World card, you have to mention the journey if you mention the rewards. It's less of a jump-with-joy kind of celebration and more of the satisfying glass of wine after passing a test that you've agonized over for a year. The reward is often the relief that comes with finishing a hard chapter of your life, moving on as a wiser, more capable person.

I explore these faces of Saturn not to totally depress and bore you, but instead, to shed light on the kind of completion this Full Moon could bring (I do have a natal Moon-Saturn configuration, so who better for the job). Full Moons are always tethered to their New Moon counterpart, so make sure to look back at February 20th (another vividly Saturnian lunation where Saturn was still domicile), it's likely that something from that time period is completing itself now. It's the kind of completion that says, "there is much left to do," but there may be a momentary, disseminating sigh. The first chapter of Saturn in Pisces is completing itself, but we still have 21 months to go in this sign.

I stage managed a play in high school, a play that was very Saturnian now that I think of it. We competed with the show against other schools and after each competition won our director would say something like, "Good job, but none of that matters now. Next week we are back in rehearsal. Here are all of the things we need to fix..." That's what this Full Moon feels like. Slightly rewarding, slightly anticlimactic, and a whole lot ahead of us that requires focus.

Saturn and the Moon are ruled by Jupiter in Taurus, the Moon is in mutual reception with Jupiter, buuuut Jupiter is still close to its square with Venus retrograde. This accentuates the issues that Saturn has in a Jovian sign. Pisces already has a tendency towards excess, but with its ruler square to Venus and simultaneously enrolled and attending the school of Saturn (the school of hard knocks also works here, hehe), it's likely that temptations, excitements, and urges are requiring a lot from us– ask yourself if it is worth the cost. Pisces wants more, it often falls into wishful thinking, but the planets surrounding are requiring a more grounded approach. It highlights the challenges that come with keeping the faith and there is an understanding that faith and trust is even more important in times of total darkness and limitation.

In fact, I imagine that trust is a very defining part of this lunation. Can I trust what I'm hearing, seeing, and experiencing? If I trust you... will I be disappointed? Maybe you are being asked for quite a bit of your energy, time, and blind faith in something that you cannot see, hoping that it will all pay off. Jupiter, the ruler of the Full Moon, is trine Mercury retrograde who is trying to open our minds right now. There certainly is a solitary, sacrificial vibe to the thoughts we think and the systems we find ourselves operating under at the moment. Things need to change, but the how has not been completely revealed yet. It's possible that we could start to see a glimmer though.

Likewise, Mars has only just entered Libra who is inconjunct the Moon and Saturn. Typically, I like to focus on traditional aspects, but this is bringing to mind a room of mirrors. Optical illusions that are completely coming apart. Libra is very, "Mirror, mirror on the wall," while Pisces is whatever delusional oddities we might see in the mirror. There is an adjustment happening, a truth spoken that is undeniable as the reflection shatters or reveals. I typically experience Pisces Full Moons as emotional or spiritual unveilings that bring me back to a state of reality. Perhaps this is how you will experience this too, especially so close to the actual planet of reality.

You know, there is a lot of power in truth (as aggressive as it may be, this must be why Mars is detriment in Libra). It is only in fantasy that we are truly powerless– when we don't know what is real. Remember this when you are asked to surrender something and, it is likely that you will have to surrender something this Full Moon. Whether that be a fear or the actions of others, or something else that is out of your hands. Remember that Saturn does what Saturn must for our growth. It's better to do it the right way than the easy way. You will get what you give.

Still, this Full Moon is ruled by Jupiter in Taurus. You may receive some very beautiful blessings, maybe even from something you did in the past. Whatever it is (with Jupiter trine Mercury retrograde), it will change, permanence is not to be expected right now, but it could give you some much needed hope fueling the work ahead and making it all very worth it.

Thank you for reading if you made it to the end,

If you're looking for more, I do offer personal guidance using a synthesis of astrology, tarot, human design, and intuitive guidance. You can book the right session for you by visiting my service page.

Happy Full Moon!

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